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Dunggate said...

“God, we ask that you continue to bless those who work earnestly for peace—in the middle east and the world over.”


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From: DunggateOct-6 2:36 PM 
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Jenrick gets police protection after threat to ‘burn down’ house over memorial
Cabinet member faced 'death threats' over his backing for the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens
October 6, 2020, 12:49 pm  1
Proposed design of Westminster Holocaust Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens
Online trolls have threatened to “burn down” government minister Robert Jenrick’s home over his support for a National Holocaust Memorial in Westminster.
Following a high court ruling on Monday that the Communities Secretary acted properly in his department’s handling of the plans for the new central London memorial, Mr Jenrick told The Telegraph that he was living under police protection after threats to “burn his house down”, while he told The Jewish Chronicle that his family have been facing “death threats”.
A legal challenge brought against the government by the London Historic Parks and Gardens Trust argued there was a conflict of interest in the decision-making process for the location of the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.
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Mr Jenrick himself was accused of having a “stark conflict of interest” over plans for the memorial outside the Houses of Parliament in Victoria Tower Gardens, in a High Court hearing last month.
On Monday, the High Court confirmed that the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government acted properly in its handling of the planning application. Mr Jenrick said “baseless and disgraceful” allegations had been made over his actions.
Following the High Court ruling, Mr Jenrick, who is married to the daughter of Holocaust survivors and whose children have been brought up Jewish, said in a statement on Twitter: “The allegations made against MHCLG, myself and the project team by those who seek to stop the memorial were baseless and disgraceful. That I was subject to antisemitic smears for supporting it only confirms its paramount importance.
“There will now be an independent planning inquiry at which the arguments for and against will be heard. As the applicant for the project, I will continue to make the case strongly. This critical project is a national symbol of our determination to #neverforget.”
An inquiry into the planning application opened today after the application was “called in” last November, by the then housing minister, Esther McVey. Following the inquiry, the final decision over the application will be taken by her successor, Christopher Pincher.
The Holocaust Memorial’s location has been controversial since its proposal by David Cameron five years ago. It has been backed by Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer, along with the former prime ministers Theresa May, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major, more than 170 MPs and peers, and many faith leaders.
Opposition has come from some senior Jewish figures, including Baroness Deech, who have challenged the location of the memorial, and the Royal Parks, which said it would have a “significant harmful impact” on the area.
News Robert Jenrick Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre

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US charges ISIS members linked to murder of Jewish journalist in Syria
Sotloff was a Jewish journalist who went to Syria to cover the war.
By SETH J. FRANTZMAN   OCTOBER 8, 2020 17:16Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger
SYRIANS EXCAVATE a mass grave in Syria in the wake of the ISIS war (photo credit: REUTERS)
The US has flown two ISIS members to the US to face charges for terrorism and the taking of hostages related to the killing of four Americans. The ISIS members had been held in Iraq under the Law of Armed Conflict and are appearing in federal court in the eastern district of Virginia, according to US officials. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said it was a solemn day to remember four Americans murdered by ISIS: James Wright Foley, Steven Joel Sotloff, Peter Edward Kassig and Kayla Jean Mueller.
Sotloff was a Jewish journalist who went to Syria to cover the war. Demers noted that Sotloff was a grandson of Holocaust survivors and that he sought to give a voice to those who were vulnerable and victims. Demers said that the US was moved to act because of the families of the fallen and said the US would never rest until justice was done. He vowed to obtain justice for the families and all Americans.
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Demers called Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh – the two men brought to the US – terrorists and said they had underestimated American resolve. They will face justice for the “depraved” acts of ISIS. Demers said other members of the ISIS group had faced American arms on the battlefield. “If you survive that you will face American justice in the American courtroom and prospect of many years in prison.” He vowed the US would never forget or quit and pursue ISIS murderers to the ends of the earth.
According to CNN, the two men were charged with conspiracy to commit taking a hostage resulting in death, four counts of hostage-taking resulting in death, one count of conspiracy to murder US citizens, and counts of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Even if they are convicted on some of the charges they could face a very long time in prison.
Sotloff came to Israel in 2005 and studied at The Raphael Recanati International School, Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. He also wrote for The Jerusalem Report. He was kidnapped while reporting in Syria in 2013 and murdered by ISIS in 2014. A memorial service was held for him at Pinecrest Florida’s Temple Beth Am synagogue in September 2014. In August 2015, his parents shared a letter with media that had been smuggled out of Syria. “Everyone has two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one. Hug each other every day. Don’t fight over stupid things,” Sotloff wrote. Sotloff’s Jewish identity, and the fact he had Israeli citizenship, was hidden during his time as a hostage. Shirley and Arthur Sotloff, his parents, have continued to campaign and speak out about the life of their son.
Federal officials held the press conference on Wednesday and said the ISIS members had been handed to the FBI. Demers thanked the agents and analysts who are the “bedrock” of the department. He thanked prosecutors and others who have worked on the case.
The attorney general also asked to convey the support of the UK which enabled this prosecution to move forward. The UK has opposed the death penalty and it appears the death penalty for the accused is off the table. The US prosecutors say they humbly accept the responsibility for confronting ISIS.
Latest articles from Jpost
Washington is determined to prosecute Americans who went to support ISIS. Many countries have not taken back their citizens that were captured in eastern Syria. However, the US says it has sought to take responsibility. “If you have American blood in your veins or American blood on your hands you will face justice,” Demers said.
The US says that this is just one step on the way to getting justice. The US says fighting terrorism is a top priority and that the US has resolve to go after those who support ISIS. The unique operation to bring the ISIS members to the US was long and complex. They were captured in 2018 and held by the Syrian Democratic Forces. They were held in detention and often gave interviews where they seemed to hold court in civilian clothes, sometimes treated with respect by the journalists who interviewed them. They were treated as curiosities and an almost fetish over meeting ISIS members face-to-face. Later in October 2019 – when the US began to withdraw from part of eastern Syria – the men were apparently transported to Iraq. It took another year to bring them back to the US.
The US says that it coordinates support to family members of hostages and supported families after incidents occur. Also the US says that it won’t rest until all US captives are returned, according to the FBI statements during the press conference.

