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From: sparrow153Jul-11 7:10 AM 
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Dunggate said...

He was a miracle of answered prayer,


God sees far into the future, and blessed you with a loving child!


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From: DunggateJul-11 7:40 AM 
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sparrow153 said...

Dunggate said...

He was a miracle of answered prayer,


God sees far into the future, and blessed you with a loving child!



Blessed indeed.



From: DunggateJul-11 7:57 AM 
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Israel activist wins first stage of Corbyn libel case
High Court judge rules statements made by former Labour leader could be held to be defamatory of the pro-Israel activist Richard Millett, allowing a full libel trial to go ahead
July 10, 2020, 1:13 pm  8
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the 2013 meeting, where he made the English irony remarks. Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail
A High Court judge, Mr Justice Saini, has ruled that statements made by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the Andrew Marr programme in September 2018 could be held to be defamatory of the pro-Israel activist Richard Millett. The ruling means that the case can proceed to a full libel trial.
The case refers to comments made by Mr Corbyn when Andrew Marr asked him about previous remarks he had made about “Zionists” who, he believed, “do not understand English irony”.
At a preliminary hearing on June 23, Mr Justice Saini was asked to determine whether the meaning of Mr Corbyn’s remarks on the show justified a libel action.
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Andrew Marr had asked Mr Corbyn about a 2013 speech he had made at a meeting convened by the Palestinian Return Centre. There he had commented on an event in Parliament days earlier, where the guest speaker was the Palestinian ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian.
At the PRC event Mr Corbyn complained that some present at the meeting in Parliament were “thankfully silent Zionists” who had behaved in a “very, very abusive manner” towards Mr Hassassian.
He added that not only did they “not understand history”, but that “they did not understand English irony, either”, despite having lived in Britain for a long time.
In his nine-part judgement, delivered on Friday morning, the judge said: “I find that the words complained of referred to Mr Millett; that they bore a meaning defamatory of Mr Millett as identified above; and I find that the allegations were factual”. He said it was reasonable to conclude that Mr Corbyn’s comments referred to Mr Millett, even though he was not identified by name.
Richard Millet
But he refused permission to Mr Millett to amend his claim against Mr Corbyn, by submitting an additional five articles in which the “English irony” speech was discussed.
In his judgement, Mr Justice Saini said, the original five articles referring to Mr Corbyn’s speech, all of which had appeared just a month before the Andrew Marr broadcast, would allow “a reasonable reader when watching the programme to conclude that Mr Millett was one of the ‘two people’ accused by Mr Corbyn. I do not consider memories would have faded. Overall I conclude that Mr Millett’s case has been made out on the basis of the original articles before me”.
Richard Millett’s lawyer, Mark Lewis, said: “The judge rejected the argument that Jeremy Corbyn was not referring to Richard Millett when he defended his ‘irony statement’ on the Andrew Marr programme. The case can now proceed to trial.

