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From: strongnfree9/26/09 6:09 PM 
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As no Ethiopians were in the Atlantic slave trade and Belize is a multiracial country, are you sure who your ancestors were. Having studied the Atlantic trade extensively I would really like to know how an Ethiopian got to America. have you check your sources. I should have told you earlier I am a retired professor of African, Caribbean and Latin American history.
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From: strongnfree9/26/09 6:12 PM 
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Arabs are Caucasians.Skin colour is not race...

From: Erni (ernirj)12/6/13 6:18 PM 
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To the best of my knowledge, Native Americans do not have a history of enslaving others, not even those that were highly developed, not in the traditional sense of American slavery.

But African-Americans were found on every side of this land.

Those that came before the Mayflower traded with Indians, mixed with Indians and settled in various locations here in peace with native Americans.

Those who came on the Mayflower were originally indenture servants and settled here with other settlers—it is my understanding that they were few in number.

The enslaved Africans and the freed Africans, just like the poor serfs and the free poor whites, fought against the Native Americans with Whites.

When the enslavement of Blacks were full, Indians who mixed with Whites not only enslaved runaway Africans but also learned to see themselves as a different people and learned to enslaved their darker Indian brothers (e.g. Chickasaw, Choctow).

Other Indians helped runaway Africans and mixed with them as well.

There is no one Indian story. And there is no one African story in this land.  At a given time, all Indians did not enslave Blacks. And at a given time, Blacks and Whites mixed wit various Indian tribes. And at a given time, Blacks and Whites warred against the Indians.

Of course I’m not expert on Indian history; this is just my understanding based on what I’ve read and heard here and there on the subject.  A reliable and professionally written account has to be examined and written if it hasn’t already.



From: Erni (ernirj)12/6/13 7:46 PM 
To: strongnfree unread  (134 of 137) 
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How are you concluding that there were no black-skinned natives here? The indigenous people became known as Indians because the explorers were looking for India and thought they had found India. There are black-skinned Indians.  And there is historical evidence that Africans came and settled here in various places before the Mayflower. No one wants to claim the land . . . or want money, etc. That’s impossible. We can’t get retribution for what we know, so it is not about trying to claim to be the indigenous people. But how do you ask us to ignore what we find in reference to our past? We are not claiming to be your kin or even equal in possession as indigenous people.

It seems to depend on the history you chose to believe. The huge monuments on Easter Island that looked more Negroid apparently has been hidden or destroyed. But those who saw them will never forget them. And the Olmec truly resembles Africans. How is it that any history that points to the presence of Blacks is a myth? We don’t just go around making up these stories or trying to claim the history or land of others. But don’t ask us to ignore what we find.  It is not our fault that we are so recently free to seek and search for our own past and to write what we find. Surely you would not ask us to just believe what our enemies wrote about us any  more than you do. Surely you would not ask us to disregard what we find. I guess I don’t understand your emphatic conclusion that no black-skinned tribes lived in the Americas. All native Americans did not all look alike. Everybody wants to be White today or more kin to Whites and that is understandable, but we cannot ignore where we find our ancestors just to please the status quo. Also, why would a white Indian people refer to another white people as “pale face,” if they were not greatly different in color? I’m African-American and I wish I knew more about my African ancestry, the language they spoke and the culture of my African fathers.  I wish I knew what part of Africa they came from. But I can’t trust the enemy to tell me the truth about who we were; I must learn about that for myself and enough has been exposed to let us know that we were NOT restricted to only the center of Africa. And we were not restricted to the continent of Africa. Soon, if the present trend continues, Africa will be a white continent, just like the Americas, and perhaps the few Africans who survive will be of a fairer hue and on reservations. Oh I’m not trying to claim native Americas as former relatives of Blacks. I am saying you cannot conclude that we were not here and that we did not settle lands here as well. We all accept that the Native American was a darker people, but we accept that the indigenous people today are who they say they are today. No one is trying to change that. But don’t ask us to deny our history when we find evidence of our presence. It is not fair to us.  And it is not a myth.

