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Arab-Israeli video blogger exposes Al Jazeera
Nas Daily has been targeted by Al Jazeera. And this "force for good" is not about to let them get away with it. He has exposed this fake news outlet for what they are!
Al Jazeera is not a source to get real news from. They are destroying journalism by being untruthful. And an Israeli-Arab video blogger has exposed them.

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Be Careful of Aljazeera
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The Truth about Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera is a horrendous network that brainwashes the minds of millions worldwide. They have no interest in sharing the truth. All they want to do is spread lies about Jews, Israel, and the West. If there is something good, they will make you think it’s bad. If there is something true, they will make you think it’s false.

And now they have targeted an Israeli-Arab video blogger named Nuseir Yassin who has a platform known as Nas Daily. The goal of Nas Daily is just to spread love and peace to people all over the world. Nas is people in Arabic. Yassin has no interest in being political or spreading hate. He just cares about people. As his website says, “We are a force for good.”

And somehow, Al Jazeera decided he was a proper target. They spread lies about him.

It is important to be clear that it is not just the Arab world that is getting the fake news. Although Yassin mentions in the video that Al Jazeera only targets the Arab world when spreading lies, the English network promotes fake news as well. They do it in a way that lines up with Western values so that Westerners will accept their dishonest reporting.

The Effects of the Media
It is so frightening how the media can brainwash people. And when it is a platform like Al Jazeera which is being funded by a terror government like Qatar who gives a lot of money, they can reach the minds of anyone anywhere.

Can you imagine how many lies are being spread and have been spread throughout the internet and other media outlets?

We need to spread the truth. Tell the world what Al Jazeera won’t.

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From: DunggateOct-28 3:01 PM 
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Leeds Uni investigates event with terrorist advocating ‘armed struggle’
Leila Khaled, who took part in the hijacking of two flights, spoke to students at a virtual event which went ahead 'without permission' from university authorities
October 28, 2020, 4:51 pm  
Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled
Leeds University has launched an investigation after a Palestinian terrorist  addressed students, advocating for “armed struggle” as a means of resistance.
Leila Khaled, who hijacked two international flights for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), spoke to students at a virtual event on Friday.
During the Zoom event, as part of the Apartheid Off Campus campaign, promoted by the University of Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group, Khaled told students that Palestinians are “not afraid of struggle”.
She added: “We have used all means of struggle and we are still determined to continue using all means of struggle including armed struggle.”
Following Khaled’s address, Adam Saeed, the student chair of the meeting, told attendees: “I think we can all be inspired by this”.
He said: “Everything that she said about international law is true, it doesn’t mean that anyone in this meeting endorses or encourages anyone to take arms, what it means is that under international law people are entitled to resist occupation in any means they see fit.”
The event had originally been denied permission by Leeds university itself, who said organisers had not followed protocol or provided sufficient notice, especially about Leila Khaled’s appearance. But Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group said they believed “Leila Khaled deserves a platform”.
A joint University of Leeds and Leeds University Union (LUU) statement said: “We were disappointed that the event organisers chose to proceed without our permission. We are investigating this matter further.”
Khaled’s first airline hijacking was in 1969, when a flight from Rome to Tel Aviv was forced to divert to Damascus. She had extensive plastic surgery to prevent anyone from recognising her when she carried out her second hijack the following year, on an El Al flight from Amsterdam to New York City.
The plane landed at Heathrow where she was arrested and held for 28 days, before being released by then prime minister, Edward Heath, in exchange for western hostages held by the PFLP.
Leeds Jewish Society and the Union of Jewish Students said they are “extremely disturbed and shocked” that the event took place.
“This event went ahead despite it being shut down by Zoom, on the basis that they would have been providing a platform for a terrorist,” they said.
Calling on the university and the students’ union to take action, they added: “This event also included academics and students at the University, all being complicit in sharing this platform. It is imperative that Jewish students are able to access academic spaces, both virtual and physical, free of hate and prejudice.”
Professor James Dickins, from the university’s Arabic department, who has previously signed a letter claiming the IHRA definition of antisemitism conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism, attended the event and gave a speech to students following Khaled’s address.
Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman has condemned the event, saying: “That a student event took place at Leeds with Leila Khaled is simply unacceptable. Jewish students and academics should have access to academic spaces free of hate, without platforms being shared with someone who advocates for ‘armed struggle’. It is right that the University is investigating this matter further.”