From: DunggateOct-10 3:50 PM 
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‘You got a damehood!’ Maureen Lipman to be honoured by the Queen
The 74-year-old Jewish actress will be recognised for services to charity and the arts during a 50-year career.
October 8, 2020, 9:44 am  1
Maureen Lipman (Credit: Jay Brooks)
Actress Maureen Lipman will reportedly be made a dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. The 74-year-old Jewish actress will be recognised for services to charity and the arts following her 50-year career in TV and film, according to The Times.
Lipman, who was made a CBE in 1999, made one of her early big screen appearances in 1968 film Up The Junction, starring alongside Dennis Waterman and Suzy Kendall.
She played the title character’s mother in Roman Polanski’s Oscar-winning 2002 drama The Pianist. Lipman is currently starring in Coronation Street as Evelyn Plummer.
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Before last year’s general election Lipman, who is Jewish, revived her role from a well-known 1980s BT advert (in which she congratulated her grandson for getting an “ology” to criticise Jeremy Corbyn.

From: DunggateOct-10 3:53 PM 
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Bibi’s perfect response to the rowdy Arab MKs
By Phil Schneider - May 21, 2020 10010 0
The only place in the Middle East where an Arab can freely be elected to Parliament and speak their mind is Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu knows this as do the Arab Members of the Knesset. This is a perfect snapshot of what goes on in the Israeli Knesset. It is also a good snapshot of why so many Israelis love Benjamin Netanyahu. He knows how to stand up to Israel’s enemies, and he does it so well. This is not new – he has been doing this for many decades.
rime Minister Netanyahu began his political career debating against anti-Israel attitudes in the United States. He graduated from MIT following two wars against the Arabs that he participated in. He was a member of Israel’s most elite commando force, and fought against terrorists in various situations. His life has been one long litany of standing up against Israel’s enemies. But he discovered the power of his speech early on and has never stopped using it since.
Israelis have flocked to support Netanyahu in multiple elections over the last 13 years. He has served as Israel’s Prime Minister longer than any other Prime Minister – even David Ben-Gurion. Not only does he never tire. He seems to get stronger and stronger by the day.

