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From: ROSETTA32110/30/06 10:50 PM 
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  • These had no problem living, and blending in with, the Native Americans. ... Time and time again enslaved Africans would run away to the interior and make common cause with the local inhabitants.

There were NO African slaves ... Our indigneous Native Americans who were enslaved did escape and undoubtedly went back to their own tribes and peoples, some of whom were scattered.  The immigrant black european Negro were imported as hired indentured servants mostly in the northeast by the Dutch (thousands).  They had no need to run away as they were NOT slaves and were paid freedom fees at the end of their labor contracts and sometimes they were given our ancestral indigenous Native American lands by the whites.

  • Other famous Black Indians include Crispus Attucks, Frederick Douglas and Langston Hughes.

Fredderick Douglas was not a Black Indian but claimed he was a mulatto who allegedly fathered 5 daughters before marrying a white ... which seems impossible sense real mulattoes are barren/sterile.  As for Langston Hughes, he appeared to be another cosmetically made over Negro.  It is said the Crispus Attucks father was a Native American but no one seems to know anything about him or Attucks.  The tale of Attucks may well be yet another His-Fi (historical fiction) character invented by whites for political purposes ... much like Harriette Tubman (?) and Sojourner Truth (?) and Demark Vessey (?) and Nat Turner (?), etc., etc..

  • Throughout the Caribbean the indigenous Americans often intermixed with Africans. For example, the Garifuna people of St. Vincent and the Maroons of Jamaica. When several slaveships wrecked off the coast of St. Vincent in the 17th century, the Africans came ashore and assimilated with the locals.

More His-Fi propaganda for warfare purposes.  I've seen photgraphs of those immigrant black european Negroes claiming to be indigenous Garifuna people descended from Native Americans ... and they don't look a thing like the Native Americans of that area -- they look just like all the other immigrant Negroes of european descent before they have been cosmetically made over.  Those who are of mixed ancestry (indigenous spanish black slave or Ladinos) look nothing like these immigrant Negroes calling themselves Garifuna people either.

  • Ivan Van Sertima in his legendary work, "They Came Before Columbus," provides painstaking documentation. The gigantic stone heads that dot the countryside of central Mexico (the Olmec heads) that scientific testing has determined are thousands of years old, have unmistakable African features....

More propaganda ... as what Van Sertima documents is the fact that the children of Racham, son of Kush or the Kus-ite built the first civilization in North America, leaving behind giant statutes of their heads ... showing some with wide noses and full lips with long hair.  This leaves out the european black Negro now claiming to be "Africans" ... because these Negro europeans have short and some have reddish hair, now living on the African continent.  As we know, even the eastern indigenous Asians have wide noses, full lips with light skin and long hair .... So having wide noses and full lips does not mean one is an "african," as the western european Negroes falsely claim so as to faslely claim they are Africans and everyone is descended from them -- so they can rule over everyone in the world.  Notice how aggressors/oppressors always run that line about being "family" when they are trying to rule over others and take away all others have? to avoid  a struggle.  It's nothing but using psychology or propaganda to trick others into voluntarily subjugating themselves under foreign rule by claiming a "family" connection.

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From: ctj52710/31/06 10:08 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (15 of 41) 
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Infiltrating and spanning this board isn't going to advance the best interests of your Black Hebrew cult at all...

If I was one of them:

I'd be ashamed of you!

And being that you're hardly a black indian to begin with?

What is the point behind all of this?!?

Though I'll be upfront as regards letting you know and understand I do make a clear distinction between somebody who is making a lot of noise as opposed to truly trying to make a difference...

The illusion is you can just browbeat us into believing what you need or want us to:

The reality is you badly need to listen and learn from us too...

It is not for me to choose for you...

Nor is it your right to think for us here/there/everywhere...

If anything:

Your deeds and words speak more about your sense of inferiority to the whites and your lack of believe that anybody black in this nation feels or thinks they're the equal of any so called ethnic group or race on this planet...


I've been taking on all comers all of my life...

Including black bigots and black racists too...

I simply believe you've been misinformed...

So let my comments help light your way out of the darkness the misconceptions of others plunged you into...

And if the truth hurts:

One day it will set you free...

If you truly want to be...




From: stormshaddow11/1/06 1:56 PM 
To: ctj527  (16 of 41) 
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Well said! This is the point I have been trying to make!

That woman has the right to believe in whatever she wants. But its not what we(Blackindians)believe...Yet she continues to force her beliefs on all of us, wheather we want to hear them or not...Most likely not!


From: stormshaddow11/1/06 1:59 PM 
To: afroidol2  (17 of 41) 
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>>My family was originally in the gulf area of Louisiana and Texas<<

Which parish/county?


From: afroidol211/1/06 10:43 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (18 of 41) 
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That's just it, bro! I don't know much about my fam past my mom, dad, maternal grandma and grand-dad. My dad was from the N.O. area (where exactly, I don't know) and my mom was from Corpus Christi, Texas. I would LOVE to know more about my personal family history, but most of the people who could provide information are dead and gone. I know I have southern roots and southern relatives, and that's all good with me. I'm proud of that!

From: ctj52711/2/06 9:36 AM 
To: afroidol2  (19 of 41) 
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Good morning,  Afroid12...

And a belated welcome to our group...

But there are general histories which either tell you a little bit about the histories of the indigenous and/or blacks who lived or live where your ancestors were and your relations are nowadays...

An obvious black/indian connection has to do with the fleeing of the Seminoles and their Black Seminole allies over the leadership of John Horse and Wild Cat from Texas to Mexico...

Some of their descendants live there nowadays too...