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Sadiq Khan: Congestion Charge expansion would ‘split London’s Jewish community’
Mayor of London intervenes over plan to extend the charge to the North Circular which would impose a £15 charge on travel between Hendon and Golders Green
October 28, 2020, 9:48 am  
Sadiq Khan has warned the proposed expansion of the Congestion Charge would “split North London’s Jewish community in Hendon and Golders Green”.
The Mayor of London’s concerns come amid government proposals to extend a £15 charge to North and South Circular roads, in a bid to secure more funding for Transport for London (TFL).
The plans have led fears that synagogues such as Alyth in Golders Green could face a reduction in attendance.
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North-west London Jewish communities also straddle the North Circular, separating Hendon to the north from Golders Green to the south. Extending the zone would impose a £15 payment on travelling between them.
Khan said it “would in essence split North London’s Jewish community in Hendon and Golders Green”, and would “have a devastating effect on London’s diverse communities, who are already suffering disproportionately as a result of coronavirus.”
“It is simply wrong to hit four million more people with additional costs at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet, and I have made clear to ministers that I will not agree to these draconian terms.”
“TfL’s financial issues are solely as a result of the pandemic. The Government must not punish Londoners for doing the right thing to tackle Covid-19, and should instead come back to the table with a revised plan which is right not only for our city but our country too.”

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The one thing Democrats and Republicans both agree on
By Leah Rosenberg - November 1, 2020 2899 0
Democrats and Republicans do not agree on a lot of things. But when it comes to Israel, they care. And here is why Israel matters.
Why Do Presidential Candidates Care So Much About Israel?
Donate Today And Promote This Video To Thousands
Israel, Democrats and Republicans
Israel is not just a tiny insignificant country in the Middle East. And Israel does not just have religious and historical importance, but its importance manifests itself in other ways too. It is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is the strongest ally of the Western world in that region. And Democrats and Republicans both value the Jewish state.
Although there are those on both sides who may not be as strong in their support, Israel is generally a bipartisan topic.
There is just something about Israel. After all, it IS G-d’s chosen land.
Israel Represents Strength
The thing about Israel is that its very existence is miraculous. It represents hope when everything feels hopeless. It represents courage when all feels lost. Israel is a pillar of strength. It is a story of undying faithfulness; of unwavering commitment.
Supporting Israel just makes sense. And if America is a strong democracy, it is only rational that they would support Israel which is a strong democracy.
Israel and America share the same values. They share the same yearning for a world without war.
Israel Quotes by US Presidents
Here are some things that past US presidents have said about Israel and the Jewish people, all the way back to John Adams.
(Courtesy of Jewish Virtual Library):
John Adams: “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation.”
Harry Truman: “I had faith in Israel before it was established, I have faith in it now.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower: “The people of Israel, like those of the United States, are imbued with a religious faith and a sense of moral values.”
John F. Kennedy: “Let us make it clear that we will never turn our backs on our steadfast friends in Israel, whose adherence to the democratic way must be admired by all friends of freedom.”
There are many, many more quotes. But the takeaway message? Israel and the US have a strong, unbreakable bond.

