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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon10/26/21 9:02 AM 
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October 26, 2021

         The big question, which this article makes no attempt to ask or answer, is: "Did the FBI raid Deripaska's home to find evidence, to make sure that evidence is NOT found, or something else?"

BREAKING: FBI Raids Home of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska This Morning in DC - He's Connected to the Steele Dossier

FBI agents on Tuesday swarmed the home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Washington, D.C., an agency spokesperson confirmed to NBC News.

The reason for their presence wasn’t immediately clear. The spokesperson said the agency is conducting “law enforcement activity at the home,” but wouldn’t elaborate.

Deripaska is a billionaire oil tycoon with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was among two dozen Russian oligarchs and officials who were sanctioned by the Treasury Department in April 2018.

We’ve reported on Deripaska in the past. Deripaska was reportedly visited by FBI Agents in the summer of 2016 pitching the Trump-Russia collusion garbage theory.  It looked like they were trying to get Deripaska to work with them in setting up the future President Donald Trump.

We also reported on Deripaska when portions of the Steele dossier were released to the public.  Steele claimed that his work for Deripaska was not part of his work related to his reporting of Carter Page.  Steele also claimed Deripaska had no interaction with his main source for his garbage Steele dossier which the corrupt FBI used to spy on President Trump.

However, it was later reported that Steele’s main source in the Carter Page set up was pictured with Deripaska in June 2016 and with John McCain below.

A Russian hooker who hung out with Deripaska claimed she had Trump-Russia collusion information in an effort to get out of jail.  It worked because the Mueller gang sprung her from jail as soon as they found out.

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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon11/4/21 12:43 PM 
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November 4, 2021

       "The Russian political analyst was the primary researcher for Steele's dossier...Many of the dossier's claims remain unproven or have been debunked, though the document was cited by the FBI in a secret warrant application to spy on a Trump campaign advisor."


Special counsel John Durham charges Igor Danchenko, the Russian analyst behind Steele dossier with lying to FBI agents: US public relations exec with Democrat ties was key source for claims Trump colluded with Putin, indictment says

A key source who provided information to British ex-spy Christopher Steele for his 'dirty dossier' of allegations against Donald Trump has been arrested in the US. 

Igor Danchenko, a Russian-born analyst living in the United States, was arrested on Thursday in Virginia by federal agents assigned to John H. Durham's special counsel inquiry into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the Justice Department. 

He is charged with five counts of lying to FBI agents about the sources he used in collecting information for Steele, who is identified in the indictment only as 'UK Person-1'. The Russian political analyst was the primary researcher for Steele's dossier alleging that Trump's 2016 presidential campaign conspired with Russia in a covert operation to beat Hillary Clinton, and that Russia had salacious videos that could be used to blackmail Trump.

Many of the dossier's claims remain unproven or have been debunked, though the document was cited by the FBI in a secret warrant application to spy on a Trump campaign advisor. The indoctment alleges that Danchenko lied to federal investigators by saying that he had not had contact with a certain US-based executive at an American public relations firm, who had longstanding ties to the Democratic Party. In fact, Danchenko did communicate with the unnamed PR exec, and used him as a key source for one or more of the allegations in the Steele report, according to the indictment.

Danchenko is the third person, and second in a two-month span, to face charges in Durham's probe.  Danchenko's attorney was in trial and could not be immediately reached by DailyMail.com on Thursday morning.

Trump has long denied any illegal conspiracy with Russia in his 2016 campaign, insisting that the allegations were trumped up by his political enemies. Likewise, Democrats claim that Durham's probe is a political hatchet job.

Durham was appointed as special counsel by Trump administration Attorney General Bill Barr in October 2020, and tasked with investigating whether the FBI's Trump-Russia probe, code-named 'Crossfire Hurricane,' was opened and conducted legally.

In FBI hands, the dossier was used to further its probe into Trump during the presidential campaign, and was cited in a FISA warrant application to surveil Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, an American who has never been criminally charged.

Durham previously signaled his interest in Danchenko and the Steele dossier by obtaining subpoenas in February for old personnel files and other documents related to Danchenko from the Brookings Institution, where he worked from 2005 until 2010.


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November 7, 2021

       "Let’s hope there are additional indictments to come.  Danchenko may offer the key to unlocking even more acts of corruption."

