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Rapper Nissim Black releases music video with basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire
Stoudemire, who currently plays for the Israeli club Maccabi Tel Aviv, features in the video as a medieval knight of sorts alongside Black.
The boundary-breaking Orthodox rapper Nissim Black is back with another catchy new track. But this time, he has a little help from former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire.
toudemire, who currently plays for the Israeli club Maccabi Tel Aviv, features in the video as a medieval knight of sorts alongside Black.
In the “Games of Thrones”-esque video, the pair ride on horseback across a forested landscape, fighting black clad demon figures with swords. At the end, Black vanquishes one by holding up his hand, where the biblical phrase “I have placed the Lord always before me” appears lighted up, in Hebrew.
After that, he earns the key to a castle that has Hebrew inscriptions above its doorway.
Along the way, he compares himself to King David, rapping: “I ain’t catch feelings/ but I got a heart/ I’m like a King David/ I’m playing a harp.”
Stoudemire, a former NBA All-Star who now also part-owns the Israeli basketball team Hapoel Jerusalem, said in 2018 that he was converting to Judaism, after many years of identifying with the African Hebrew Israelites — Africans who believe they are descended from the biblical Israelites.
In the “Mothaland Bounce” video, Black raps and dances in full haredi Orthodox garb. As he explained to Alma, the video includes three sets of dancers:
“The three different groups are three different aspects of me: The African dancers represent the slaves that came here to America, which is our past. And then, you have the street dancers, the urban aspect.”
The video depicts these two groups as facing off against each other, representing Black “trying to figure out what I was.” But then, last, the Hasidic dancers show up near the end. “What brought peace for me was Judaism,” Black explains, “So the Hasidic guy, he comes to break up the two things, and he brings shalom. It was all very telling of who I was.”
“I’m very shocked at how much [Mothaland Bounce] has been shared, how well received it was. In terms of the Jewish world, it was a big risk he said.
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From: DunggateJun-16 9:19 AM 
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Thousands of obscene anti-Jewish posts shared online, CST report warns
Reams of "easily accessible, extreme and violent" videos, memes and posts discovered across at least four social media platforms.
June 12, 2020, 12:51 pm  2
Screenshot of post featured in the CST report, entitled Hate Fuel: the hidden online world fuelling far right terror
A new report into online extremism has warned that thousands of pieces of violent antisemitic material are being disseminated on social media.
The Community Security Trust (CST) sounded the alarm on reams of “easily accessible, extreme and violent” videos, memes and posts it said were discovered across at least four social media platforms.
The Jewish charity detailed its findings in its latest report entitled Hate Fuel: the hidden online world fuelling far right terror, which it said was shared with police, government and counter-extremism officials.
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The document, seen by Jewish News, was not made public due to the extreme nature of the material it contains.
Social media posts found by the Jewish charity included material blaming the Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros and the wider Jewish community for recent anti-racism protests around the world.
The CST said it produced the report amid concerns over the “quantity and spread” of the material, which it warned poses an urgent threat to Jewish communities.
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Speaking to Channel 4 on Thursday, Neil Basu, head of Counter Terrorism Policing, voiced concerns about online radicalisation amid the lockdown.
“My professional instinct is to tell me that throughout all of Covid, one of my biggest fear is people have been locked down looking at nothing but their screens for over three months now, and there has been an increase in propaganda grievance narratives being twisted online to try and radicalise people who are vulnerable and people have never been more vulnerable,” he told the broadcaster.
Meanwhile, the Government’s adviser on extremism announced this week the launch of a legal review to determine whether current legislation adequately deals with hateful extremism. Sir Mark Rowley, the former head of UK counter-terror policing, will put forward proposals later this year.
News UK News Community Security Trust

