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Assessing the future of the Palestinian Arabs
Kamala Harris talks of "humanitarian" asistance to the PA - translated to 'pay for slay," but there are other scenarios in the works. Op-ed.
 Tags: Kamala Harris terrorist payments Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , 10/11/20 04:10 PM
Israel’s recent peace agreements with three Muslim countries require major new assessments of the country’s strategic position. This will have to be carried out in conjunction with a re-verification of its political aims. Yet, very little of this can be seen so far in the Israeli public domain.
It would be a major mistake if in Israel the authorities do not simultaneously reflect on what these changes can mean for the future of the Palestinian Arabs. Only if Israel understands what may happen in the territories of these enemies can it best define its own actions.
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Israel: Shin Bet Reveals Hamas Efforts to Recruit Minors for West Bank Attacks
avatarby i24 News
Palestinian children compelled to participate in a Hamas military parade. Photo: Twitter.
i24 News – The Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, revealed Monday Hamas’ efforts to recruit minors to conduct terrorist attacks in the West Bank.
According to a press release, in October the Shin Bet arrested two minors living in the West Bank community of Beit Umar.
A subsequent probe revealed that Hamas had recruited the two in an outreach effort stretching across multiple social platforms and lasting several months.
The Shin Bet pointed at Balal Kardi, a Gaza-based member of the Hamas military wing cyber unit, as the recruiter of the two.
According to the Shin Bet, the pair was supposed to receive funds, weaponry and apparel to conduct attacks in the West Bank. The two also reportedly tried manufacturing improvised explosive devices, but with little success.
Hamas had tasked them with a number of assignments, including gathering intelligence on Israeli settlements and Israel Defense Forces troops in the area.
The Gaza terrorist group also wanted the minors to set up a shooting attack and an abduction of an Israeli citizen, pledging a financial reward for their acts and vowing to take the responsibility for them.
This month, the prosecution filed indictments against the would-be attackers at the Juvenile Military Court. 


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Ilhan Omar used her election win to spread a vicious blood libel about Israel
Ilhan Omar is at it again with her brutal antisemitism. She only wants to be in Congress to bring down Israel. She doesn't care about the real issues in America or the world, and here is proof.
Ilhan Omar and her Antisemitism
Is this the first time that Ilhan Omar has publicly shared her antisemitic thoughts? Not even close to it. And sadly, it most likely will not be the last. You can argue that maybe she was just misinformed about the situation here. Except that argument does not work for someone like Ilhan Omar. Spreading blood libels like this recent one is the norm for Omar.
She has compared Israel to Iran and to Nazi Germany. She supports the BDS movement which calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.
People do not question Omar like they should. No one cares about the truth or the facts. People who follow her and worship her believe her – no matter how hostile she is toward Israel and the Jewish people. And she knows that she is lying. She purposely spreads the lies and the hate.
Omar and Her Hate for AMERICA
It is not only Israel she hates. It is America. She is a dangerous woman!
Did people already forget the way she talked about 9/11 and said, “Some people did something?” Did people already forget the way she laughed in the face of terrorism?
It is truly shameful that she is in the American congress. She is brutal to America and America’s allies. It is enough! Americans have to wake up to how detrimental she is to American society. The truth matters, and more people should want to hear it.

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PRINCE CHARLES: I have lost a trusted guide, an inspired teacher and a friend
WRITING EXCLUSIVELY FOR JEWISH NEWS, the heir to the throne pays tribute to Lord Sacks as a “source of wisdom, sanity and moral conviction in bewildering and confusing times”.
JN Podcast Special: Tribute to Rabbi Lord Sacks
‘It was the honour of our lives to work for Rabbi Lord Sacks’
Dan Sacker, Joanna Benarroch and Debby Ifield find the words beyond the tears after losing an inspiring boss, mentor and friend.
When we were asked to write something about our boss Rabbi Sacks, the truth is that we weren’t sure we could.
We didn’t know if it was possible to find the words beyond the tears and we apologise now because this piece, try as we may, will not do him justice.
His passing, too sudden, too soon, when there was so much work still to do, has left a gaping hole in so many people’s lives.
We find it so difficult to comprehend a world without him in it. It doesn’t seem fair, it doesn’t make sense, and we don’t think it will for a very long time to come.
Rabbi Sacks was a giant of his – or any – generation, a Gadol HaDor, an irreplaceable and irrepressible leader of leaders, and a peerless and wise teacher whose intellectual clarity and moral voice carried such weight across the global Jewish community and far beyond. 
Yet to us, as he was to all who had the privilege of working for him, he was above anything else an inspiring boss, mentor and friend. He was the person who phoned us multiple times a day, sometimes to discuss work-related matters but more often than not just to chat about a new book he’d ordered, a new idea he’d read, a random YouTube music video he’d discovered or to laugh at a good joke he’d heard. 
He was the person we spent our working day with, helping to coordinate and prepare him for his various engagements, draft countless articles and speeches, write and research books and record videos, always challenging us to push boundaries, to never accept things as they were, to utilise every avenue possible to bring his ideas to the world. He was even the person who trusted us enough to tweet and use Facebook on his behalf!
But he was so much more than that. He was the person who quietly, away from the limelight, gave so many individuals, groups, rabbonim or organisations who needed it, and needed him, his most precious thing: time, which he did so willingly, unfailingly and consistently. 
He was the person who quietly advised global leaders, helped mediate other peoples’ problems and offered endless support and guidance to anyone who asked his advice. And he was the person who called us when we had personal traumas or issues to deal with. And called again an hour later to check in. And again an hour after that. 