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From: Erni (ernirj)12/6/13 8:32 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (135 of 137) 
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As an African-American, I understand how you feel to some degree.  In America, we have people whose ancestors have been here for maybe one or two generations or even less. Yet, they come here and treat us as strangers in the land in spite of over 200 years of ancestors who have lived, died, and worked the soil of this land! These people feel that America is more their home than ours.

Rosetta seems to think that your desire to know your ancestors and to just know who you are is for the purpose of claiming land. It is my view that those who are schooled in the OT tend to focus on land per se and according to her, it sound like she has been taught that the Europeans who conquered America were not really Europeans but "Negroes" who had cosmetic surgery to look like Europeans. According to her, they are really descendants of Cain (and I guess cursed Canaan) and are trying to conquer the land of others for their own descendants by claiming to be the descendant of other people. Rosetta confirms for me that those schooled in the OT, without the restraints of Christ, are all over the place in beliefs and have been twisted to support racism for so many people. She may have actually been taught this by someone. There are so many writings on the interpretations of the ancient Israelites that only God Himself knows what people are really being taught about the YHWH of the Bible, and especially those who trust other information outside of the Bible as authentic.  They can justify just about everthing and make hatred holy. She has clearly been educated in ‘other writings” because most of what she writes is not in the Bible at all. And I doubt if she is really native America. She is probably of some false sect of Judaism.  The thing is, she actually believes what she states.

I hope you are strong enough to handle this, but there are enemies of the Black race out there who have the power to write many books and some of them are very damaging. The source of their hatred is unknown—it could be that they are just green with jealousy, or they are simply ignorant, or they are just people who nourish hatred. But some have been indoctrinated in this and they believe it.

But you must not let them distort your thinking. Unfortunately, they want Blacks to deny all other ancestors, but we just can’t do that for them. They can deny it, if they choose, but they have no right to force you to deny your ancestors. Continue to acknowledge all of your ancestral background.  They are scientifically your ancestors and God knows and no man can make you deny them or take them away from you.  You are probably more Native American can Rosetta.

As for the Chickasaw, if I remember correctly, and I don’t know where I got this, but reportedly, the Choctow were originally a dark-skinned native tribe of this land and reportedly the Chickasaw Indians were those Choctow who mixed with the Europeans and separated themselves from their Choctow brothers as a different people and joined the Europeans in enslaving their own darker brothers. I don’t know how true this is. In my family, on my mother’s side, my grandmother is the descendant of an enslaved Indian who was half-Chickasaw (male) and married an enslaved woman named Morning. Nothing is known about her line. On my father’s side, his ancestry was an African who married a mixed English/Indian Woman. Neither of these were listed as having been enslaved so I presume  slavery was abolished at this time. We have her picture; she looks more Caucasian than Indian. Actually it is more of a drawing than a picture. However, I wish we could know more about our African ancestry—their culture, the language they spoke, and the part of Africa or Asia that they actually came from.  Historically, we are told that they were kidnapped from all over Africa, but shipped to the Americas from one location. They did not all come from that same area or tribe because they spoke different languages. But do not feel guilty for wanting to know who you are and your ancestry background.  Rosetta may know that every inhuman thing that she has posted about Black African people has been written somewhere and said about Native Americans, Jews, and others. The desire to dehumanize was the object for them as well. So don’t let it sting too badly.


From: Erni (ernirj)12/6/13 8:44 PM 
To: strongnfree unread  (136 of 137) 
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There are a lot of "white black people" out there. They are people whose genes or genetic makeup reveals that they are more white, but because they have an African ancestor, of which there is no evidence in their physical appearance, they are forced to live as a black person or consider themselves black.

And some struggle because they are physically different (greatly so) from the race they are forced to claim as their own and to deny the rest of their ancestry.

Why would you want to deny BlackChoctaw the right to claim all of her ancestors if she wants to? What's that to you? Why does that bother you? She is seeking her identity and who are you to restrict her to only one part of that identity?



From: Erni (ernirj)12/6/13 8:48 PM 
To: ROSETTA321 unread  (137 of 137) 
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Where did you get the tenants of your faith? What books do you use for your learning?



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