From: DunggateJul-17 2:49 PM 
To: All  (4160 of 4205) 
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How Der Spiegel Covered the Terrorist Car-Ramming In Jerusalem
By Hugh Fitzgerald - on July 17, 2020
The German magazine Der Spiegel, which has a history of anti-Israel bias, in late June was at it again, publishing an article that appeared at first to blame the Israeli police for shooting an inoffensive Palestinian.
The story is here. The title of the Spiegel article read: “Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian at border crossing.”
The title first fixes the meaning in the reader’s mind. In this case, we have Israeli soldiers inexplicably shooting at an inoffensive Palestinian, who appears to have done nothing. Indeed, he was, we assume, likely stopped at the border crossing. That is not what happened. But the title insidiously has done damage to our apprehension of the story.
But then comes more detail in the first two sentences of the story:
A video showed the alleged Palestinian terrorist Ahmad Mustafa Erekat ramming his car into Israeli soldiers. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Erekat “drove his vehicle quickly towards the direction of a female border police officer who was injured lightly.”
An “alleged Palestinian terrorist”? Apparently aiming his speeding vehicle toward a group of police is not enough to make you a “terrorist.” For Der Spiegel, you are still only “alleged.”
Let’s try a rewrite. First, here’s a much better title: “Palestinian attempting to run down Israeli police is shot.” Isn’t that what happened? And doesn’t it leave a different impression in the reader’s mind than “Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian at border crossing”? Then comes the first sentence: “A video showed the Palestinian terrorist Ahmad Mustafa Erekat ramming his car into Israeli soldiers.” Use of the word “alleged” is flatly wrong, and the word has been removed. Erekat did drive his car at the Israeli police. It’s on video. There’s no denying it. Der Spiegel is here no different from a reporter who writes that “George Floyd died from an alleged neck-on-knee hold.” There is nothing “alleged” about that, or about what Erekat did. He committed an obvious act of vehicular terrorism, like so many Palestinian terrorists before him.
…When pressed by the Post if Spiegel plans to correct the headline, [Anja zum Hingst, a Spiegel spokeswoman] said “the first sentence of the lead says that the Palestinian quickly approached an official.” She added that “the report is based on official Israeli information. Of course we don’t see anything anti-Israel or antisemitic in this.”
So Erekat “quickly approached an official”? Oh, that’s okay then. But what about the speeding car he was driving?
The report is “based on official Israeli information,” so according to Anja zum Hingst, it can’t be anti-Israel or antisemitic. Of course it can. The report in Der Spiegel is quite different from the “official Israeli information” in what it conveys, beginning with that title – “Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian at border crossing” and that mention of an “alleged terrorist.”
A sample of other media outlets shows the role of the alleged Palestinian terrorist in the attack on Israeli soldiers. The AP titled its article “Palestinian Driver Killed In Alleged Attack On Israeli Guard,” and an Israeli media outlet used the headline “Driver tries to ram cops near Jerusalem, is shot and killed — police.”…
Though the AP title retains the word “alleged” — the attack was not “alleged” — it does supply the information, as do all the other headlines, about an attempted car-ramming: “Driver…attack on Israeli guard,” “Driver tries to ram cops,” “Palestinian driver who attempted car-ramming”
The Der Spiegel title (we only have that, and the first two sentences of the report) does suggest that for no reason at all Israeli police decided to open fire on an innocent Palestinian driver. “Kind of randomly killed.”
…In an article on the Mena-Watch website, the German journalist, Alex Feuerherdt, accused the Spiegel of “double standards” against the Jewish state. He wrote that “an editorially edited agency announcement appears on the Spiegel website with the headline: ‘Man is said to have stabbed police officers in Glasgow.”’
In reporting on that attack, in Scotland, Der Spiegel described the attack clearly in the headline. Had it taken place in Israel, one suspects the magazine would have written “Israeli police shoot man walking on road” leaving it for the reader to later on discover that the “man on road” had stabbed Israeli police officers.
…He [Feuerhdert] noted that necessity [required] providing context to the readers “about the terrorist means of the Palestinian car-ramming attacks,” adding “that shouldn’t be too much to ask.”
The report should have had this “accurate sequence of events” and information: 1. Palestinian drives car at top speed toward group of police officers, in car-ramming attack.
Driver hits a female police officer.
Driver is shot and killed by police.
...[Message truncated]


From: DunggateJul-18 2:15 PM 
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Dear Elaine,

Update on extension of sovereignty/annexation

The much talked about 1 July date for Israel to extend sovereignty to/annex parts of the West Bank has now come and gone, and there is a sense that perhaps other events in Israel such as the second wave of Coronavirus, combined with pressure not to proceed from within the Israeli security and diplomatic establishment may mean that the controversial move does not go ahead.
We know that our network includes supporters of Israel with strong views on both sides of the debate about the Israeli proposals so we don’t take a collective position.
Here is some useful background information to help you understand the debate.
Our new podcast features BICOM CEO Richard Pater updating on the debate, me explaining why WBII opposes targeted sanctions as a response, and Natasha Hausdorff of UK Lawyers for Israel making the case that the move would not be illegal: https://soundcloud.com/user-202364896/episode-13-annexation
Here are two contrasting viewpoints from senior Israeli security figures:
Fathom and BICOM’s webinar with Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Amos Gilead, who vigorously opposes the proposals:
Brig.-Gen.Yossi Kuperwasser’s Open Letter to Boris Johnson “The unilateral application of Israeli sovereignty is necessary to move the peace process forward”:
A general overview of the issues is in this BICOM briefing: https://www.bicom.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Annexation-Briefing-June-2020-FINAL.pdf
And Calev Ben-Dor offers a comprehensive review of the Israeli debate and likely international reactions: https://fathomjournal.org/israels-dangerous-annexation-policy-why-now-and-what-next/?highlight=annexation
Whatever your views on whether Israel is right to consider doing this, we hope you will agree that sanctions are the wrong response, and sign our petition against them if you are not one of the nearly 5,000 people who have already signed it:

