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From: ROSETTA3211/15/08 10:19 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw  (77 of 137) 
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It was interesting to see so many fake photos on one page ... trying to promote the european Negro LIE that anyone with color in their skin is a Negro.  Which of course makes no sense, since it is NORMAL for all people to have color in our skin and abnornal for people not to have color in our skins.  Besides, the Negro is indigneous and peculiar to only europe, being descendant from Qayin/Cain via Yaphet/Japheth and a carrier of the gene for skin disease called vitiligo (leprous or described in the Holy Scriptures as "white as snow.")

This face to the  right apprears to be just another made-over NEGRO ...  only the european Negroes have such bone structure which cannot be cosmetically made over. ...





The following appear to be good examples of alleged fake photos  ... None of these faces appear to be descended from the children of the Man or Ha'adam/Adam.  I seriously doubt if any could pass a male gender test ... having too many chromosome to be considered a human male... regardless of how their faces have been cosmetically made-over or the type of hair that have been implanted into their scalps.  When do these LIES stop?

"     The writer, explorer-anthropologist and photographer Carleton S. Coon (1904-1981) in the 1950s has photographed the and published the following pictures of two men from Yemen showing some Negritoid, resp. Veddoid physical traits. Photographs of of such people from the Yemen are extremely rare...."

Yemeni Negritoid

"Arab" man

Negrito of the Great

Andaman group

Andamanese Negrito

of the
Jarawa group (1960s)


Yemeni Veddoid




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From: repenting (JUPITER117)5/11/08 12:56 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (78 of 137) 
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"wow i'm stunned cause I recieved an email saying that only the people on the Rolls will be considered not by DNA or Family records. This law is different from anyother land or country. Generally if you have recorded truths of you're heritage that would be enough." - BlackChoctaw

Let's not forget that White supremacy/racism played a big roll (no pun intended) in the way these lists were put together. I think if DNA were considered (something many "Natives" fight), you would find that there is more "Native American" DNA running through the veins of the average Black American than the White "Natives" who live on (and off) those reservations and claim themselves to be "Native". Of course, many "Natives" will tell you "it's not about Black or White; we don't consider anyone a 'Black' or 'White' Native". Ignore that. That'ss a convenient way for them to avoid the subject of what has permeated this hemisphere since the White arrival on these shores - white racism/White supremacy. No one's been immune and it doesn't benefit Black people to remove that obvious influence from the conversation or as a factor when we are looking at how groups 'evolved' in the United States over the past 200 years.

Not to mention, in many treaties, Native American tribes were rewarded for 'distancing' themselves from Blacks; and, those who did not, were penalized. The same government that encouraged this anti-Black behavior and penalized tribes that did not comply, was also responsible for adding people to the Dawes Rolls. We can only guess how much of an 'effort' they made to add more Blacks to these Native American tribes when their intention was to Whiten them.

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From: ctj20105/12/08 11:51 AM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117)  (79 of 137) 
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Good morning,  poster...

And,  welcome to our forum,  such as it is...

I. e.,    it has seen better days,   far more contributors,  etc.,   and was merely meant to be an archive,   at this point...

But let's move on anyway!



A few have come to the same conclusions as you have too...


What is the real issue and problem for any mixed blood of black and indian ancestry:

How to how their african ancestors and also be true to the traditions et al of the indigenous people we have shared ancestry with?

Then,   too,   I can only speak of (not much about) the first,  and more about the second...

The Gullah Geechies (among others)  did (or do) manage to hold on to the traditions of their African ancestors:

Others aren't!

So we really do need to keep that in mind (whenever any of us identifies ourselves as being the descendants of any people--here/there/everywhere)...


Take care...




From: ctj20105/13/08 10:41 AM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117)  (80 of 137) 
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Good morning...

And hello again!

But,  candidly and honestly,  any past or recent attempts,   i. e.,  for us of mixed race/black-indian mix to come together in our best interests,  has been plagued with a number of setbacks?

In particular:

The continuing efforts of one so called Oklahoma 'nation'--whose elected officials are more or less interchangeable with their white bigoted and racist counterparts elswhere--and who run doubletalk when it comes to them trying to defy a treaty meant to compesate the formerely enslaved black folk their ancestors did harm to--hence their attempts to purge those other folks descendants from 'their'  nation--is a case study that race and racism continues to put our folk in a unique--though uneviable--siuation...

My and the and more to the point?

In a idea world:

All men and women are our brothers and sisters...

In the real one:

We must face up to the way things are!

From the North to the South to the East:

We need and should want to unite with those we do have something in common with...

As in?

Those who have shared african and indigenous roots...

So I invite those folk from the Shinnecock to the Black Seminoles etc. to contact me and us via this forum...

Or do contact me directly:

Let us take care of home first:

Then the rest won't be as difficult (or impossible)...


Take care...




From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/08 5:52 PM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117)  (81 of 137) 
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I've been researching genealogy for about 8 years now and this has branched out to an interest in researching history.  Based on my experience with genealogical and historical research, my opinion is that the Rolls are not an accurate documentation, and that is an understatement.  There were far too many Native Americans who were not registerd - for a variety of reasons.

White people of European and British ancestry are used to dealing with written documentation and believe that if documentation isn't written down, it's not valid.  What most people who are not familiar with societies that had an oral instead of a written tradition is that societies with an oral tradition were very careful about the accuracy of what they passed down from generation to generation.