The arrest of the man behind the phony dossier underscores the many lies of the Russia hoax

The fabulist behind the discredited anti-Trump dossier was taken into custody by federal authorities Thursday as Special Counsel John Durham continues to build his case against those who manufactured and propagated the phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative.  ~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Igor Danchenko was not some mysterious Russian agent operating in the bowels of the Kremlin. He is a Ukrainian-born resident of the United States who worked as a senior research analyst for the Washington, D.C. liberal think tank, Brookings Institution.  When the dossier was concocted in 2016, the president of Brookings was Strobe Talbott, a longtime friend and ally of Hillary Clinton.  This was hardly a coincidence.  

It was Clinton and her confederates who invented the Russia hoax to frame her opponent with the most noxious offense in America: a treasonous conspiracy with the Kremlin to steal a presidential election. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) financed their illicit scheme by secretly funneling money to Steele, who hired Danchenko as his primary source for the dossier. Declassified documents show that the CIA knew as early as July of 2016 that Clinton had personally approved the devious operation.  Shortly thereafter the FBI tracked down Danchenko, who admitted his role and debunked the dossier as little more than a fairy tale. 

But John Brennan and James Comey, the respective directors of the CIA and FBI at the time, kept the truth hidden from Congress, President Trump, and the American people. ~~~~~~~~~~~

For example, the salacious story that Trump had committed lewd acts with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel turned out to be nothing more than the product of someone’s rich imagination.  But Steele didn’t care; he was determined to use it against Trump.  He included the sordid tale in his dossier and then peddled it to both the FBI and the media in order to destroy Trump, whom he admittedly loathed. ~~~~~~~~~~~

The FBI defrauded the FISC judges by insisting that the dossier was credible, even though they possessed incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.  The bureau scrupulously guarded their secret knowing full well that disclosure would ruin the public’s trust in the FBI.  And so it has. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

Let’s hope there are additional indictments to come.  Danchenko may offer the key to unlocking even more acts of corruption. 


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon11/9/21 6:57 AM 
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November 9, 2021

        "the evidence is now growing that the campaign who colluded with Russia was Clinton."