From: DunggateOct-15 6:42 PM 
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Christian Americans are being targeted by the next Vice President
By Leah Rosenberg - October 15, 2020 53 0
If Joe Biden wins, Kamala Harris will be the Vice President. If she is VP, religious people are going to struggle because of her and others like her.
Josh Hawley EXPLODES on Democrats and the Media for Attacking ACB for Her Faith
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A Vice President’s View on Religion
The potential vice president, Kamala Harris, wants to basically abolish religion from the system. She is not the only one. Other Democrats plan to do the same. They want to completely remove religion and G-d from the core of America. They want to remove the founding principles. This is not a joke. This is not an exaggeration. Just listen to the way they speak and what they do. Many people might not even be aware of the type of President and VP they plan to vote for.
What about the Constitution?
Does the Constitution not mean anything anymore? What about religious freedom? Don’t Americans condemn those countries that persecute those who are religious or of a different religion?
Well, that is exactly what is happening in America. The Democrats are trying to take away religious freedom. They do not believe that you can be a proud and good American and also be religious. This video explains that. Senator Josh Hawley made his point very clearly. He called out the Democrats for what they are doing.
The fact that the potential vice president is against religion is frightening. If she gets into office with Joe Biden, who knows what will happen to those who are religious.
Think Before Voting
You may not like President Trump, but he values religion. He supports it. He defends it. Trump has done good things for America and for the world. He defends the constitution and the values on which America was founded.
You may not agree with every single one of Trump’s policies, but Biden and Harris will bring America down. They will bring religion down. Their plans for America should make Americans shake with fear, but instead, so many have been brainwashed to not vote for Trump without knowing anything about the other side that they would vote for.
Please, think before voting.

From: DunggateOct-16 10:48 AM 
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Alan Dershowitz silenced an anti-Israel student by combating her lies with the truth
This has got to be one of the most epic videos ever. There is really no way to answer back to Dershowitz after this. He is intelligent, accurate, and the student had no idea what to say after he spoke.
The progressive views are often as close-minded and anti-liberal as could be.  No truly liberal person would solely focus on Israel’s treatment of Arabs while ignoring the human rights of all Arab countries.  No truly liberal person would point an accusatory finger at Israel before checking the facts.  Today, that has become the norm.  Prof. Dershowitz properly puts this complainer in her place as it is obvious that this person cares little about the facts or truth.   It is just a predictable progressive attack on Israel.
Once upon a time, liberals were the conscience of our nation. They brought good into the world by reminding us that “All men are created equal” actually means that. Today, the main agenda that the left has been advancing is one of “All men and women and transgenders and whatever they feel like calling themselves should all be the same no matter what.” We’ve lost our way. Prof. Dershowitz, an old-time liberal is the perfect person to call out the radical left.

From: DunggateOct-18 1:43 PM 
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Rare footage of the Secret Archaeology on the Temple Mount
By Phil Schneider - October 18, 2020 4730 0
Two Christian tourists toured Israel in the Summer of 2020 and produced an absolutely amazing short film on the Temple Mount. Some Christian beliefs are included in the film, but this is not a film about religion as much as it is about the amazing history of this fascinating location that is at the nexus of so much that happens in the Land of Israel.
Untold Archaeology of the Temple Mount — Rare Footage
Sergio & Rhoda in Israel
246K subscribers
Archaeology at the Temple Mount is strictly forbidden. However, over the past hundred years, the Temple Mount went through many renovations, during which archaeologists were able to document incredible findings. These findings and much more we reveal in this video.
We will enter the Temple Mount through the Moors Gate, walk to the Dome of the Rock and examine where the Ark of the Covenant could have stood, see the Golden Gate, and then peak into the archives of the Al-Aqsa mosque to find out what lies underneath it.
So join us for this adventure as we explore the Temple Mount.
Donate Today And Promote This Video To Thousands
The Temple Mount is the Holiest Site of the Jewish people – for at least 3,000 years. Beforehand, it was also the site where Abraham purportedly went up to sacrific his own son, Isaac, but was prevented at the very last moment by an Angel of God. It is the location that King David, around 1,000 years later, would purchase in order to build the 1st Temple. But God told him that his son, Solomon, would build the Temple. Indeed, King Solomon built the Temple there and it stood for more than 400 years until the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it.
The 2nd Temple stood there for 400+ years, in the very same place. It was rebuilt in several stages. First, Ezra and Nehemiah built it there. Later on, it was enhance by King Herod. But the Roman Empire, around 2,000 years ago, destroyed the Temple, killed hundreds of thousands of Jews, and dispersed the Jewish people. Some stayed in the Land of Israel, but the center of the Jewish people shifted out of Israel.
For nearly 2,000 years, the Jewish people dreamed and prayed about the Temple. It was recalled at all wedding ceremonies, daily prayers, Passover Seders and all meals with bread. The Temple was always the heart of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was always the heart of the Jewish people’s yearning throughout the exiles. Today, the entire history is unfolding via these fascinating archaeological finds.