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RUMORS OF WAR: Could Israel and the US be planning to attack Iran?
(OPINION) JP – In 2008, after the election that brought former US president Barack Obama to power, there were some officials in Israel who were confident that the previous president, George W. Bush, would not leave the office with Iran’s nuclear facilities still standing. They were wrong.
Iran’s nuclear facilities are not only still standing; they have grown in quality and quantity. This is important to keep in mind amid speculation – once again during a presidential lame-duck period – that in his last few weeks in office, Donald Trump will either order US military action against Iran or give Israel a green light, as well as some assistance, to do so on its own.
Continue reading RUMORS OF WAR: Could Israel and the US be planning to attack Iran? at End Time Headlines.

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Tributes to ‘ultimate entertainer’ Des, and ‘only O’Connor to be barmitzvahed!’
TV star whose mother was Jewish, and claimed to be the only person named O'Connor to have had a barmitzvah, died following a fall at his Buckinghamshire home
November 15, 2020, 10:30 am  1
Veteran entertainer Des O'Connor with his CBE at Buckingham Palace
Entertainer Des O’Connor has died at the age of 88 – days after a fall at his home.
The TV star died on Saturday, his longtime agent and family friend Pat Lake-Smith said.
Born in Stepney in 1932 to a Jewish mother and Irish father, the entertainer used to joke that he was the only O’Connor who ever had a Bar Mitzvah.
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She said in a statement to the PA news agency that the “ultimate entertainer” had been recovering from the fall when he died.
“It is with great sorrow that I confirm that Des O’Connor passed away yesterday,” she said.
“He had been admitted to hospital just over a week ago, following a fall at his home in Buckinghamshire.
“He was recovering well and had been in great spirits, visited by his family – in accordance with hospital lockdown regulations – and looking forward to going home.
Des O’Connor, 88, who sadly passed away on Saturday 14 November.
“Unfortunately yesterday evening his condition suddenly deteriorated and he drifted peacefully away in his sleep.”
O’Connor presented his own prime-time TV shows for over 45 years.
He was known for shows like Today With Des And Mel and Des O’Connor Tonight.
His agent said: “Des, who was 88, was so well loved by absolutely everyone. He was a joy to work with – he was talented, fun, positive, enthusiastic, kind and a total professional.
“He loved life, and considered enthusiasm almost as important as oxygen. He adored his family – they were everything to him. He is survived by his wife Jodie, their son Adam and his four daughters, Karin, TJ, Samantha and Kristina.
“Jodie’s world is shattered, she and Adam and Des’s daughters are hurting more than you could possibly imagine.
“Des was the ultimate entertainer.
“He loved being on stage – entertaining a live audience. He always said the sound of laughter was like the sound of heavenly music.
“He had a fabulous international TV career, presenting his own prime-time TV shows for over 45 years. On stage he starred at almost every leading venue throughout the world.”
O’Connor launched his showbiz career in the mid-1950s and first began fronting his own TV show in 1963.
The four-times married star has appeared on stages around the world including hundreds of shows at the London Palladium.
He had his own US TV programme and his chat show Des O’Connor Tonight was a British television staple for a quarter of a century.
He also hosted Channel 4 quiz show Countdown with Carol Vorderman, with the pair bowing out together in 2008.
Aged 75 in 2007, he married singer-songwriter Jodie Brooke Wilson, then 38, four years after he first proposed and 17 years after they first got together.
They had a son three years before the wedding.
He had four daughters from his three previous marriages.
His singing career saw him sell 16 million records and spend 117 weeks in top 10 of the charts.
O’Connor was made a CBE for his services to entertainment and broadcasting.

