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From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:21 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (121 of 137) 
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Do you have any documentation.Lots of black people have had contact with Indians, but that doesn't mean that they have 25% Indian blood. If your contact goes back over 200 years why would you want to renew the connection now. As almost every person who claims to be a black Indian is a mulatto, are you as anxious about you European ancestry. Henry Louis Gates went to Ireland to claim his Irish ancestry after it was discovered in his DNA tests. Over 80% of black Americans have white blood, but I don't see anyone running to Britain to claim their heritage. If you have DNA from Europe what does that make you a "white black person"?

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From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:22 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (122 of 137) 
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At last a poster who doesn't claim to be an Indian!

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:27 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (123 of 137) 
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Why would someone in NC being Choctaw (Chacta) when its over 1,000 miles from the Chacta homelands in western Mississippi or Chickasaw who were also from Mississippi. NC is Eastern Band Cherokee lands.Do you see why Indians don't accept family stories as "proof". Don't tell me your grandparents had straight hair and lighter skin. Am I right, maybe they were mulattoes who were ashamed of having white ancestors, which would be understandable.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:32 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (124 of 137) 
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Considering that Indians held black slaves that is simply not accurate. The southern nations received bounties for returning slaves to their owners dead or alive. In the colonial period some slaves did find refuge with the Seminole who were fighting the British. The fact is that by 1776 almost all the Indians in the south practiced racial slavery and runaways were usually re-enslaved by Indians.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:33 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (125 of 137) 
 745.125 in reply to 745.8 
Please just because folks are black doesn't mean that they're stupid.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:35 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (126 of 137) 
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How do you know that? What proof do you have, documents, photos of him etc. If you have his birth certificate or baptismal certificate apply to his nation. If not you only have a family story, right. As I posted before most family stories are just that family stories, not family facts.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:40 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (127 of 137) 
 745.127 in reply to 745.13 

Again, what is the basis of your claim. you may have Indian blood, but unless you are accepted by your nation you are NOT an Indian. The first thing any nation will tell you if you have 25% blood quantum you are NOT black you ARE Indian. The reason is that unless you are blood quantum you should not be eligible for the benefits of membership, nor should you be allowed to call yourself an member of that nation.

Race is an American obsession, I am perfectly happy to simply be a human being and NOT an American!


From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:41 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (128 of 137) 
 745.128 in reply to 745.16 
Join the Chacta Nation, but not as a black Indian as an Indian.

From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:47 PM 
To: ctj2010 unread  (129 of 137) 
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The only thing that is really unwanted is a wannabee who hates being black and HAS TO BE INDIAN. Chuck someday you will learn who your white ancestors were and I hope that you can accept them like you have your mythical Indian ones. We have been having a rather lively discussion about you and you delusional views.When you grow beyond your race hatred maybe you realise that most Indians in your country and most black people share one thing WHITE ANCESTORS. You are not much better than that crazy lady who thinks she is an Shemetic Algonquin. You can get some uneducated, ignorant black folks to believe anything, like you.


From: strongnfree9/26/09 5:49 PM 
To: ctj2010 unread  (130 of 137) 
 745.130 in reply to 745.25 
How many tirbes have you tried. The only one that accepts you is the Binay!

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