From: DunggateNov-4 9:15 AM 
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 The BDS movement is full of antisemitism. Ilhan Omar is full of antisemitism.
And former NYT editor Bari Weiss just proved it. Bari Weiss’s argument against Ilhan Omar and BDS silenced this CNN reporter
Former NYT editor Bari Weiss had the perfect response to every question from the CNN reporter. Everything she said was based on truth and facts. She stood up for Israel, called out antisemitism and the antisemitism of many on the Left, and did so with poise. BDS is Antisemitic – and so is Omar
The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement wants to claim they are not antisemitic, despite their obsession with bringing down the Jewish state and despite the fact that its cofounder Omar Barghouti is a virulent antisemite.
Ilhan Omar wants to claim she is not an antisemite, despite her constant criticism and antisemitic remarks about the Jewish state.
But Bari Weiss will have none of it. And what is so amazing is that every time the CNN reporter tried to play devil’s advocate, Weiss had a factual, flawless response. Her responses were based on truth and facts.
Israel is a Democracy
All the claims about Israel mistreating “Palestinians” are false. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. “Palestinians” are only mistreated by their own leadership.
Israeli Arabs have the same rights as Jews. They can be doctors and lawyers. They can vote. They are part of the Israeli government.
Israel is a world leader in technology and is constantly looking to find cures for illness and improve the world.
But those like Ilhan Omar and movements like the BDS movement do not care about the truth. They have an obsession with Israel because they want to destroy it.
Barghouti has said that “Palestinians” will not accept a Jewish state. Why don’t people realize that none of this is about standing up for the rights of “Palestinians” or Arabs? The focus on the Jewish state while neglecting to address the countries that are really abusing human rights is indicative of complete antisemitism.
Why do other nations and peoples have a right to a homeland, but the Jewish people do not have the right to their ancient homeland that G-d gave them? The only answer to that question is antisemitism.

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US Election: American Jews on tenterhooks as result remains unclear
Joe Biden's challenge to President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House is going down to the wire, with 77 percent of American Jews backing the Democrat hopeful
November 4, 2020, 5:10 pm  1
Atmosphere of people with big face mask of Donald Trump and Joe Bidden during The Presidential Election night in Times Square, New York CITY, NY, USA on November 3, 2020. Photo by Charles Guerin/ABACAPRESS.COM
Atmosphere of people with big face mask of Donald Trump and Joe Bidden during The Presidential Election night in Times Square, New York CITY, NY, USA on November 3, 2020. Photo by Charles Guerin/ABACAPRESS.COM
The US presidential election was still too close to call as Jewish News went to press on Wednesday evening, with the country’s ideological and political split exposed and exacerbated as never before.
Polls showed that 77 percent of America’s 7.5 million Jews opted for Democrat Joe Biden, compared to 70 percent voting Democrat in 2016, but the big Jewish population in Florida – where Republican president Donald Trump won convincingly – was much less convinced.
Exit polls showed that 41 percent of Jews there voted for Trump this week, up from 24 percent in 2016, leading the Republican Jewish Coalition – which spent £4 million targeting Florida’s “undecided and persuadable” Jewish voters – to celebrate its “success” in the influential state.
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In the strictly Orthodox communities in New York and New Jersey, Trump was the clear favourite, garnering up to 80 percent of Charedi support, as anger over state Democrats’ coronavirus lockdowns registered at the polls, yet across the country, far more American Jews voted for Biden than voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago.
Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the progressive Jewish group JStreet, said: “In this historically pivotal election, Jewish voters have just totally repudiated Donald Trump and a Republican Party that has catered to the most far-right, xenophobic elements of the country.”
READ MORE – US Election:
Jews for Trump say ‘we’ve been spoiled’
How Jews were targeted in lead-up to vote 
Voice of the Jewish News: Trump is a danger to so many of our values  
Special Report: ‘Israel is neither a blue nor red state’  
Special Report: ‘Trump polarises people and has ripped apart the country’ 
What has Donald Trump’s impact been on democracy?
Even before the final count, Biden had the most votes in any US election ever, but the complexity of the electoral college system means that this is not enough. In 2016, Trump beat Clinton despite her winning three million more votes.
As many feared, the vote-counting was beset by legal wrangling, fraud allegations, suggestions of dishonesty and unsubstantiated claims of victory, with Trump at one point ordering a halt to vote-counting, directly contravening the US Constitution.
Atlanta: A poll worker sorts through voting material at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Voters lined up outside polling places Tuesday morning to be among the first to cast their votes on a crucial Election Day. Photo by John Spink/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM
The day before the vote, the widely respected Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations issued an unusual security briefing, urging caution among US Jews both on and after election day.
“It remains likely that violent extremists will target individuals or institutions that represent symbols of their grievances… which increases the potential of politically or ideologically motivated threats against the Jewish community,” it said.
If the result is disputed, as expected, the world’s oldest democracy will join Tanzania, Belarus and the former Soviet state of Georgia in having its recent election challenged, but it may be midweek next week before the true picture is known.
Two Trump supporters join a small group of New Yorkers that gathered in Times Square in New York City on election night on November 3, 2020. (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann/Sipa USA)
Pennsylvania’s result may be in by Friday, but the deadline for postal votes in Nevada and Alaska is Tuesday 10 November, while the deadline for North Carolina is Thursday 12 November.
Whatever the outcome, American Jewish groups were this week left harbouring concerns about the more extreme wings of each party, after Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – who both favour a boycott of Israel – were re-elected.
Meanwhile new Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert became the first Congressional adherents of the antisemitic QAnon conspiracy theory, the content from which big social media companies have vowed to remove.
...[Message truncated]


