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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-15 4:51 AM 
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September 14, 2021

        "Well what a surprise. All it takes to see how a mail-in voter voted in the CA recall is to shine a weak cellphone flashlight through the back of the envelope."


California Recall Ballots: See-Through Ballot Envelopes – Weak Cellphone Flashlight Through The Back Of The Envelope SHOWS VOTE

Through the envelope you can see the two voting circles and which one was filled in.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the California recall election is today and the Democrats are cheating six ways to Sunday. It was reported that California Republicans were having issues at the polling booths. Many were even told they had already voted even though they had not.

Similar issues were discovered in the Maricopa County canvass, which found that ballots were cast for voters that did not vote (ghost votes), and many ballots were just not counted (lost votes).

MAGA U.S. Senate Candidate Blake Masters in Arizona shared this finding from California to Twitter.

Well what a surprise. All it takes to see how a mail-in voter voted in the CA recall is to shine a weak cellphone flashlight through the back of the envelope.

We’ll probably find all of these Republican votes in trash cans over the coming weeks.

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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-15 4:52 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1140 of 1301) 
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I assume you are suggesting that the MSM (LSM), including FOX, are MIA.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-15 5:00 AM 
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        The recall did not succeed. Newsom won. Not much of a surprise with all of the voter fraud that was out in the open, much of it already posted here.

         But then again, it's today's California.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-15 5:33 AM 
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September 15, 2021

       "including bills to require voter ID, curb the controversial practice of ballot harvesting, and remove the dead and other ineligible voters from registration rolls."

18 States Passed Election Reforms This Year. Here’s What They Did 

At least 58 Democrats left Austin to avoid the vote on election bills, touching down in Washington D.C. on Monday evening in two private jets (pictured)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week capped off a year of major election reforms across America by signing hotly debated legislation after a prolonged drama that saw Democratic legislators flee the state in a bid to prevent its passage.

Texas, with its Republican governor, is among at least 18 states to enact election reform measures this year, including bills to require voter ID, curb the controversial practice of ballot harvesting, and remove the dead and other ineligible voters from registration rolls.


“State legislatures finally realized in many states that these holes and vulnerabilities that existed in the system for quite a while need to be fixed,” Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, told The Daily Signal.


From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member IconSep-15 10:59 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1143 of 1301) 
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I don't care about MSM because they're useless liars.

But no Fox News, No Breitbart, No AP (yeah... I'll give them the benefit of the doubt), No Reuters... etc.

Are you sure this isn't just propaganda?



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-17 5:37 AM 
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September 17, 2021

        "The Amistad Project had sworn declarations that over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania. They claim that their evidence reveals multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states...Government officials killed the investigation."


The Investigation of the Mysterious USPS Truckloads of Ballots Continues

At a highly anticipated press conference back in December, election fraud whistleblowers stepped forward, including one who witnessed the movement of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines on October 21st, before the election.

The information was made public at a press conference by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization. The Amistad Project had sworn declarations that over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania. They claim that their evidence reveals multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.

The whistleblower statements include potentially hundreds of thousands of completed absentee ballots being transported across three state lines, and a trailer filled with ballots disappearing in Pennsylvania. Amistad Project Director Phill Kline said, “130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election were shipped from Bethpage, NY, to Lancaster, PA, where those ballots and the trailer in which they were shipped disappeared.”

Truck driver Jesse Morgan was present at the press conference and spoke for 9 minutes about his unbelievable ordeal. Morgan was tasked with delivering completed ballots to Pennsylvania from New York state.  

This was explosive testimony.

Jesse Morgan: In total I saw 24 gaylords, or large cardboard containers of ballots, loaded into my trailer. These gaylords contained plastic trays, I call them totes or trays of ballots stacked on top of each other. All the envelopes were the same size. I saw the envelopes had return addresses… They were complete ballots.”

Jesse was later interrogated by the Chris Wray FBI.  They were not interested in investigating the actual crime.  Their goal was to harass and intimidate Jesse Morgan. Since then, the story disappeared.  The mainstream fake news media never showed any interest in the story.

On Monday, we spoke with Amistad Project Director Phill Kline.

Phill told us that Jesse Morgan was a very credible witness.  Phill did a forensic analysis with Jesse at the time he stepped forward, and he was found to be full of integrity.  Phill said his team at the time double-checked Jesse’s story and they corroborated the story.  Investigators also confirmed this story.  There were 150,000 to 250,000 flats of mail that Jesse was hauling for the US Postal Service across state lines just days before the election.

