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From: BlackChoctaw1/8/08 1:58 AM 
To: ctj2010  (41 of 137) 
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I can't believe we are denied Blood Testing to prove or death certs and birth certs and etc.
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From: BlackChoctaw1/8/08 9:15 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (42 of 137) 
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I love Baraq!!!! He has fresh new Idealisms!!! I didnt know he grew up  in Hawaii! That's awesome. I have Hawaiian friends who told me stop putting perms in my hair 5 years ago,they taught me stop using skin bleach use lotion that's it. I was so afraid to step out, finally I have wierdly to this date people still come to me speaking  Spanish. LOL! I'm like omg I guess it's my face then hahaha. It's not your mom's fault at all, it's Black American Native mind set, we dont know how to represent ourself with good choiced words regarding heritage, now I see many of us in the past spoke but now it's time to defend our rights, also our ancestors self esteem has been railroaded into taking the back seat, with no culture(when I say culture) I mean with no guidelines on raising our children in this type of environmental society, our ancestors didnt know what to say to us, only thing back then was survival of the fittest,blood line nativity was thought not to be of any importance if the Natives did not want to claim them, but trying to maintain dignity at the same time. How can you have dignity and be a reject warrior at the same time. Many were hurt spiritually cause rejection from your people will do that sometimes, we began going against our own selves,not liking our skin, not liking our hair and not liking each other. We blame each other for the rejection of others. The only enemy is the Devil not man, many of our ancestors thought it was man. So behavior style we are on a suicide mission (meaning our people now) not knowing thier worth not knowing thier valued in this world. Which created too much absentism with fathers,feeling if we marry each other (only) our children will even appear less native Indian. The problem is many think you have to "Look Native, to be a Native" but it's not true we are Native by birthrights and DNA bloodlines and strangely both methods are unacceptable. Now those bloodlines may be erased forever with the flood of newcomers we are recieving. Many Newcomers owned some territory in the past, but we Natives don't have streets or counties in our language, but we surley have documentations on paper, which should make us Native not as Foreigners coming in claiming land. In so many words the Idea to be Black in America is shameful to even exist, 1 drop of black blood law was a lie, we were all taught this. It's not your mom's fault. Back in Sadi Arabia they are still mixing. Many of the people have Afro's at my daughter's school I witnessed this kid very fair skinned with afro hair, no waves but long afro hair. She would not be considered African Arab, but both her parents were from Sadi-Arabia so she would be considered Arab decent,the 1 drop of black blood is a lie and countries of mixed ancestors dont go for that law.
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From: ctj20101/8/08 11:46 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (43 of 137) 
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Good morning,   Jeanne...

And I just continue to be amazed at the renewed interest in this forum!



Take care...




From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/8/08 4:28 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw  (44 of 137) 
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There comes a time in our lives - for all of us - that we must realize that we are who we are, and that who we are is good enough.  I think everyone, no matter who we are, gets subjected to criticism from people who would like to make us feel inferior.  People who need to make us feel like that have issues within themselves that have nothing to do with us, and we must not believe them when they tell us that we are lacking.


Aloha, Jeanne

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From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/8/08 4:29 PM 
To: ctj2010  (45 of 137) 
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Yes, it's good to see a lively discussion.


Aloha, Jeanne

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From: BlackChoctaw1/9/08 5:51 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (47 of 137) 
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I wrote Congressional leaders concerning my thoughts, however I didn't realize our ancestors tried so hard already. I'm very happy to have learned other cultures and to see that other countries do not treat thier natives like this but they are accepted by birth rights without question. I thought this type of behavior was all over, but I see natives of all other cultures who somehow have black descendants but are equally accepted, Like the Arabs,East Indians,Philipinos,Mexicans,Hawaiians,Somoan,Tongan, and other Polynesians who proudly where thier hair no matter what texture it is. I think if we would have lived as other countries did,the differences in our races would be diminished, that is the way God in heaven wanted us to be. I think the first step is somehow reminding many of the older generations that we are Natives, and not be ashamed to mention the fact that we are Natives here. I think we need to get this in our mouths again, like our forefathers did.

From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/10/08 1:19 AM 
To: BlackChoctaw  (48 of 137) 
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There is this race thing in the United States - as you well know - seeing non-whiteness as not good enough.  We both know that skin color, eye color and hair texture doesn't have anything to do with a person's value and worthiness.  All people are valuable.


Aloha, Jeanne

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From: BlackChoctaw1/10/08 2:37 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (50 of 137) 
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Thanks Coconut Queen, omg but sometimes it just feels good to belong and feel normal like everyone else. Honestly i've felt like a freak of nature all my life. I've had people actually get mad at me for saying I was not from another country. People began saying I'm denying who I was when I tell them i'm African American, i'm very dark and dont understand why but this one person blew up saying "That's stupid for people to Deny thier heritage she knows she's Latina!" I began feeling uncomfortable saying I was African American, then I began asking my mom she would always say i'm Black and we have American Indian Blood. Strangely people said my mom look like some Philipino people,haha she learned some Tagalog, her sister looks Jewish,the others look like thier from India dark skin and nice hair. We are all so mixed up Jeanne till I wouldn't know what to tell you, only the truth. same way with all my cousins, some are blonde blues eyes etc. To make a long story short I got tired of saying i'm Ethiopian or Belizian, then if people would ask me questions they seem to be more satisfied if I said I was from another land than America. Inside i'm falling apart, I'm not satisfied with myself saying that, im also not satisfied lieing I dont care anymore what people think of me, that's why I will stand firm and claim what I know, what my ancestors told me I was Indian in my family means only one thing: I'm a Black Native American. My Hawaiian friends told me remove that perm LOL!! That's what I did I couldn't see it at first but i'm so glad I did I feel free now. But I would never advise another person to cut off thier hair to do this like I did LOL!!  Jean, you and Chuck are awesome i'm so happy I met the both of you and all the board members, and thanks for your responses they are very incouraging.

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