The biggest loser of the Durham indictments: James Comey's FBI

~~~~~~~~~~ Igor Danchenko, Steele's primary source for the dossier, contrived an entire source for key allegations in the dossier and relied on a longtime Hillary Clinton-supporting public relations executive for other intelligence without telling the FBI, the indictment charges. That PR executive had extensive ties to Russian government officials, even as he provided Danchenko information that landed in the dossier. ~~~~~~~~~~~

"The fact pattern that John Durham is methodically establishing shows what James Comey and Andrew McCabe likely knew from day one, that the Steele Dossier was politically-driven nonsense created at the behest of the Clinton campaign," said Kevin Brock, the FBI's former intelligence chief and one of the bureau's most respected retirees. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Members of key oversight committees in Congress said the question that remains unanswered is whether the FBI's misconduct was driven by incompetence or something more nefarious. Already one former FBI lawyer has admitted he intentionally doctored a piece of evidence to mislead the FISA court. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who played a central role in unraveling the fake Russia collusion narrative, said the evidence is now growing that the campaign who colluded with Russia was Clinton.

"We already knew the Steele dossier was orchestrated and funded by the Democrats, and now we know that a Democrat operative, who'd been a registered Russian agent and was closely linked to Kremlin officials, served as a direct source for the dossier's fabrications," Nunes told Just the News. "As I've said for years, the only people who colluded with Russians were the Democrats."

"The FBI clearly knew from the earliest days that the dossier was a hoax," Nunes said. "The fact that they knowingly used it anyway to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen is the exact kind of gross abuse that severely and quickly erodes Americans' trust in our Intelligence Community."


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon11/10/21 5:38 AM 
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November 10, 2021

       “It shows, full circle, that John Durham is building conspiracy cases outlining the likes of Fusion GPS, Comey, McCabe, Jake Sullivan — all these people are in trouble..."

Kash Patel: Durham Is Building a Bigger Conspiracy Case

Kash Patel, former senior Trump administration official and lead investigator exposing Russiagate, said U.S. Attorney John Durham’s recent indictment of Russian Igor Danchenko suggests he is building a larger conspiracy case. ~~~~~~~~~~

Durham last week issued an indictment for five counts of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against Igor Danchenko, a Russian researcher who worked at the Brookings Institution in Washington and provided the most salacious lies for the “pee dossier.”

Patel found while working as the lead investigator that the Hillary Clinton campaign had paid for the dossier, which was put together by opposition research firm Fusion GPS and ex-British spy Christopher Steele and then funneled into the Obama Justice Department and FBI and used to get a secret surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign.

The indictment also found that Danchenko, who worked from 2005-10 with Democratic policy luminaries at the Brookings Institution, also worked with a longtime Bill Clinton operative Charles Dolan Jr., referred to as “PR Executive-1″ in the indictment. Dolan’s lawyer confirmed that he was “PR Executive-1.”

As previously reported by Breitbart News, Durham’s indictment suggests that Dolan introduced Danchenko to his Russian acquaintances as Danchenko was reporting information to Steele. Those Russian acquaintances then allegedly provided some information Danchenko gave to Steele. ~~~~~~~~~~~

“It shows, full circle, that John Durham is building conspiracy cases outlining the likes of Fusion GPS, Comey, McCabe, Jake Sullivan — all these people are in trouble, and finally the American people are getting some accountability,” he added. ~

Patel said the length of the indictment suggests there is a bigger conspiracy case. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Patel said he did not see any chance of Hillary Clinton or James Comey actually being indicted, but added, “What I tell people is these three indictments are examples where he’s starting at the lower levels because you go and charge those guys and then they flip.”

“They don’t want to go to prison and then they flip up, as we say, and they get the bigger fish and then you start heading up towards the Lisa Pages and Peter Strzosk and possibly even Fiona Hill,” he said.


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November 12, 2021

       "and I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and pedaling it falsely would be in jeopardy and I know that’s what John Durham is looking at – and as I talked about, this goes to the highest levels of our government.”

Former DNI John Ratcliffe Turned Over 1,000 Documents to John Durham - Expects MANY MORE Indictments

DNI Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo that he turned over 1,000 documents to John Durham that implicate Hillary Clinton and Democrat operatives and likely top government officials in criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments.

We now know that the top DOJ and FBI officials knew that Trump-Russia collusion was a hoax from the beginning and yet they ran with it anyway to destroy his administration and remove him from office.

When will James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe and Hillary Clinton operatives face justice for destroying numerous lives and attempting a coup of an American president — all based on evidence that they knew at the time was a complete lie?

John Ratcliffe: ”I gave John Durham over 1,000 other documents that have not yet been declassified that I know include intelligence that go specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments and again, what happened with the Steele Dossier, a grand jury is saying was criminal in nature, and I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and pedaling it falsely would be in jeopardy and I know that’s what John Durham is looking at – and as I talked about, this goes to the highest levels of our government.”


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon11/14/21 6:30 AM 
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November 14, 2021

        "Danchenko worked for several years at the Brookings Institute...Steele testified in London in a 2019 defamation suit that he had disclosed some of his dossier’s details to Strobe Talbott, then the president of Brookings...when Hillary Clinton was secretary of State, Talbott was named chairman of the State Department's foreign affairs advisory board."


Durham's latest indictment: More lines drawn to Clinton's campaign

~~~~~~~~~ Igor Danchenko, 43, was a key figure in the compilation of the infamous Steele dossier that led to the now discredited investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential race. But Danchenko, a Russian emigre living in the U.S., seems unlikely to be the Durham investigation’s apex defendant. In fact, Durham describes him at points more like a shill than a spy, an “investigator” who was fed what to report by Clinton operatives such as Dolan. ~~~~~~~~~~

Danchenko's indictment on five counts of lying to the FBI serves two obvious purposes. First, these counts — with a possible five years in prison on each — are enough to concentrate the mind of any defendant about possibly flipping for the prosecution. Second, indicting Danchenko “hoists the wretch” for potential targets to see and consider that there but for the grace of God — and Durham — go they. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thus, Durham clearly seems to be making a meticulous case that the Steele dossier was a political hit job orchestrated by Clinton operatives. His latest indictment connects Danchenko to several intriguing figures and groups that, in turn, relate to the Clinton campaign. ~~~~~~~~~~

Durham alleges that it was Dolan, not Russian sources, who gave Danchenko key allegations to put into the Steele dossier, including some of its most salacious claims. Dolan is described as traveling to Moscow to meet with Russian officials who were paying his firm. The connection is notable because American intelligence believed that sources used in the dossier were, in fact, Russian agents and that the dossier may have been a vehicle for Russian intelligence to spread misinformation. However, Dolan reportedly admitted to "fabricating" facts given to Danchenko. Dolan's attorney now describes him as a "witness" in the investigation.

Danchenko worked for several years at the Brookings Institute, a leading liberal think tank in Washington, as an analyst in Russian and Eurasian affairs — and, as a result, Brookings features prominently in this latest indictment. Around 2010, another Brookings employee had introduced Danchenko to Steele, who subsequently retained him as a contract investigator.