Best wishes,

Luke Akehurst,
Director, We Believe in Israel


From: DunggateJul-22 4:43 PM 
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‘Labour publicly apologises for the distress and embarrassment it has caused’
Party issues momentous High Court apology to ex-staffers after they sued over the fallout from a BBC Panorama investigation into the handling of antisemitism claims.
Panorama journalist John Ware planning to sue Jeremy Corbyn
Corbyn: Labour whistleblowers’ payout a ‘political decision, not a legal one’

From: DunggateJul-27 2:41 PM 
To: All  (4163 of 4205) 
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Twitter faces 48-hour boycott over ‘failure to tackle antisemitism’
Anti-racism campaigners and public figures have joined calls for a mass walkout from the social media platform from Monday.
Twitter faces 48-hour boycott over ‘failure to tackle antisemitism’
Anti-racism campaigners and public figures have joined calls for a mass walkout from the social media platform from Monday.
July 25, 2020, 6:30 pm  4
Anti-racism campaigners and public figures have joined calls for a mass walkout from Twitter in protest at the site’s failure to sufficiently tackle antisemitism.
Users of the platform are being urged not to post on the platform for 48 hours from Monday at 9am. The action comes after Twitter failed to remove the account of British grime artist Wiley following a string of hate-filled posts to his half-a-million followers between Friday and Saturday morning.
Grime artist Wiley has been dropped by his management company over accusations of anti-Semitism.( Photo credit : Matt Crossick/PA Wire)
“Wiley’s is just one of a recent number of high profile and influential Twitter accounts that has incited racial hatred against Jews, receiving an insufficient response from the platform provider,” said organisers of the campaign that includes actress Tracy-Ann Oberman. “This incident reflects the need for clear legislation, such as the Online Harm Reduction Bill.”
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Activist Saul Freeman, who tweets under @nuddering, approached Oberman with the idea of a mass walkout after she tweeted on Friday night that she might stop using the platform.
Twitter faced sustained criticism from the Jewish community and high-profile figures beyond including Piers Morgan after only removing a few of Wiley’s tweets and slapping him with a week-long ban, rather than taking down his account.
Among dozens who have already pledged to join the walkout before it was even publicly announced are anti-racism campaigner Sir Trevor Phillips, singer Beverley Knight, comedian Shappi Khorsandi, former MP Luciana Berger, broadcaster Maajid Nawaz and writers Nick Cohen and Sathnam Sanghera. The call for action also has the backing of the CST, Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council.
A spokesperson for the campaign said: “The action we are announcing today is to show that the Jewish community and its allies have had enough of platforms like Twitter acting as loudspeakers for antisemitism, amplifying the hatred of Jews to millions of other social media users.
“As soon as Wiley began posting his antisemitic tweets on Friday Twitter was flooded with requests to have his account taken down. In response Twitter deleted a couple of his tweets and gave the grime star a brief suspension. It was a completely inadequate response. Unless there is an immediate change in how Twitter operates then there will be further action, including legal action, against the organisation.”
Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “Recent weeks have seen people around the world come together to express their revulsion at racism. People will be disgusted at Wiley’s torrent of appalling racist messages, the length of time it took Twitter to deal with them and its pathetic response. This is a well-known musician with thousands of followers, many of them young and impressionable. Social media companies should live up to the values their users expect.”
Supporters are being urged to tweet at #nosafespaceforjewhate in the lead up the the walkout.

From: DunggateAug-4 3:00 PM 
To: All  (4164 of 4205) 
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Israeli Flag Flown On Temple Mount For First Since 1967
Aug 03, 2020 10:54 am
Israeli Flag Flown On Temple Mount For First Since 1967
(PNW) – A major step towards fixing the broken heart of the Jewish people on the Temple Mount was made on Tish B’Av, the day commemorating the destruction of the Temples: the Israeli flag was displayed for the first time since Israel conquered its holiest site in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Despite coronavirus restrictions and threats of Muslim violence, almost 1,000 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av.
Continue reading Israeli Flag Flown On Temple Mount For First Since 1967 at End Time Headlines.
  • Edited August 4, 2020 3:10 pm  by  Dunggate