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Israel’s former UN envoy: Major concern over Biden re-entering Iran nuclear deal
Speaking on the Jewish News Podcast, Danny Danon said Israel is worried a Democrat administration would want to re-negotiate the agreement
November 6, 2020, 12:55 pm  
Danny Danon at the United Nations representing Israel
Israel’s former UN ambassador has said Jerusalem’s central concern about the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency is his wish to re-enter nuclear negotiations with Iran.
Speaking on a Jewish News podcast, Danny Danon said if Biden were to start talking to Iran again, it would push Israel towards more regional alliances with Arab states who shared Jerusalem’s fears.
“For us, the major issue is Iran,” he told the podcast’s presenter Phil Dave. “Mr Biden said very clearly that he would re-enter the JCPOA [Iran nuclear deal]. That is a major change from the policy of Trump’s administration.
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“Here in Israel we have to recalculate and get ready for a new era. The way we see it, this is a miserable agreement, breached many times by the Iranians. We were against it from the beginning.
“Not only us but many leaders of moderate Arab countries in the Middle East would have to think about what they do if the US changes course so dramatically. They are very worried about the Iranian nuclear race, and they don’t have the capabilities we have in terms of defence systems.”
Danon, who is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, said he thought Arab states worried about Tehran’s intentions may at first try to convince Biden “not to engage with Iran, not to re-enter the JCPOA”.
However, he added: “If it happens, you will see interesting alliances in the region, with the bond between Israel and those countries becoming even stronger.”
While acknowledging Biden as a “charming” man who cares about Israel, Danon said Israel wanted to see if a Biden White House would bring back some members of Barack Obama’s team.
“We have some bad memories from those players,” he said. “The way they treated our prime minister [Netanyahu], the way they tried to push a revolution in the Security Council before he left office, we don’t have good memories, so it will be interesting to see who is around Biden if he enters the White House.”

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Night of Heroes: Rabbi Sacks presented with Lifetime Achievement Award by Tony Blair
Former prime minister pays tribute to the emeritus chief rabbi as the man 'who inspired me to re-read the Torah and discover its power and wisdom'
February 20, 2018, 4:08 pm
For the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Sward, sponsored by the Clore Duffield Foundation, there could only be one presenter.
Former prime minister Tony Blair arrived in Britain from the Middle East on Monday morning and on Monday night he and the former Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, fell into heartfelt familiarity which clearly struck a chord with everyone present at the Night of Heroes.
The tone was struck by compere David Walliams who announced that “the leader of the Labour Party” was going to present the award to Lord Sacks, before winking and declaring, to laughter, that it was a Labour leader with different dates from the present incumbent.
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And Mr Blair himself seemed slightly taken aback by the warm reception he received, admitting that “I don’t often get that kind of reaction these days”.
In remarks which spoke of the long friendship between the two men, Mr Blair recalled his first days in No 10 and telling the then Chief Rabbi that he envied him. “Here am I, Jonathan, I have a whole country to manage. You’ve only got to manage the Jewish community”. Lord Sacks truly replied: “I feel your envy is somewhat misplaced.”
Jonathan Sacks’ greatest achievement, said Mr Blair, was the ability to teach “without making you feel stupid. It was he who inspired me to re-read the Torah, what we call the Old Testament, and re-discover its power and its wisdom. His mission has never been to dazzle, but to educate.”
READ MORE – Night of Heroes: 
Prince Charles: Rabbi Sacks’ immense learning spanned sacred and the secular
Heir to the throne says with his passing, the Jewish community, our nation and the entire world have lost a leader whose wisdom, scholarship and humanity were without equal
 Prince Charles has “profound personal sorrow” at the death of former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks aged 72.
The heir to the throne, who attended the 2013 handover ceremony from Lord Sacks to his successor Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, shared his tribute on Sunday through social media.
This comes after heartfelt tributes poured in from across the Jewish community and around the globe, following an announcement that the faith leader, educator, academic and author had lost his battle with cancer.
A friend of Rabbi Lord Sacks, the Prince of Wales said it “was with the most profound personal sorrow that I heard of the death of Rabbi Lord Sacks.
“With his passing, the Jewish community, our nation and the entire world have lost a leader whose wisdom, scholarship and humanity were without equal.
“His immense learning spanned the sacred and the secular, and his prophetic voice spoke to our greatest challenges with unfailing insight and boundless compassion.
“His wise counsel was sought and appreciated by those of all faiths and none, and he will be missed more than any words can say. Although Rabbi Lord Sacks’ death is a cause of the greatest possible sadness, we give thanks for the immeasurable contribution which – in the tradition of the most revered teachers of the Jewish people – he made to all our lives. I send my deepest condolences to his family.