From: DunggateJun-16 9:20 AM 
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Commemoration for fallen Jewish servicemen and women to take place online
Community urged to tune in to AJEX's virtual service on Sunday 28 June to mark National Armed Forces week
June 16, 2020, 12:08 pm  
Jewish Brigade
British Jews are being asked to join an online commemoration service to fallen Jewish servicemen and women next week in place of the usual in-person service at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
The Jewish Military Association (AJEX) will hold a virtual service on Sunday 28 June at 11am during National Armed Forces week, with a variety of online interviews and events in the days leading up to the ceremony.
This year is filled with notable anniversaries, including the 75th anniversary of VE day and VJ Day and the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, but the pandemic had meant that face-to-face events are impossible.
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AJEX said it was “even more determined than ever” to gather together online from home to reflect on the contribution of those who served, as it launched its series interviewing both veterans and serving personnel from Sunday 21 June.
AJEX Patron Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former defense secretary, praised the organisation for its work, saying: “The needs of the many veterans change over the years but the tireless work that AJEX delivers continues to assist them.”
 Rifkind will speak at the ceremony, together with Army Chaplain Rabbi Reuben Livingstone, AJEX chair Mike Bluestone, Board of Deputies’ president Marie Van der Zyl, as well as young students.
“When we heard the National Memorial Arboretum was closed, we knew we had to create a different kind of event,” said Bluestone. “We look forward to seeing the community coming together for this memorial week which is so vital to help us honour those who have fought for our freedom.”
The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (AJEX) The Jewish Military Association (AJEX) VE Day VJ Day 

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Famous African Americans admit shocking facts about racism
By Phil Schneider - June 15, 2020 5373 0
Does racism exist in the United States? Or course – it exists in a country with hundreds of millions of people. Is it a major issue today? Well, actually, no. It is not a major issue in comparison to other issues that are much greater issues. For example, are personal responsibility and family values more important than issues of racism? Absolutely.ESTC
The issues today among the young African American population is not systemic racism. This is what so many networks will speak about. But as Roman J. Israel explains, “They are not locking up the 7 year olds.” So, why is this the case? It is because of the breakdown of the family unit in the United States. Is this due to a breakdown of family values in the United States in general? Perhaps. In many big cities today, there are astoundingly high numbers of broken families. This is not due to systemic racism, but due to systemic family breakdown. It is not merely an issue among black people. It is an issue that crosses all races and colors.
The next time that someone says that the United States is a racist country, remember the following facts: The northern states in the United States fought against the Confederacy in order to remove slavery from the United States. This was led by a white president. The United States voted into law the Civil Rights Law in order to change the norms of disrespect and discrimination against black people. This was done by a majority of white voters in Congress and the Senate. Oh and yes, it was enforced by a majority of white men in the police departments across the United States. This had ramifications that brought up the norms of respect and openness to the entire world for black people.
And one more thing, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States – twice. When the African American population deals with their core issues that start in the home, then there won’t be any need for policemen and policewomen – many of whom are African American – to make sure that neighborhoods are not burned down and looted.

From: DunggateJun-16 4:30 PM 
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PA Policeman: ‘Me and my Colleagues Want Israeli Annexation’
By David Sidman June 11, 2020 , 11:23 am
All who survive of all those nations that came up against Yerushalayim shall make a pilgrimage year by year to bow low to the King lord of Hosts and to observe the festival of Sukkot. Zechariah 14:16 (The Israel Bible™)
Palestinian police help an elderly lady (Photo by Issam Rimawi/FLASH90)
Is a coup brewing in the Palestinian Authority?
Veteran journalist Tzvi Yehezkeli went undercover into various Arab villages throughout Judea and Samaria to find out how the village residents feel about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s July plan to annex Jewish inhabited areas of the region.
Official data regarding ‘Palestinian’ sentiments of the plan, even if recorded, would likely be inaccurate as most PA citizens fear retribution should they openly call to live under Israeli rule. That’s why Yehezkeli, a fluent Arabic speaker, entered their villages posing as an Arab to hear their true sentiments. As the camera was mounted inside eyeglasses, the interviewees didn’t even know that they were being recorded.
One Arab he interviewed claims that 80% of his village wants an Israeli ID card while the other 20% secretly want it but won’t admit it. Another one in the Jordan Valley, upon realizing that the Annexation plan means that he and his village will get an Israeli ID card, he said that he’s “very happy” as is his entire village. In the Judean village of Husan, a man told Yehezkeli that everyone in his village wants to live under Israeli soverignty saying “of course I want, who wouldn’t want? Even Abu Mazen (Abbas) himself wants to.”
At one point, Yehezkeli interviewed a Palestinian policeman ‘M’, an apparent captain in the PA police force. When ‘M’ was asked if he would prefer to obtain Israeli citizenship, his response was “100%, Not just me, I have 60 men working under me.”
The policeman also revealed that Abbas today has far less influence than Arafat once did explaining that “back then, people didn’t know what’s going on. Today people understand the game” calling the Palestinian Authority “traitors and murderers.”
Giving an example ‘M’ recalled that “Abbas called on the us to go out and protest against the upcoming Annexation plan but everyone just ignored him.”
Regarding potential orders he may receive from the PA government to shoot up Jewish holy sites in a terrorist attack, the policeman explains that he will simply ignore the orders saying: “If they tell me for example to shoot Rachel’s tomb, I will tell them to first send the son of the head of the PA intelligence, Majid Faraj.”