I live in Hawaii and know that before the Hawaiian language was translated into a written languge, they had a long history of an oral language.  There were certain people who were designated to be the keepers of the knowledge.  They were chosen while they were still very young children and trained from the time they were very young to remember what they were taught from the prior generation word for word.  When they got older, then they passed that knowledge down, word for word to younger people who had been trained from childhood for their roll as keepers of the history.  Once chosen for this role in society, it was not taken lightly.  So I know they were very careful about the accuracy and passing it on correctly.




From: ROSETTA3215/15/08 10:54 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (82 of 137) 
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           o  coconnut queen says:  White people of European and British ancestry are used to dealing with written documentation  ...What most people who are not familiar with societies that had an oral instead of a written tradition...


Where did you get this nonsense from?  Can you name some societies that allegedly never had any "written tradition" ...?  that is before the so-called "white people of Europe and British ancestry" invaded and burned their towns and libaries -- like the invading northern Huns (a Yaphetite people, who are falsely referred to as "Chinese" in european media) did when they invaded China (Qina, named after their 1st emperor Qin Shi Huang) about 200 BC and have ruled over these Shemitic peoples ever since.

    And aren't the so-called "White people of european and British ancestry"you are referring to are actually the GERMANS or the ancient Almaigns? ... headed by the Franks (French) invaded from the north of europe to over-run the Roman empire in the south of europe with their cosmetically disguised allies/seed of the serpent/nachash as footsoldiers...  and are referred to in all their "written documentation" as the Visigoths, the Ostrogoths, the Vandals, the Burgundians, the Lombards, and the Franks ....?  And the so-called "white people of ... British ancestry" that you are referring to are actually the German tribes of the Saxons, Anglos, and Jutes (now called Danes of Denmark) who migrated from Germany into the Celtic lands (British Isles) of the Britains, ... as did the Franks migrated into the Celtic lands (ancient Gaul <now called France after the Germaninc Franks>) and migrated into Celtic Belgium and northern Celtic Spain... bringing their cosmetically made over allies the seed of the serpent/nachash and HIV with them, decimating the female populations wherever they invaded.  The Germanic Anglos renamed Britain after themselves calling it Angland, now spelled England ... and subdivided the Celtic British Isles into Scotland and Ireland (where Irish is the name the Romans called the Scots) ... and eventually shipped out all the indigenous Celts to the Caribbean Islands and Africa where they live today -- falsely calling themselves "Africans" under orders from the Germans ... whose empire stretches eastward through Austria (Germans) and was once called the Prussian empire.   The real indigenous African peoples (of Racham/Cham or Hamitic ancesry) are NOT Negroes -- Negroes are europeans, descended from Yaphet, son of Qayin/Cain ... and are "white" either because they suffer from the skin disease vitiligo or they have cosmetically removed the color from their skin (artificially induced vitiligo) to look "white."  And aren't the Germanic Anglos from England the very same people of Angola ...? also falsely referring to themselves as "Africans" as do the conquered Celtic people whom they shipped there; and have succeeded in taking over nearly the entire continent of Africa from the descendants of Racham/Cham or Ham who are the real indigenous Africans.

 ... Angola’s 13 million people. (John Donnelly/ Globe Staff) > <

BTW, couldn't find any pictures of real indigenous Native Americans of Iroquois Shemite ancestry to post... even in the female group called "Ulali"  the alleged Tuscarora females show signs of cosmetic surgery, with non-Shemite Native American noses and much too wide chins. Shemite-Iroquois are the people the western europeans have been cosmetically making themselves over to resemble and their footsoldier allies/seed of the serpent -- as these northern Iroquoian-Shemites have light skin, long and straight hair, narrow noses and high cheek bones, with thin lips.   As I said before -- fakes have the wrong bone-structure to try and pass off for Shemitic peoples.

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From: ctj20105/16/08 12:24 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (83 of 137) 
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I've seen some awfully old or recent phoos and of oher than forebears or descendants of the so called FCT nations members:

So,  you relating it all not ancestors or forebears who mated or married who had or have black and indigenous ancestry,  bu instead to cosmetic surgery,  etc.,  is the worst sort of revisionist b. s. I've ever have had to challenge or dispute,   since I started posting on the message boards!

Your viewpoints are not my views:

Your views aren't anybody's who ever did or do post on this forum...

We don't impose ours on you...

I ask you stop trying to do likewise...



From: stormshaddow5/18/08 2:22 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (84 of 137) 
 745.84 in reply to 745.27 

"the umbilical cord has been cut from Africa a long time ago and I think we need to move on and connect with who we really are."


Well said!


From: stormshaddow5/18/08 2:53 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (85 of 137) 
 745.85 in reply to 745.39 

And people tend to forget - if they ever knew - that the Black people who were slaves weren't a bunch of less than smart people with no skills.  Those plantations were each a world within itself and bought very little from the outside.  They made all their own furniture, their own wagons, saddles, clothes and shoes.  They spun their own cloth and made their own soap.  Who do you think did all that - the white master?  No way.  It was the slaves who did all that.  There were alot of very skilled people on those plantations who weren't white.

And how to you think those big plantation homes down there in the swampy lands of the south got built.  Who do you think cleared the land and drained the swamps?  Who built the homes?  Who cleared the land and planted crops, cotton and tobacco?


Have you been watching HBO's John Adams?

I was surprised at the accuracy when they showed the construction of the White House.


From: stormshaddow5/18/08 7:22 PM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117)  (86 of 137) 
 745.86 in reply to 745.78 

"I think if DNA were considered (something many "Natives" fight), you would find that there is more "Native American" DNA running through the veins of the average Black American than the White "Natives" who live on (and off) those reservations and claim themselves to be "Native"."

I have yet to see the DNA results of ANY FullBlood!



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