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Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal
“If Biden stays with that policy, there will, in the end, be a violent confrontation between Israel and Iran.”
By LAHAV HARKOV   NOVEMBER 5, 2020 20:48Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger
Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden accepts the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination during a speech delivered for the largely virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., August 20, 2020 (photo credit: REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE)
Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden accepts the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination during a speech delivered for the largely virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., August 20, 2020
Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden’s position on the Iran Deal could lead to war between Israel and Iran, Settlements Minister Tzachi Hanegbi warned on Wednesday night.
“Biden has said openly for a long time that he will go back to the nuclear agreement,” Hanegbi said. “I see that as something that will lead to a confrontation between Israel and Iran.”
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Kamala Harris: We will restore aid to Palestinians, renew ties
Ex-husband of Joe Biden's wife claim two had affair that split marriage
Hanegbi said he is not concerned about a likely Biden victory on most fronts, including the area of settlements, but Iran is a glaring exception.
The minister told Channel 13 News that he, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and most Israelis saw the Iran Deal signed by the Obama administration in 2015 – known formally as the The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – as “mistaken – and that’s an understatement.”
“If Biden stays with that policy, there will, in the end, be a violent confrontation between Israel and Iran,” he stated.
Hanegbi said US President Donald Trump’s declared goal to negotiate a deal with Iran is not the same, because it would be “a different agreement that he would force through maximum pressure sanctions.”
Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Zvi Hauser (Derech Eretz) took a more optimistic approach. Hauser was cabinet secretary during part of Biden’s tenure as vice president and said he knows Biden’s stances and that he is a true friend of Israel.
“I assume that even if the Iran Deal is renewed… it will be better than the previous one,” he told Army Radio on Thursday. “There is broad agreement that it had significant holes when it comes to the interests of the free world.”
Hauser said the Middle East has changed since Biden left office in 2016. “This is a Middle East in which Iran is much more dangerous, in which its weapons and technology are much more accurate and much deadlier… This is not just Israel’s problem, but the whole world’s problem.”
Though Biden and Trump may have different ways of reaching an agreement with Iran, Hauser said the result is what’s most important: “Is he restraining Iran and preventing it from getting nuclear weapons?”
Hauser argued that “today, everyone understands the agreement wasn’t enough to prevent” Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and “countries of the free world know this is their test” – to stop Tehran from doing so.
A nuclear Iran would trigger an arms race, in which Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt would develop their own nuclear weapons, Hauser warned.
“No one sees Iran’s behavior, creating instability in the Middle East, and thinks it’s right to let them win,” he added. “Neither the Americans nor Israel will allow a nuclear Iran.”
Meanwhile, Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin told The Jerusalem Post that Trump’s loss would not be a factor in deciding when Netanyahu will initiate an election.
“I don’t think that would be the relevant consideration,” Levin said.
Gil Hoffman contributed to this report.

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