From: DunggateJun-21 6:32 PM 
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New research based on thousands of documents from the German Foreign Ministry archives demonstrates that the West German government's fear of Palestinian terrorist attacks, romantic Orientalism, and entrenched anti-Semitism led it to wave a white flag.
The story of Germany's capitulation to Palestinian terrorism
New research based on thousands of documents from the German Foreign Ministry archives demonstrates that the West German government's fear of Palestinian terrorist attacks, romantic Orientalism, and entrenched anti-Semitism led it to wave a white flag.
 By  Eldad Beck  Published on  06-17-2020 08:55 Last modified: 06-17-2020 14:24
After calling PLO terrorists 'guerrillas,' AP deletes tweet
A member of the Palestinian terrorist group at the Munich Olympic Village | Photo: AP/Kurt Strumpf
On Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1970, an El Al flight took off from Israel, headed for London. The plane was carrying 52 passengers and 11 crew members. Passengers included actress Hannah Meron and actor Assi Dayan, the son of then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. Meron and Dayan were going to audition for "Fiddler on the Roof."
At 12:30 the plane stopped in Munich for a connection, and 34 passengers got off. After a short wait in the terminal, the rest of the passengers got on a bus that would take them back to the aircraft. All of a sudden three Arab terrorists boarded the bus, armed with grenades and guns. They tried to hijack the vehicle. Captain Uri Cohen took down one of them, and the grenade the terrorist was holding exploded and blew off his hand. The German bus driver ignored the shouts not to allow the terrorist to board the bus. He opened the doors, and some of the passengers managed to get off, but then one of the terrorists threw a grenade inside the bus. Arie Katzenstein, 32, threw himself on the grenade – saving everyone else, but losing his own life. A total of 11 passengers were wounded, including Meron, who lost her left leg.
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The three terrorists – two Jordanians and an Egyptian, all members of Dr. Issam Sartawi's Action Organization for the Liberation of Palestine – were captured by West Germany's security forces. They said they had planned to hijack the aircraft to Libya and demand that Israel release dozens of security prisoners in exchange for the hostages. The terrorists' trial was repeatedly postponed, supposedly for bureaucratic reasons, but really because Germany was in no rush to hold a trial that posed a security risk. All three were released in September 1970 as part of a deal between West Germany and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that followed the hijacking of three passenger aircraft. Their release paved the way for the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
A new study about the West German foreign ministry's attitude toward Israel from 1967-1979 exposes how West Germany buckled to Palestinian terrorism and the key role West German diplomacy played in the country adopting a kid-gloves policy toward the Palestinians.
Author of the study Dr. Remko Leemhuis, acting director of the Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations at the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, says that "the Palestinians learned very quickly that in Germany, like other countries, terrorism paid off, and when they extorted the West German government, it would give in."
"That conclusion clearly comes from conversations that representatives of the federal foreign ministry held with representatives of the Palestinians. Despite the Palestinians' friendly conduct, they made it clear that if the people they were talking to didn't do what the PLO wanted, the Palestinians couldn't promise that there wouldn't be more terrorist attacks on German soil. The German side was afraid of that.
Dr. Remko Leemhuis, acting director of the Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations at the American Jewish Committee in Berlin (Eldad Beck)
"What is horrifying to me is that the German Foreign Ministry never held any discussion about finding a firm response to the Palestinian extortion. No one said, 'We won't let terrorists or Palestinians extort us.' They threw up their hands and freed terrorists.
Leemhuis says Germany could have responded differently.
"I found a document from the American State Department that stated explicitly that the US could talk to the PLO, but for that to happen, it had to meet certain conditions, such as recognizing Israel's right to exist," he says.
When West Germany and Israel launched diplomatic relations in May 1965, most Arab countries severed ties with Bonn and approached East Germany, instead.
Leemhuis says that establishing relations with Israel was a "disaster" for West German foreign policy.
"Official talk about balanced relations with Israel and Arab states was a trick intended to hide the [German] foreign ministry's true position, which was biased in favor of the Arabs," he says.
"The Arabs controlled the most important resource for the world economy, oil, whereas the small Jewish state didn't have much to offer. What's more, Israel was a liberal democracy, and all the Arab states were dictatorships who were making daily threats to wipe it out. So even then, it wasn't really possible to treat the two sides equally."
...[Message truncated]