Kline also confirmed that his team got postal experts who corroborated the story from Bethpage.

Government officials killed the investigation

The authorities assigned the US postal inspector to investigate.  Kline says the investigators never once sought any details of the incident.  To this day, Kline has never been requested to provide evidence.  It appears the investigation ended before it was started.

In July the US Attorney in Pennsylvania, Bill McSwain, sent President Trump a letter where he claimed former AG Bill Barr told him not to investigate the crimes and corruption that occurred in the 2020 Election in that state. Barr told McSwain to stand down.  McSwain later sent the details to President Trump.  Bill Barr did not want this investigated.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-17 6:03 AM 
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September 17, 2021

        "Earlier reports suggested there were 270,000 "lost" and "ghost" votes found in the audit.."

         That aspect of the stolen election had nothing to do with the audit. Those numbers were discovered through a totally separate canvassing of only a few Arizona counties.


Arizona election audit results to be released next Friday, Sept. 24, at 1:00 pm

Arizona was one of a handful of swing states during the 2020 election, and Joe Biden won the White House by a combined few tens of thousands of votes across all those jurisdictions.

While legal challenges to the results failed when most judges dismissed arguments on technicalities without hearing evidence, several states have since taken steps to make their future ballot counts more secure.

Some others also have started their own audits.

What is known about the election is that various state officials simply ignored, or overturned, state laws in order to accommodate mail-in ballots during 2020, even though the Constitution only allows state lawmakers to do that.

Further, that there was outside influence on the count is without dispute, as leftist Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook megawealth handed out some $350 million to mostly leftist elections officials to help them run their election counts.

The Maricopa results are to be announced at 1 p.m. in the Senate chambers, with the gallery open to the public, reports confirmed. A local broadcast outlet explained up to three volumes of the audit findings will be released.

President Trump lost the Arizona election by only about 10,000 votes, giving a Democrat the win in the state for the first time in decades.

The Arizona Senate had contracted with Cyber Ninjas to audit Maricopa's results in a review that was opposed by Democrats throughout its existent.

Earlier reports suggested there were 270,000 "lost" and "ghost" votes found in the audit.

Right Side Broadcasting reported earlier on the results of canvassing of voters, and revealed 34.23% of people who had been recorded as not voting insisted they did.

"Where did these votes go?" the report asked.

Other swing states where results were challenged include Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and others.

Nationally, the election results were doubted because of middle-of-the-night dumps of piles of ballots – virtually all with Joe Biden picked. In some locations, there were reports of Democrats showing up at ballot drop boxes and emptying backpacks full of ballots. In Georgia, counters sent observers home and then pulled suitcases filled with ballots from under tables where they were hidden, and counted them.

There have been a number of allegations out of Arizona, including ballots arriving literally stuffed in boxes, thousands reviewed without any including a presidential choice, and a 74,000-vote discrepancy in official counts.

Democrats nationally and in Arizona have fought bitterly not to have any count completed, and have gone to court to try to stop it.

President Trump repeatedly has charged that the election was stolen, although legacy media fact-checkers have claimed that there was literally no election misbehavior during 2020.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-19 6:24 AM 
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September 19, 2021

       "Rogers: Summary: We won. They dropped their $2.8 meaningless claim for the machine replacement. We get the routers and spunk logs. Cyber Ninjas has full access. Maricopa caved."

        With the audit report being released on Friday, it is game over for these people. Perhaps the game is changing now to trying to stay out of jail.


HUGE WIN For Arizona Senate: CyberNinjas WILL Access The Routers As Requested – Questions WILL Be Answered

Maricopa County has agreed to settle with the Arizona Senate and allow them to perform a joint-led audit of the County routers, Splunk logs, and dominion software.

This means that the complaint filed by Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli worked, forcing the county to comply with the Senate’s original and ongoing request for router access, on sight at the County buildings. CyberNinjas will still be allowed to command the router access and make sure all questions are answered correctly.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli told us that because there is now a third party involved in this investigation and the election materials do not need to be moved, it will preserve the chain of custody and evidence. This will ensure the case is locked tight.


President Fann told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson how this joint process will be run. Former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg will act as a middleman and provide oversight to ensure the evidence is secure.