From: DunggateOct-22 9:45 AM 
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'Free Al-Aqsa from the Palestinian brats'
 Tags: Temple Mount Al Aksa
Arutz Sheva Staff , 19/10/20 23:14
Abdul Rahman al-Lahim, a Saudi lawyer with a quarter of a million Twitter followers, called "to free the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Palestinian brats" in a post on his Twitter account Monday.
He wrote the remarks after Palestinian Arabs cursed visitors to the Temple Mount from Arab states which recently signed normalization agreements with Israel.
Al-Lahim tweeted in Arabic his criticism of the Palestinian Arabs, whom he called "raging brats," and his words were translated by Moran Tal.
"It is very important that the emirates, Bahrain and Israel seek after the peace agreements to find a tool to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Palestinian brats, in a way that will ensure that visitors to Al-Aqsa are protected from Palestinian bullying," he wrote.
He did not mince words, calling the PA control of the Temple Mount "the rape of Al Aqsa."
Saudi lawyer calls for PA control on Temple Mount to be removed after Emirati, Bahraini visitors cursed while visiting Al Aqsa

From: DunggateOct-22 9:48 AM 
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  Fred and Donald Trump's Jewish connection
In the 1950s, Fred Trump, the president's late father, donated the plot of land where the Beach Haven Jewish Center was built in Brooklyn and contributed towards its construction. He affectionately referred to Rabbi Israel Wagner, who approached the elder Trump for help, as "My Rabbi."
 By  Ariel Kahana  Published on  10-16-2020 12:30 Last modified: 10-16-2020 09:52
Fred and Donald Trump's Jewish connection
Donald Trump, left, with his father, Fred, in 1987 | File photo: Getty Image
Over the past few days, a story has spread in Jewish American circles about the roots of the Trump family's ties to New York city's religious Jews. According to the story, Rabbi Israel Wagner, a Holocaust survivor, began organizing prayer minyans (quora) in the underground parking garage in the apartment building he lived in Brooklyn, which was built in 1950 and mostly housed fellow survivors. As the years passed, these minyans expanded "exponentially."
"Having only heard about their landlord, Mr. Fred Trump, by name, Rabbi Wagner set out to meet him in the hopes that Mr. Trump would assist them in establishing a new facility as a Jewish community center," said the message being disseminated on Jewish WhatsApp groups in the US, parts of which were originally posted on the Beach Haven Jewish Center's website.
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"From the first meeting, a deep friendship sparked between Mr. Trump, a Lutheran land developer, and Rabbi Wagner, a Polish Jew. Their mutual love, respect, and friendship only deepened over the next 48 years. Mr. Fred Trump donated the plot of land where the synagogue was built and contributed towards the construction. He then attended the dinner every year and generously donated to the Beach Haven Jewish Center. He affectionately referred to Rabbi Wagner as 'My Rabbi' at their yearly meetings," the website said.
The message goes on: "The apartment owner continued giving financial assistance to the synagogue over the years. He was a Christian person who instilled his respect for Jews in his 14-year-old son, a wild and adventurous boy. Today, the rabbi's son clearly remembers seeing the boy at the laundromat, while he and his friends were praying the shacharit (morning prayer). The building owner taught his son the importance of responsibility. His name was Fred Trump and the boy's name was Donald Trump. As we all know, the son learned from his father how to be a faithful supporter of Israel and a generous friend of the Jews."
Attached to the fascinating story is a photograph from 1956, which shows the president's father at the synagogue's cornerstone-laying ceremony.
A confidant of President Trump confirmed the story to Israel Hayom. Although Trump is broadly accused by leftist circles in the US of being anti-Semitic, it appears that even in his childhood he was raised with an affinity toward the Jews. As a reminder, many years later, Trump's daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism in accordance with Jewish law. The president himself has boasted on multiple occasions about "my Jewish grandchildren."
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