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‘I was inaccurate’, says Maxine Peake after linking George Floyd death to Israel
Actress says she was wrong but stops short of apology, day after sacking of Labour shadow minister Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing her claim
Actress Maxine Peake has responded to backlash over previous comments appearing to link George Floyd’s killing to claims U.S. police had learned tactics from Israeli forces.
The Silk star drew criticism with her suggestion that “tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.”
Taking to Twitter on Thursday evening, she said she condemned racism and antisemitism. “I feel it’s important for me to clarify that, when talking to The Independent, I was inaccurate in my assumption of American Police training & its sources,” she said.
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“I find racism & antisemitism abhorrent & I in no way wished, nor intended, to add fodder to any views of the contrary,” she added.
She had earlier appeared to draw a connection between Floyd’s death and Israel during a wide-ranging interview with The Independent, which upon being shared approvingly by Labour’s Rebecca Long Bailey led to the MP’s sacking from the front-bench yesterday amid condemnations from Jewish groups.
A correction was added to the interview, informing the reader the piece was amended to “further clarify that the allegation that US police were taught tactics of ‘neck kneeling’ by Israeli secret services is unfounded.”
Listen to the JN PODCAST with Maureen Lipman, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Ashley Blaker 
A spokesperson for Labour leader Keir Starmer said the interview had “contained an antisemitic conspiracy theory.”
Some MPs, however, defended Long Bailey, including the former shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, who tweeted: “Throughout discussion of antisemitism it’s always been said criticism of practices of Israeli state is not antisemitic.”
Long Bailey later said sharing the piece had not been intended as an “endorsement of all aspects of the article.”

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The secrets behind police protecting Jerusalem’s Old City
By Phil Schneider - June 24, 2020 5535 0
How do Israel’s police control violence in and around the Old City of Jerusalem? This is a very racially charged issue. The police are absolutely on the front-lines. There are radicalized Arabs who walk in narrow alleyways right next to the security forces. There is a constant state of tension – sometimes low-level, and sometimes, in a major way. Everybody is indeed a suspect. There have literally been thousands of attempted terror attacks in this area in the last few decades.
ILTV on patrol with Israel’s border police in Jerusalem
Outside of the walls is the key. Once the Old City has a terrorist inside of it’s alleyways, it can get very hairy to catch and apprehend a terrorist. So, modern technology is used to carefully observe all of the activity right outside the Old City walls. The officers have one goal – to save lives. They are not focused on the feelings of potential terrorists and on politically correct attitudes. They don’t focus on things like racially profiling. They just look for anything suspicious. This is the key to their success. Technology helps, tons of patience too. But the key is a clear goal to save lives.
As opposed to the progressive attitude that focuses on feelings and fairness of rioters, in Israel, the law and order norms that the police carry out are a given that are accepted as an absolute necessity. This is something that has been taken for granted in many countries. Without proper law and order, the social fabric of a society does indeed fall apart. Police work does require some understanding of delicate situations and does not always need to be handled by force. But as long as things like sanctuary cities and no-police zones are norms in certain areas, chaos will reign. Thank God, Israel is a country where everyone – including the Arabs – understands that chaos is the #1 enemy.

