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From: stormshaddow5/18/08 2:22 PM 
To: BlackChoctaw unread  (84 of 137) 
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"the umbilical cord has been cut from Africa a long time ago and I think we need to move on and connect with who we really are."


Well said!

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From: stormshaddow5/18/08 2:53 PM 
To: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (85 of 137) 
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And people tend to forget - if they ever knew - that the Black people who were slaves weren't a bunch of less than smart people with no skills.  Those plantations were each a world within itself and bought very little from the outside.  They made all their own furniture, their own wagons, saddles, clothes and shoes.  They spun their own cloth and made their own soap.  Who do you think did all that - the white master?  No way.  It was the slaves who did all that.  There were alot of very skilled people on those plantations who weren't white.

And how to you think those big plantation homes down there in the swampy lands of the south got built.  Who do you think cleared the land and drained the swamps?  Who built the homes?  Who cleared the land and planted crops, cotton and tobacco?


Have you been watching HBO's John Adams?

I was surprised at the accuracy when they showed the construction of the White House.


From: stormshaddow5/18/08 7:22 PM 
To: repenting (JUPITER117)  (86 of 137) 
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"I think if DNA were considered (something many "Natives" fight), you would find that there is more "Native American" DNA running through the veins of the average Black American than the White "Natives" who live on (and off) those reservations and claim themselves to be "Native"."

I have yet to see the DNA results of ANY FullBlood!



From: stormshaddow5/18/08 7:26 PM 
To: ctj2010  (87 of 137) 
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Yup! We need to UNITE.

From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/19/08 12:50 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (88 of 137) 
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No, I haven't been watching much tv lately...the HBO program sounds like it must be good, though, if it's accurate.  I think I did read that slaves were largely responsible for building the White House.



From: ctj20105/19/08 11:11 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (89 of 137) 
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Good morning,  Storm Shadow!

But,  long time no see,   (or hear back from yah),  man!

I am looking forward to an update about that as well...


Now back to the subject of this thread (more or less)...

And,   to say the least,   my take is a wee bit different from Black Choctaw's...

Y'see,   even if I moved somewhere else,   inside or outside of the states,   I would continue to be my mother's firstborn son...

I. e.,   we continue to be the descendants of continental africans,   first and foremost...

Who else our ancestors and our forebears mated with or married on this side of the oceans only reflects how their lives did go on in spite of their enslavement etc.

As I've also written and said before:

Most (if not all) of the time that took place between consenting adults (and/or those who found the other worthy of being a mate etc.)...

So was a good thing-- or we wouldn't be around to figure out what it means to be us-- on this side of the oceans--either...

Brother Malcolm reminded us how it is in all of our best interests to unite etc.--as in--on the basis of what we have in common:

That's far more inteligent and wise than constantly seeking to appease others who we have little or nothing in common with at all!


That's my take on this particular subject...


Take care...



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From: stormshaddow5/19/08 4:18 PM 
To: ctj2010  (90 of 137) 
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"You can't hide from yourself. Everywhere you go, there you are."

Isaac Hayes :p


From: ctj20105/20/08 12:03 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (91 of 137) 
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Good afternoon,   Stormshadow...

But I was expecting a wee bit more of a update than that...

And nothing yet as regards what B. C. posted?

Please do try again!





From: ctj20105/20/08 5:51 PM 
To: All  (92 of 137) 
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To the three or so posters who were and are welcome participants on this revived forum:

One does know and the other will now it was only meant to be an archive of sorts at this point:

Short version...

Long story when time etc. permits...

What one also does know and others will now:

Another forum exists for us to continue this dialogue on...

I. e.,   yahoogroups BLACK INDIAN ACTIVISTS ALLIANCE forum...

Because this is one Jerry Eaglefeather started and since my take on it all is a tad bit different from his too:

I kindly ask you to resubscribing or subscribing to that other forum...

Whatever any of you do decide:

Please let me know via pm or email...





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From: ROSETTA3216/6/08 9:50 PM 
To: ctj2010  (93 of 137) 
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  • So,  you relating it all not ancestors or forebears who mated or married who had or have black and indigenous ancestry,  bu instead to cosmetic surgery,  etc.,  is the worst sort of revisionist b. s. I've ever have had to challenge or dispute,   since I started posting on the message boards!

Why do you call ignorance of european history and so-called "modern medical and scientific advancements" "revisionist b.s." ...?   What I have posted is what you should have learned as part of your formal education.  Everyone should know the history of western europe, especially from the time of the migration/invasion by the Germans or Almaigns (ancient name) or Franks into southern europe, conquering and displacing the Celtic, Italian (Roman), Hispanics, Greeks and now the Russians or eastern europeans Slavs into the Shemite and Rachamite (Hamitic) parts of the world.  Check it out at SUCCESSORS OF ROME:
GERMANIA, 395-774
. . .

There are no "white people" in ancient history.  The Hebrew Holy Scriptures speaks of those whom our Maker and God Yahoahey (YHVH/YHOH, Hebrew name) and His prophet Elijiah turned white (removed the color from the skin).  The mark of Qayin/Cain refers to the descendants of Qayin (indigenous or native peoples in the northern parts of the world) who have inherited the skin disease vitiligo (no color in the skin or leprous "white as snow").  You will find nothing in ancient records about "white people" as a race until the Germans moved south in europe bringing their cosmetically made-over ally the seed of the serpent as so-called "white people" ... then you will read about white skin, blue  eyes and yellow hair.  Check out:

"For myself, I concur in opinion with such as suppose the people of Germany never to have mingled by inter-marriages with other nations, but to have remained a people pure, and independent, and resembling none but themselves. Hence amongst such a mighty multitude of men, the same make and form is found in all, eyes stern and blue, yellow hair, huge bodies, but vigorous only in the first onset... " Tacitus: Germania, trans. Thomas Gordon ...

The so-called 'whites of germany' were all the same form because of cosmetic surgery and false hair and blue caps over their eyes and whitened skin ... the same potion or medication a person suffering from vitiligo is given today by a doctor treating them for this disease which makes their skin appear evenly white as opposed to red in the seed of the serpent and pinkish raw in human beings.  BTW, if you ever decide to learn something other than the propaganda shown on TV and in the european  propaganda machine they call the news media ... try and find something about how long the europeans have been using cosmetic or plastic surgery.  You won't find a thing about the origins of plastic surgery because they have been using it for thousands of years, hiding their actual looks and those of the male seed of the serpent, who carry the animal virus call HIV that kills all human beings once infected, as there is no cure of AIDSHIV/AIDS remains one of the main diseases the europeans use to kill off indigneous or native peoples around the world, especially real women. ... so as to destroy entire races of people.  And only the foolish would consider what is true to be "revisionist b. s."   as opposed to learning the facts and freeing themselves and their own native or indigneous people from the propaganda in the western news media ... propaganda and posted on these messageboards by paid agents, usually posing as indigneous or native peoples.

  • We don't impose ours on you... <> I ask you stop trying to do likewise

To the contrary ... that's all you do is impose your european propaganda on real indigenous or native peoples in the belief that we will believe lies over the facts that are recorded in history and elsewhere -- but never reported or talked about in the european news media or on these messageboards.  So, I will ask you to stop imposing your propaganda and psyops and lies about history of the Americas and the rest of the world on me and the real indigneous or Native American peoples.  We've seen enough fake tribes of cosmetically made over european Negroes and their allies the seed of the serpent on TV and the news media to know that the world is being misled about who the real indigenous Native Americans are ... in europe's constant campaign to take over the entire USA as well as the rest of the Americas south of the USA borders.


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