Steele testified in London in a 2019 defamation suit that he had disclosed some of his dossier’s details to Strobe Talbott, then the president of Brookings. Talbott had his own longstanding Clinton ties. Among those, he was an ambassador-at-large and a deputy secretary of state under President Clinton; when Hillary Clinton was secretary of State, Talbott was named chairman of the State Department's foreign affairs advisory board. 

Then there is Hillary Clinton herself. Steele also has testified that it was his understanding that Clinton was aware of his work and the development of the dossier. Yet during the campaign and long afterward, Clinton never admitted that her campaign funded the dossier, despite media and congressional inquiries about that fact. No less an official than campaign chairman John Podesta denied any connection in testimony before Congress.

More importantly, before the Steele dossier was given to the FBI and the press, then-CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Clinton’s alleged “plan” to tie candidate Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

Now, with Danchenko’s indictment, Dolan’s name has been added to a seemingly growing array of Clinton associates whom Durham has referenced in the development of the Russia collusion scandal.

Again, it is not known whether Durham has suspicions or evidence of criminal conduct against anyone else beyond Danchenko. But many other figures are at least likely to feature greatly in the conclusions of the special counsel’s final investigative report if many of the details of the indictments to date are any indication.

One thing is clear, though: Too many “great Democrats” keep popping up in Durham’s investigation.


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November 15, 2021

       (Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Director John Ratcliffe): "It was a crime to investigate Donald Trump because there was no probably cause, as FBI director Christopher Wray has admitted under oath...Everyone associated with the Steele Dossier, with its creation, its peddling to the FBI, and its use by law enforcement authorities against the Trump campaign illegally, is in criminal jeopardy right now."

Critical to Understanding Where Durham is Going


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November 17, 2021

Kash Patel: "These Merchants of Menace Are Finally Coming to Light - All Roads Lead to Andrew McCabe"

Earlier this week Kash Patel accused former Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the FBI and DOJ of withholding information from House GOP investigators in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. it is now clear that Rosenstein and former FBI brass lied and failed to mention that former DNC operative Charles Dolan helped fund the garbage dossier. Dolan campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The FBI, DOJ and Rosenstein forgot to mention this as they ran their attempted coup against President Donald Trump.

On Sunday Kash Patel told Maria Bartiromo that “all roads lead back to Andrew McCabe.” McCabe was fired by President Trump after lying about the Russia collusion narrative for years along with the top officials in DOJ and FBI. Patel says Fiona Hill is in danger of being indicted after lying under oath during the sham impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Kash Patel: Really quick on Fiona Hill, I think John Durham is on the case here. I think she lied to Congress there under oath. She connected the main Clinton operative, (Charles Dolan) who Devin and I had never heard of because DOJ and FBI withheld those documents from us, intentionally I believe so… We now know that his (Danchenko’s) credibility has been destroyed and these merchants of menace are finally coming to light thanks to John Durham’s great work… I think all roads lead to Andy McCabe the former Deputy Director of the FBI who was caught lying three times by the inspector general during his tenure there.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconNov-22 4:34 AM 
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November 22, 2021

         We have been following the Brookings Institute along with the Phony Dossier for a long time. We will repost some of it next.

Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution


Brookings was ground zero for the Russia collusion hoax, with many key staff embroiled in the damaging lie that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.

In April 2021, the Brookings Institution publicly confirmed that Special Counsel John Durham had subpoenaed records from the D.C.-based left-wing think tank in December 2020. The friendly reporters at Time magazine framed the subpoena as limited to the decades-old employment record of former Brookings staffer Igor Danchenko.

Last week’s indictment of Danchenko, however, provides a perfect reminder that Brookings was ground zero for the Russia collusion hoax, with many key staff embroiled in the damaging lie that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election. ~~~~~~~~~~

Talk About Incestuous DC Relationships - According to the indictment, in February 2016 a Brookings Institution employee, Fiona Hill, introduced Danchenko to Dolan. Danchenko knew Hill, as he had also worked for the think tank as a Russia analyst from about 2005 to 2010. During that time, as the inspector general’s report on FISA abuse would later reveal, Danchenko was under investigation for being a potential Russian agent.

Significantly, Hill also introduced Danchenko to Steele, a longtime friend of hers, in about 2010. Following Hill’s introduction of Danchenko and Steele, Steele’s firm Orbis hired Danchenko as a contractor for various work, ultimately resulting in Danchenko serving as the “Primary Subsource” for the Steele dossier.

Hill also communicated with Steele about his work on the dossier, meeting with him in October 2016 while she still worked for the Brookings Institution. 


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