From: stormshaddow11/2/06 11:53 PM 
To: afroidol2  (20 of 41) 
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Maybe a cousin knows...

From: ROSETTA3211/28/07 10:00 PM 
To: ctj527  (21 of 41) 
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  • Infiltrating and spanning this board isn't going to advance the best interests of your Black Hebrew cult at all... I'd be ashamed of you!

Do you know what the word 'infiltrating' mean ...?  Doesn't sound like you do.  The only ones infiltrating are whites faking it as indigneous Native americans of Shemite and Kus_ite ancestry along with their european Negro bosses falsely claiming to be descendants of 'african slaves' that were alleged brought to the USA by the millions ... LOL!  Nowhere will you find one shred of proof to back us these gigantic lies of western european Negroes concering Africans brougth to the USA as alleged slaves by the tens of millions.  Every time this story is told the nubmer of slaves is reduced ... down from 100 million to 50 million and now to about 6 million world wild.  The fact being -- ZERO number of Africans.  This is just warfare strategy of the western european Negro in their continued conquest of the Shemitic and Chametic portions of the world.  <Read your ancient history about the ancient Gauls, Greeks, Romans always invading the Shemitic and Chamitic portions of the world.> And as for "black hebrew" ... what does that mean?  Why do western european Negroes blacken up every thing?  The majority of the people in this world are brown -- not black, ebony, smoke-colored or jet black like the western europeans who are the sons of Yaphet, descendant from Qayin (cain in euro-bible)... whose face turned smoky black when our Lord rejected his offering of left-over grains to Him.  Hebrews are the sons of Shem and so are the indigneous Native Americans in the USA, unlike the Canadian Native Americans who are the sons of Yaphet, cousins of these western european Negroes falsely claiming to be Africans <sons of Racham/Cham/Ham> and now descendants of Shemite Native Americans of the USA.

  • And being that you're hardly a black indian to begin with?

Like I said before, I stand up to any test you want to throw out about my ancestry ... unlike these fakes claiming to be descendant from barren/sterile Native American mulattoes and immigrant black western european Negroes falsely claiming to be 'africans' ... and now 'african-americans' allegedly descended from the sons of Shem.

  • The illusion is you can just browbeat us into believing what you need or want us to: >> The reality is you badly need to listen and learn from us too...

LOL ... you mean you can't browbeat the masses anymore with these gigantic reducant lies about who the real indigenous Native Americans are so as to steal our ancestral homelands.  Regardless of what the Nazi  'propaganda expert' Joseph Goebbels said about telling a lie big enough and often eough that people will start to believe it -- the facts of what is true cannot be denied ... and you can't make a Shemite out of a Yaphetite-Negro from western europe <whose ancestors migrated to Africa and the west indies several centureis ago> or the seed of the serpent from garden of our Lord at Eden.

  • Your deeds and words speak more about your sense of inferiority to the whites and your lack of believe that anybody black in this nation feels or thinks they're the equal of any so called ethnic group or race on this planet...

LOL ... since when does faith in our Maker and Lord Yahweh (Hebrew name) makes one inferior to the cosmetically whitened seed of the serpent and bleached white european Negroes in diguise?  And as for how immigrant Negroes of Yaphetite ancestry feel about our ancestral homelans they have sinfully and illegally invaded -- why should we, the real indigenous Native Amerians of Shemite and Kus_ite ancestry care?  This is our home, the place our ancestors appointed for us to live until the return of our Lord and the final judgement of the world.  Just because the pagans of western europe refuse to believe in our Lord and are committing the sin of aggression by taking away our homelands ... using their white footsoldiers as a smoke screen doesn't make them right or righteous, either. And since our Lord never created any 'white people' ... it's just a sin and waste of time for any man/woman to rebell against our Lord and reject His divine law which gives ALL sons of Ha'adam (Adam or mankind) dominion over ALL animals ... regardless of how they are cometically made over.  Man will never be equal to animals -- no matter how the western european pagans try to sell their warfare propaganda of alleged racial superiority as a warfare strategy distraction to steal our homelands.

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From: ROSETTA3211/28/07 10:14 PM 
To: ctj527  (22 of 41) 
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  • I've been taking on all comers all of my life... >> Including black bigots and black racists too... >> I simply believe you've been misinformed...

The only black biggots are the immigrant black Negroes from western europe and those bleached white Negroes from eastern europe passing for white ... discriminating against ALL indigenous Native Americans of Shemite and Kus_ite ancestry in the USA.

It's nice to hear that you are take on these imposters and fakers as they try to decimate our native peoples and steal our homelands, as they have similarily carried out this same warefare strategy in Africa ... the continent they invaded several centuries ago and are now falsely claiming to be the real Africans ...and that their ancestors were allegedly sold as slaves to whites and brought to the Americas by the tens of millions ... so as tojustify stealing our ancestral homelands from us.  Like we don't get tired of this politically staged drama of immigrant blacks of  alleged 'african slaves' descent fighting for their 'equality' and 'civil rights' as a political excuse for their white footsoliders to hand these immigrant Negroes over the entire government of our ancestral homelands of the USA without these Negroes having to fight a long bloody war to conquer us over.

So, I post on this board so you won't be misinformed any more abut what is going down in our homelands.

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From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/29/07 2:22 PM 
To: ctj527  (23 of 41) 
 735.23 in reply to 735.6 
That is a very skillful way of saying exactly how I feel on this subject.   I began doing my family tree 2 years ago, it is a project unlike anything else I have done in my life!  Roadblocks I encounter come from several origins, yet I have discovered and verified Creek blood in my mother's blood line.  I am simply proud of every ingredient that produced me.

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