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From: BlackChoctaw1/10/08 2:37 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (50 of 137) 
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Thanks Coconut Queen, omg but sometimes it just feels good to belong and feel normal like everyone else. Honestly i've felt like a freak of nature all my life. I've had people actually get mad at me for saying I was not from another country. People began saying I'm denying who I was when I tell them i'm African American, i'm very dark and dont understand why but this one person blew up saying "That's stupid for people to Deny thier heritage she knows she's Latina!" I began feeling uncomfortable saying I was African American, then I began asking my mom she would always say i'm Black and we have American Indian Blood. Strangely people said my mom look like some Philipino people,haha she learned some Tagalog, her sister looks Jewish,the others look like thier from India dark skin and nice hair. We are all so mixed up Jeanne till I wouldn't know what to tell you, only the truth. same way with all my cousins, some are blonde blues eyes etc. To make a long story short I got tired of saying i'm Ethiopian or Belizian, then if people would ask me questions they seem to be more satisfied if I said I was from another land than America. Inside i'm falling apart, I'm not satisfied with myself saying that, im also not satisfied lieing I dont care anymore what people think of me, that's why I will stand firm and claim what I know, what my ancestors told me I was Indian in my family means only one thing: I'm a Black Native American. My Hawaiian friends told me remove that perm LOL!! That's what I did I couldn't see it at first but i'm so glad I did I feel free now. But I would never advise another person to cut off thier hair to do this like I did LOL!!  Jean, you and Chuck are awesome i'm so happy I met the both of you and all the board members, and thanks for your responses they are very incouraging.
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From: ctj20101/11/08 10:10 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (51 of 137) 
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On point...

On time...





From: ctj20101/11/08 10:18 AM 
To: BlackChoctaw  (52 of 137) 
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Good morning...

And hello again...

But,  since the original compromise,   i.  e.,  agreed upon and which several treaties are based on,   doesn't even guarantee indian nation status for folks like us who do have documentation:

Consider the uneviable siuations we who have little or no documentation to back up who we claim and say we are as well...

This phemomenon as regards identifying oneself as black and indigenous is relative new and news to most folk--indigenous and non-indigenous alike:

Also while I remain an ally of those documented black indian folk et al:

Some of us who aren't did and do have our right to travel down our own chosen paths too...

Ditto don't expect 'all'  of the answers to your questions to be so easily found via one or two message boards...

We're all playing catchup,  Black Chahta sis..


Take care...




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From: BlackChoctaw1/11/08 6:43 PM 
To: ctj2010  (53 of 137) 
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Yea I feel like telling people they have the rights to be Indigenous 99% of the people i've shared that with love the idea of being Black Natives but 1% hated the idea, and I agree we have our own rights but at least they know, you dont have to look like an American Indian to be natives, it's by bloodline, documentations, and our ancestors time spent in this country. It our rights to be Native not based on if someone likes us or not, i've come to grips that everyone is not going to like me or my messege.

From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/11/08 10:41 PM 
To: ctj2010  (54 of 137) 
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Have a great weekend!


Aloha, Jeanne

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From: ctj20101/12/08 12:02 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (55 of 137) 
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Candidly and honestly:

Anybody and everybody who did or does apply for tribal membership  (or whatever the current designation for such things are these days) etc.?

When it comes to the feds those are at best a bunch of confusing and confounding hurdles anybody did and do have to go thru!

Those are also the non-indigenous means and ways of identifying who is who or not at all...

Not all indigenous folk were or are bound by them...

Blood is blood...

Family is just that...


Otherwise some folk choose to believe they have a right to define or redefine us (and some of us to say the least didn't give up our own)!


Take care...




From: BlackChoctaw1/12/08 12:29 PM 
To: ctj2010  (56 of 137) 
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I couldn't have said it better ct! Some of us did not give up our own I never tought of it like that. Bloodline is not something that can be turn on or off like a light bulb, we are real people not things. I guess that is why some groups just band together like for the Blacks in America to connect with thier African ancestors they've made Quanza, geez I hope i've spelled it properly. Well Quanza is not official by the Federal Government but people recognize it. I dont know anything about Quanza because to me it doesnt feel real, I'm not feeling it. I'm not saying it's bad to practice it cause we have to follow our own path. But I want something that is real to me, real to my ancestors. Are there an unofficals tribes to join? Because I dont care I love my real past and it doesnt matter If i'm on the list or not , or Official or not. I would love to learn about my ancestors and still call my self a Native. The Dawes Rolls says that my ancestors were Native , my ancestors never left the U.S. so that means we are still the same Natives then as we are now, meaning if  they were a native then im a native now.

From: BlackChoctaw1/12/08 4:57 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (57 of 137) 
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Thanks for telling me the cost which cost may have been issues in some cases. I worked for a title company some time back and saw lots of books and documents dating back to the 1700's and under. Those pages were delicate but in the 1800's I saw like hundreds of acre's of land being sold for $1.00 Nope this is not a mis print one U.S dollar. That's amazing I also read where they forbid land to be sold to Negros, and the contract stated that Negros will not be permitted on some lands, so I wouldn't be suprised if the Natives had that to contend with too, meaning they had to deny us just to buy certain lands. If you want to read up on things become a Document Puller at a Title company and you will learn alot about history.

From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/14/08 1:21 AM 
To: BlackChoctaw  (58 of 137) 
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Did you know that Native Americans weren't considered American citizens until 1924?  And that in some states it was still illegal for a white person to marry a person who wasn't white as late as 1964?  I believe it was 1964 that the antimisegination laws were struck down in all states (that may have happened on a federal level with Lyndon Johnson's civil rights legislation - I'll have to check my facts).

Unbelieveable, but true.


Aloha, Jeanne

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From: BlackChoctaw1/14/08 9:59 AM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (59 of 137) 
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OMFG Jean i'm very sorry if I come off Offending but I can't believe that someone would come from another country and oust the Natives as NON-CITIZENS omg what creeps they were jeez that is going a bit far. That's really creepy and I thought Natives were alway consedered WHITE, WHITE .....I saw a western the other day Bonanza, omg I love the old western's . The Father accepted this Native American into his home to make her civilized to live in town. She had to change her ways everyday she oiled herself with Animal Fat, which everyone said she stank and they tried to get her out of her animal fat oil, they finally got her to wear one of thier dresses his wife use to wear,then others came over and tried to offend her by sleeping with her against her will if you know what I mean, because she was non-white his close friend had no respect for her, she went back to her people and did not want to assimilate with them anymore. Your statement sheds light on what i've been seeing on television now I understand some of those old westerns alot better. OMG i'm still coming to grips Jeanne, I'll look into that now since you've mentioned it. That's wild.....I mean really.....Now I understand totally why they dont want to accept just anyone in the Cherokee Nation...Look at what they have been through in thier own land, That's really too much and very sad  :((

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