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From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:11 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (111 of 137) 
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Cosmetically made, what are you a surgeon. There was no such thing as cosmetic surgery during slavery or before. You need to have some psychological help!
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From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:12 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (112 of 137) 
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Just too much madness to respond to!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:15 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (113 of 137) 
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Gay people and lesbians are products of doctors deliverying babies. Does anyone lese think that this person is crazy, even Chuckie who believe that every mulatto is an Indian isn't that crazy.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:28 PM 
To: ctj2010 unread  (114 of 137) 
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The real problem as Henry Louis Gates made very clear, is that is simply untrue. Most black people do NOT have Indian blood, and those who do is too little and too distant to matter. Less than 5% have any Indian blood at all, and of those 5% only about half would qualify for a CDIB card. Charles I know how much you want to be an Indian, you've made it your career (since you have never had a job). If you have 25% Indian blood from a DNA test than you can call yourself an Indian. But calling yourself an black Indian because you are light skinned and ashamed of your white ancestors is just trying to live a lie. Which I'm sure you have found out Indians don't accept. Sure you "can walk the walk and talk the talk" so can a trained dog or a parrot. You and the rest of these wannabee Indians just hate having white ancestors if you can't prove your Indian blood with 25% DNA. So far I've seen folks claiming to be Chacta and Seminole in this group, are you enrolled or do you have documents to prove your lineage. There is a black Muslim #### Tecumseh Brown Eagle who claims to be full blooded Cherokee and a descendant of Moytoy, full blooded Metis (which is impossible because the Metis people are all mixed blood) and is the self appointed chief of the Erie Moundbuilders (Dugadamounndsduya) in the language of the "ancient ones" (The ancient ones spoke Ebonics). What a joke, but this man has white organised crime behind him and he's trying to get a casino.

Truth, just because you haven't read the science and the history doesn't mean that you can make it up!


From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:34 PM 
To: ctj2010 unread  (115 of 137) 
 745.115 in reply to 745.83 
Magical melanin. Chuckie why do you try to make sense out of this nonsense. I'm going to take a shot of melanin so I too can become a superman. Racialism is the reason that black people in the US are in such bad shape, like you obviously confused and delusional people, why simply do what white racism did to you. That what racialism is ignorance compounded by stupidity and all wrapped up in prejudice. This is a very stupid person who follows Dwight York a convicted child molester self confessed serving 135 years in federal prison.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:36 PM 
To: stormshaddow unread  (116 of 137) 
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Why are you trying to destroy this woman's delusion. People who create history are just too ignorant to reason with.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:47 PM 
To: stormshaddow unread  (117 of 137) 
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I agree. However as a historian and also an enrolled Cherokee, I have to say that Henry Louis Gates is absolutely correct. Distant ancestry and not being part of an Indian community means that you are NOT an Indian. Only 5% of African slaves would have discernible DNA markers. Far more white folks have discernible Indian blood because there were far more white folks in the country than black folks. Learn history, do your genealogy and if you still believe that you are an Indian contact your nation.

Indians have a term for people who have Indian blood, but are not Indians, PODIA. Person of Distant Indian Ancestry. This is not only a black phenomenon, the white new agers have been making money off of pseudo Indian claims for a long time. The so called black Indian tribe industry, selling names, memberships and ceremonies is relatively new since 1988.

Being mixed blood, my Cherokee blood came through my "white" ancestors. I have no problem being mixed and no problem acknowledging it. I have no ties to any American nations because I left the US years ago.I only enrolled out of hommage to my grandmother who was half white and half Cherokee.


From: strongnfree9/26/09 4:48 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (118 of 137) 
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More madness from the cosmetic surgeon from the Planet Rizq!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:05 PM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117) unread  (119 of 137) 
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I think if DNA were considered (something many "Natives" fight), you would find that there is more "Native American" DNA running through the veins of the average Black American than the White "Natives" who live on (and off) those reservations and claim themselves to be "Native".

That is just not true. Most of the contact between Indians and Africans happened before independence. Which means between 1650 and 1780 when Indian and blacks were enslaved together. After emancipation in the 1780's in th north there were very very few Indians and most moved west. White people were far more numerous and intermarried both here and in the states to a much greater degree. because they were not enslaved.


 Of course, many "Natives" will tell you "it's not about Black or White; we don't consider anyone a 'Black' or 'White' Native".

Which is true. I know of no nation that puts anything i.e. black white or latino before their tribal identity, therefore none recognises so called "black Indians" or "white Indian" either you are Indian or NOT. Are mulattoes black white folks or white black folks.

 Ignore that. That'ss a convenient way for them to avoid the subject of what has permeated this hemisphere since the White arrival on these shores - white racism/White supremacy. No one's been immune

That too is false. Many of us simply don't deal with race like you black Americans. Its history and to go through life trying to change what happened 4oo years ago is simply counterproductive. I don't live in the states and even when I did, I lived in an aracial world, and still do. Race is an obsession with you folks, maybe you need to learn to simply be people.

 and it doesn't benefit Black people to remove that obvious influence from the conversation or as a factor when we are looking at how groups 'evolved' in the United States over the past 200 years.

Perhaps seeing the condition that your country is in you should deal with real issues. The president is non white, so obviously race is not the insurmountable barrier that it was. Anything that benefits black people benefits all people. Why don't you work for socialism for all people,  healthcare for all and ending imperialist wars, rather than proving that you have enough Indian blood to get casino money.

Frankly I get tired of people who live in the past and do nothing about their future except expect someone else to pay for it. Why don't I live there, because I hate racism, ignorance and greed. That's why I really wonder why so many black folks want to be Indians, why money?



From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:11 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (120 of 137) 
 745.120 in reply to 745.93 
I'm sorry I called you a Nuwaubian, you're even crazier, you think that your a Jew. A Black Hebrew, why aren't you a street corner with those guys dressed up like Napoleon with a turban. Please in the states every crazy has a corner why are you on yours!

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