From: DunggateAug-4 3:50 PM 
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Beirut blast: Explosion rocks city with many injured
4 minutes ago
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Media captionBeirut blast leaves extensive damage
A large blast has hit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, causing widespread damage and injuring many people, officials say.
It is not yet clear what caused the explosion in the port area of the city. Video posted online showed a large mushroom cloud and destroyed buildings.
Hospitals are said to be overwhelmed by casualties.
It comes at a sensitive time with the country's economic collapse reigniting old tensions.
Tensions are also high ahead of the verdict in a trial over the killing of ex-PM Rafik Hariri in 2005. A UN tribunal is due to issue its verdict in the trial of four suspects in the murder by car bomb of Hariri on Friday.
Follow our live updates
Lebanon's health minister, Hamad Hasan, has spoken of many injuries and extensive damage.
Reuters news agency quotes sources as saying 10 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage.
The cause of the explosion is still not known, but some reports suggest it may have been an accident. Lebanon's National News Agency reported a fire breaking out at what it called an explosives depot at the port.
Image copyrightREUTERS
Local media showed people trapped beneath rubble. A witness described the first explosion as deafening. Video footage showed wrecked cars and blast-damaged buildings.
The latest reports come amid political tension in Lebanon, with street demonstrations against the government's handling the worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war.
There has also been tension on the border with Israel, which said last week that it had thwarted an attempt by Hezbollah to infiltrate Israeli territory.
Lebanon: Why the country is in crisis
'Glass going down from all over the building'
Hadi Nasrallah, eyewitness speaking to the BBC
I saw the fire, but I didn't yet know there was going to be an explosion. We went inside. Suddenly I lost my hearing because apparently I was too close. I lost my hearing for a few seconds, I knew something was wrong.
And then suddenly the glass just shattered all over the car, the cars around us, the shops, the stores, the buildings. Just glass going down from all over the building.
Literally all over Beirut, people were calling each other from different areas kilometres away and they were experiencing the same thing: broken glass, buildings shaking, a loud explosion.
Actually we were shocked because usually when it happens, just one area will experience those happenings after an explosion, but this time it was all of Beirut, even areas outside of Beirut.
Shock and anxiety
By Sebastian Usher, BBC Arab affairs analyst
The videos and images not just of the massive cloud of smoke erupting in Beirut but the damage and devastation it's caused kilometres away have triggered a new wave of shock and anxiety in Lebanon, which is already teetering on the brink of a catastrophic economic collapse.
Just hours before the blast, anti-government protesters had been scuffling with the security forces outside the ministry of energy, demanding yet again accountability from the country's leaders.
There have been grave warnings of hunger in the streets or a reigniting of sectarian conflict if the economy worsens.
And the blast will remind many of the bomb that killed Rafik Hariri. The Lebanese will be hoping that this latest blast will remain a human tragedy - an accident - and not a premeditated

From: DunggateAug-7 5:50 PM 
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DF officers simulate war with Hezbollah
 Thursday, August 6, 2020 |Worthy News
israel map worthy christian news
(Worthy News) - Officers from the 401st Armored Brigade as well as from the Givati and Nahal infantry brigades were training when The Jerusalem Post visited IDF Training Command Headquarters at the Julis base near Ashkelon this week to watch as they virtually trained for a future war with Hezbollah.
“It’s like a videogame, but these are real places where troops and officers might go,” said Col. Eliav Elbaz, commander of the brigade’s training base.
Officers experience fighting in simulated urban terrain similar to that of Lebanon, complete with the street they might find themselves walking down and the mosque they might pass when in a village in southern Lebanon, he said. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]
IDF fighter jets attack Hamas targets after explosive balloon attacks
 Thursday, August 6, 2020 | Tag Cloud Tags: Gaza Strip, Hamas, IDF, infrastructure, Israel, Jerusalem, News, PLO, Worthy News
gaza strip worthy israel news
(Worthy News) - IDF fighter jets attacked a Hamas underground infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip late Thursday, the IDF Spokesperson confirmed.
The attack was in response to several explosive balloon attacks from Gaza to Israeli territory during the day.
Earlier on Thursday, after nearly six months without incendiary balloons, five fires broke out in the Gaza border communities. At least three of them were caused by incendiary balloons. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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