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From: strongnfree8/18/09 6:02 PM 
To: ctj2010  (103 of 137) 
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DNA does not lie, people do. This video should get intelligent rational black Americans to stop trying to call themselves"Indians". You might recall Prof. Gates recent incident with the Cambridge, MA police and President Obama's "beer bottle summit".

Its time for people to stop the delusions and learn the truth about who and what we are. I have been watching this mythology spread on the internet for years and folks it just ain't true. There were no black tribes in antiquity who ruled the hemisphere. No black Olmecs, no black Anasazi, no black moundbuilders, no"Binay". There were Africans who were enslaved and sold by African kings and nobility to Europeans for 400 years. It wasn't about racism it was about profit. And for the Nuwaubian/#### please stop the nonsense, your Empress did not own the Louisiana Territory. All these myths do is alienate actual Indians who have a right to their sovereignty and lands.

Its is too difficult for me to deal with racist nonsense and people trying to steal what rightfully belongs to indigenous people. Unless you have been acknowledged by an Indian nation you are NOT an Indian, and each of the over 600 nations has the right to determine who is or is NOT eligible for tribal membership. Most nations and the federal government require 25% blood quantum. So stop harassing the true indigenous people, and be what you are.


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From: strongnfree9/26/09 3:50 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (104 of 137) 
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Cosmetic surgery, Madame you are quite crazy!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 3:52 PM 
To: stormshaddow unread  (105 of 137) 
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WE are not all the same, no do we agree, nor are any race or ethnic group and only a real racist believes that #### Chuck.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 3:57 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (106 of 137) 
 745.106 in reply to 745.95 
Where did you get those "facts". There were no #### in the Atlantic slave trade, Kush was an ancient kingdom which had long since disappeared in Northeast Africa. The vast majority of Africans imported between 1650-1808 came from the West African coast from Mauritania to Angola or about 4,000 miles from Kush and about 3,000 years after it ceased to exist. Damn some folks will believe anything!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 3:59 PM 
To: ctj2010 unread  (107 of 137) 
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Revisionist hell, she's a Nuwaubian/Wasitaw. They don't revise history, they ae just totally ignorant of history and reality. She needs to wait for the mothership!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:02 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (108 of 137) 
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Wrong the Loving V. Virginia outlawed antimiscegenation marriage laws in 1967. I know I had to go to New Hampshire to get married.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:06 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (109 of 137) 
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Indians who were members of recognised nation became citizens under the Indian Citizenship Act 1924. Non federally recognised Indians were citizens if they were born in the US.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:09 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (110 of 137) 
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What is this nonsense. DNA can trace either the paternal or maternal line, in the case of the Hemmings/Woodson family the paternal line goes back to the Jefferson family. What is this nonsense about immigrant Africans, all black Americans are descended from immigrants AKA as slaves.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:11 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (111 of 137) 
 745.111 in reply to 745.74 
Cosmetically made, what are you a surgeon. There was no such thing as cosmetic surgery during slavery or before. You need to have some psychological help!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:12 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (112 of 137) 
 745.112 in reply to 745.75 
Just too much madness to respond to!

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