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Hamza’s going home! Two-year-old Palestinian has life-saving heart op in Israel
Hamza Ali Mohammed will return to his family in Ramallah after spending two months on a breathing machine after open-heart surgery, supported by charity Save A Child's Heart
A two-year-old Palestinian boy who had a life-saving operation in Israel is set to return home after weeks spent recovering without his parents.
Hamza Ali Mohammed, who was born with potentially fatal congenital heart disease, had open-heart surgery at a hospital in Holon in February, while his parents waited anxiously in Ramallah, unable to travel due to the coronavirus lockdown.
The youngster was only kept alive with the help of a breathing machine as a medical team from the charity Save a Child’s Heart fought to save his life, and this week was finally set to return home after more than two months in critical condition.
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While his mother and father had initially travelled to Israel with Hamza, they had returned to the Palestinian city for a short visit to see family and friends when strict lockdown conditions came into effect, rendering them unable to return to Holon.
Hamza Ali Mohammed with a doctor at the Israeli hospital
“We all became his family,” said Dr Ahmed Amer, a paediatrician at Wolfson Medical Centre, where Hamza was treated in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and in the Paediatric Cardiology Unit.
“The whole medical team became his parents. The nurses did shifts to hold him and play with him. We did not leave him alone for a minute. A child his age and in his condition needs to be hugged and loved in order to recover and get stronger. That’s exactly what we gave him”.
Senior physician Dr Racheli Sion Sarid said the operation was extremely complicated.
“We tried to extubate Hamza a few times after surgery, but he had a hard time breathing by himself. We had to connect him to an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine. It kept him alive for a few weeks.”
Only after another operation in one of his lungs was Hamza able to begin breathing by himself again, and his parents were able to “see” his recovery with Amer sending them photos and updates daily.
Hamza Ali Mohammed playing with one of the hospital staff
“The first few times he saw them on video he began crying and it took us a long time to calm him down”, said Amer. “But he got used to it and we even celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago together with his parents on video. We brought a cake and balloons, and he was very happy.”
The toddler is now walking, laughing and playing, and soon he will be ready to return home to his family in the West Bank, prompting an emotional goodbye from the medics. “His story is amazing in many aspects” says Sarid. “It is a story of people, of human beings, helping each other regardless of their origin and religion.”

From: DunggateJul-1 1:53 PM 
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Boris Johnson urges halt to annexation, says UK won’t recognise changes
‘As a life-long friend, admirer and supporter of Israel, I’m fearful proposals will fail in their objective of securing Israel’s borders’, the Prime Minister said in an op-ed
100 leading Jewish lawyers and judges call on Israel to halt annexation plans
Signatories include ex-Lord Chief Justice, Lord Harry Woolf, former Supreme Court Justices, Lord John Dyson and Lord Lawrence Collins, and Professor Philippe Sands QC
June 30, 2020, 8:10 am  7
Misconceptions of ‘annexation’ show a concerning level of ignorance
JUL 1, 2020, 2:43 PM
Please note that the posts on The Blogs are contributed by third parties. The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse,
Report this post.
Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference announcing the planned annexation, in September 2019 (Jewish News)
Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference announcing the planned annexation, in September 2019 (Jewish News)
The last few weeks have seen a herd mentality take hold and misrepresentations about Israel abound. There has been fevered discussion over Israel’s proposed application of civilian law to parts of Area C in the West Bank. The move is consistently misrepresented as “annexation” and a “violation” of international law. Both allegations are false. The misconceptions betray a concerning level of ignorance. Most importantly, they stand in the way of any informed debate about the pros and the cons of the move.
Britain’s Middle East minister tells UN: Annexation ‘cannot go unanswered’
James Cleverly said annexation 'has the potential to trigger regional instability, threatening Israel’s security, and could have a real impact on relations with the region'
June 29, 2020, 12:24 pm  3
James Cleverly
The British Government has hinted that it may support punitive action against Israel if Jerusalem goes ahead with its West Bank annexation plans, saying such a move “could not go unanswered”.
In a stark speech to the United Nations’ Security Council last week, Middle East Minister James Cleverly said annexation “risks signalling Israeli rejection of the very solution Israel and the international community agreed in 1947”.

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