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From: markruckMay-21 8:56 PM 
To: alankell  (11 of 21) 
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Many people can't live under their own rules, Alan. They're good at telling others what to do but when no one's looking, like behind closed doors, they live the way they really want. For a good example, see Saudi Arabia. For fiction, see "Handmaid's Tale." 

It's all about control and 'do as I say, not as I do.' Again, fucking hypocrites.

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From: alankellMay-21 9:00 PM 
To: markruck  (12 of 21) 
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I think it's clear to everyone that Disney defied DeSantis on the "don't say gay" edict, and DeSantis is bent on punishing Disney.  Trump is never concerned about being caught in a lie...I don't think DeSantis is too much concerned either.  He doesn't acknowledge it, he just moves on.


From: markruckMay-21 9:10 PM 
To: alankell  (13 of 21) 
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Both guys lie through their teeth. The problem lies with those who would vote for scum like those two who are totally devoid of scruples. Both spew out the shit and millions lap it up without giving it a second thought. 


From: BlueManDudeMay-21 10:35 PM 
To: alankell  (14 of 21) 
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Humans can't be "illegal"

I'd also bet you haven't the slightest clue as to their immigration status. In other words, you're full of shit.

While DeSantis' office didn't elaborate on their legal status, many migrants who cross the border illegally from Mexico are temporarily shielded from deportation after being freed by U.S. authorities to pursue asylum in immigration courts — as allowed under U.S. law and international treaty — or released on humanitarian parole.

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From: alankellMay-22 2:06 AM 
To: BlueManDude  (15 of 21) 
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I read the article.  You read the article.  I really don't care if you think I'm full of shit, because I really don't care what you think.  You like to far as I'm concerned, you like to argue whether you have a decent reason or not.  I think you are knowledgeable about politics, but I don't respect you or your knowledge.  Go sit on it and spin.

I'll suggest your opinion of me (on this particular issue) is misdirected.  Go tell the author of the article that he's full of shit.

My best suggestion to you is that you stop drinking.  I mean...really. 

DeSantis, Abbott, and I suppose other border governors are determined to flood sanctuary locations with bus after bus after bus after bus of migrants.  DeSantis's ploy to fly plane loads of migrants into Martha's Vineyard was a little over the top...his goal was an in-yo-face challenge to a group of privileged Yankees, dumping the problem on their doorsteps.  Without a hint of notice.  The plan was bold, imaginative and gained the approval of white supremacists everywhere.  I'm sure a lot of Southerners - Democrats and Republicans - snickered.  DeSantis's act was illegal and uncalled for, but DeSantis just shrugs and turns his hands over in a "who, me?" gesture.  I doubt he wishes to take responsibility for his own guerilla politics.


From: BlueManDudeMay-22 9:07 AM 
To: alankell  (16 of 21) 
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The folks you & others like to call illegals, are human beings. I really don't give a flying fuck what you think with your passive aggressive, "I don't follow politics" bullshit!

Plus if you actually read the article, you might have found that these humans were legally in the United States.


From: markruckMay-22 12:06 PM 
To: BlueManDude  (17 of 21) 
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The folks you & others like to call illegals, are human beings.

Allow me to straddle the double yellow line (and risk being run over from both directions <G>).

Looks to me that you're making a semantic argument. True, there is no such thing as an 'illegal human being.' Something developed in a lab, maybe? 

But there are people who have entered this country illegally. Though I understand the reasons why they wanted to come here, and many are well-meaning and just want to improve their lives and provide for their families, I'm all for kicking them out. That's because there are legal ways to come into this country and many have taken the seemingly inordinate time to go through that process. That being said, the legal route is an absolute fucking quagmire, especially at the southern border, so I understand the frustration of many who want to take the illegal shortcut. 

Look at it this way: Given that you likely have no issue with friends, family and neighbors paying a visit and you letting them in, what would you do with a person who forced his way into your house? 


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From: markruckMay-22 12:10 PM 
To: alankell  (18 of 21) 
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Let me add one other thing to my reply...

Prefacing that I don't know who has what for kids, do you think that if DeSantis' daughter, or Abbott's daughter, or any 'six week abortion' preaching Republican politician's daughter got knocked up and didn't want to keep the baby, that they'd be able to get a hush-hush, post-six week abortion somewhere? 

You know--good for me but not for thee. 


From: BlueManDudeMay-22 12:50 PM 
To: markruck  (19 of 21) 
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If they were on the street in Texas, their presence in the US was legal at the time, according to the article. If they lacked the necessary legal paperwork to be in the US, Desantis would have had ICE remove them.

I'm sure Native Americans share your sentiments, on the other hand, if the farms can't find workers, construction companies can't find employees, & truckers will no longer haul into Florida, it's a huge problem. To date no one has moved into our home, silly argument dude. 


From: alankellMay-22 2:55 PM 
To: markruck  (20 of 21) 
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