Fann: Shadegg is the arbitrator. He will hire a couple of IT experts who will actually do the “hands on “ and CN will tell and ask them everything they need to know.

Conradson: Do you trust Shadegg to do the job right?

Fann: Yes.

Conradson: Did the supervisors pick Shadegg or did you do a joint vetting process?

Fann: We jointly agreed

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers also confirmed their win and shared the conditions of the agreement.

Rogers: Summary: We won. They dropped their $2.8 meaningless claim for the machine replacement. We get the routers and spunk logs. Cyber Ninjas has full access. Maricopa caved.

The Arizona audit report will be released next Friday and this will raise many new questions. CyberNinjas will find answers with router access.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers told us that all evidence of criminal wrongdoing will be referred to the Attorney General’s office.

Senator Sonny Borrelli said that the Attorney General will be responsible for looking into why the Maricopa County Supervisors refused to comply, in violation of the law, until now.

Both CyberNinjas and The Arizona Senate are satisfied with the County’s cooperation.

This is a victory for the first full forensic election audit in history.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-19 6:52 AM 
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September 19, 2021 - PENNSYLVANIA - Still playing games, but others will not stand for this.

       "Hey @JakeCorman, if you’re not even going to look at the ballots, what’s the point of these subpoenas? Pretending you’re actually doing something while stalling Pennsylvania election integrity?...You’re a hack."


Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes 7-4 to Proceed with Investigation of 2020 Election

The Pennsylvania Senate Intergovernment Operations Committee met on Wednesday morning to voted to issue subpoenas in the investigation of the 2020 election.

Democrats continue to stand against any audit or investigation of the stolen 2020 presidential election.  And the Democrats then blame Republicans for playing politics.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman is a member of the committee. It is not clear at this point what type of investigation will take place. Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis is not impressed.

The Committee voted 7-4 this morning to proceed with the subpoenas.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconSep-20 7:06 AM 
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September 20, 2021

         “We save the country, we save the world.”

          The audit results are set to be released Friday afternoon.

"For the Very First Time You're Really Going to See How Sick this System is that We Call Our Election and Voting System" - Jovan Pulitzer Gives Terrific Interview on Upcoming Arizona Audit Results

“For the Very First Time You’re Really Going to See How Sick this System is that We Call Our Election and Voting System”

EXCLUSIVE: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer EXPOSES Election Fraud | Rocci Stucci's  Situation Room | Podcasts on Audible | Audible.com Jovan Pulitzer is the first pundit after the 2020 election to encourage Americans to focus on the ballots.  His ideas and arguments surrounding forensically auditing the ballots in the election made sense.  He argued that the ballots were tangible assets that could be provided in a court of law and that and deficiencies in paper, ink, counts, folds, layouts or other areas could easily be identified and explained in court.  For example, absentee ballots that don’t have folds, never made it through the mail.  Items like this are easily identified and isolated as invalid.

However, the patriots in Arizona did believe in Pulitzer’s argument and they fought for a forensic audit in Arizona and the Senate eventually obliged.  This Friday the results of this exercise are expected.

Pulitzer shared:

I think you need to prepare for the reality it’s going to be big.  That’s item one.  You’re going to want to pay attention to the Senate if for any reason they left any findings out.  That’s going to be important and you’re going to want to know that.  You’re going to want to ask that question.  Sometimes it’s not about what is in, it’s about what didn’t make it in, for whatever reason.  Not that this is going to happen.

I still believe it’s going to be monumental.  I believe it’s the first time history that the American people or the people of  the world, this is the first time this has ever occurred…

…So for the very first time you’re really going to see how sick this system is that we call our election and voting system.  It’s about as efficient as a 1980’s fax machine. And you’re going to look at it and go wow why didn’t we do anything with it, and they’re going to try to say well that’s not really what it looks like and that’s not really what it is and that’s not how it happened.

And as long as you understand that the media does have a horse in this game and their game is to tell you you’re an idiot and you’re a conspiracy theorist.  As long as you can put that aside and believe with your own eyes and if you can understand how it’s done, which I’m trying to teach people how it’s done, here it is or whatever, then your eyes are open and when your eyes are open they’ll never be shut again. That’s what this drill and exercise is and that’s why this is the most important time in history to be alive…


Pulitzer then talked about your rights being violated under equal rights under the law.  The remaining interview was exceptional and hopeful and honest.  “We save the country, we save the world.”


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