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Raphael Warnock is a dangerous anti-America and anti-Semitic Marxist and racist. The people of Georgia must come out in droves to prevent Warnock from having a seat in the United States Senate. The man is nuts. Watch the video evidence in the two tweets below.
Related – WATCH RADICAL RANT: Democrat Senate hopeful in Georgia caught on camera saying America must ‘repent for its worship of whiteness’

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The frightening truth about what’s really happening in America
By Phil Schneider - November 16, 2020 4541 0
Glenn Beck believes that corruption is rampant in the media, and especially in the Democratic party. This video is basically a long rant – but it is not an unfounded rant. Beck is an emotional person, and he puts on quite a performance. He is convinced that the election is not over at all, and clearly believes that there is a great conspiracy going on now to do nearly everything to get Donald Trump out of the office.
Glenn SNAPS Over Dem Corruption: ‘It’s Not OVER!’ | Glenn TV
Donate Today And Promote This Video To Thousands
Decades from now, the 2020 election may be viewed as the election that changed the way that elections are fun in the United States of America. Donald Trump may be able to retain power, or he may not. But it seems very probable that there will be massive distrust in the electoral system – on a level that has not been seen in our lifetime. No matter if Trump loses or wins the legal challenge, the distrust in the system will be sky high. Calls for change will be everywhere – on both sides – and the Supreme Court will probably order a recount in a way that will drive the anti-Trump rabble crazy.
The protests and riots from the Black Lives Matter movement may very well look like child’s play when hundreds of millions of people who hate Donald Trump feel like they can’t drive the orange man out of the White House. 2021 may become known as the year that the political system broke and needed to be rebuilt. Donald Trump may not be the perfect person to rebuild a broken system. But he may be the right person to scream that the system is broken and needs to be fixed.
As the corona vaccine spreads across America, more and more people will not be scared to go out and protest. Most everyone feels too cooped up at home. If there was ever a cause to fight for, the pro-Trump and anti-Trump movements will feel that this is their time. Get ready for what may become one of the rockiest winters in a long time in the United States of America. Change is hard, and especially when it means that extremely powerful groups are about to lose their grip on enormous power.

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Israel Demands Apology from CNN Over Host Comparing Trump Admin to Kristallnacht
By CBN News
4 hours ago
JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli leaders are calling on CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour to apologize for comments she made comparing President Donald Trump’s actions to Kristallnacht, a Nazi pogrom against Jews in 1938 widely seen as a key starting point for the Holocaust.
“This week, 82 years ago, Kristallnacht happened,” Amanpour said Thursday at the beginning of her CNN’s foreign affairs program. “It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity and in that tower of burning books, it led to an attack of fact, knowledge, history, and truth.”
‘Lowest of Low’: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Compares Trump Presidency to Nazi Massacre of Jews
She continued, saying: “After four years of a modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris team pledges a return to norms, including the truth. And every day, Joe Biden makes presidential announcements about good governance and the health and security of the American people, while the great brooding figure of his defeated opponent rages, conducting purges of perceived enemies and preventing a transition.
In response, Israel’s consul-general to Atlanta, Anat Sultan-Dadon, wrote a letter to Richard Davis, CNN’s executive vice president of News Standards and Practices on Sunday demanding an apology from Amanpour and the network. CNN is based in Atlanta.

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Is ‘antisemitism’ no longer fit for purpose?
In wake of the EHRC's damning report into Labour's antisemitism problems, we look at the adopting of a new term - anti-Jewish racism - by some communal groups and individuals
Stephen Oryszczuk
November 16, 2020, 2:44 pm  1
Protesters with a sign opposing antisemitism - but are more now using a different term?  (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/Sipa)
Protesters with a sign opposing antisemitism - but are more now using a different term? (Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/Sipa)
In the maelstrom and vitriol that followed the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s damning report into the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn last month, few noticed the near total omission in the response from the Jewish community of the very word the EHRC had just reported on: ‘Antisemitism’.
In a joint statement, the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council said the report “disgraces those who attacked us for speaking out against anti-Jewish racism”, calling Jeremy Corbyn “a figurehead for old and new anti-Jewish attitudes”.
The Jewish Labour Movement said it had been warning of a “deepening casual culture of anti-Jewish racism” since 2015. The Holocaust Educational Trust said it confirmed “the depth of the endemic anti-Jewish racism in Labour”.
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Labour Friends of Israel praised Keir Starmer for starting “to root out anti-Jewish racism”. Even Labour Against Antisemitism (LAAS) distanced itself from its own name, talking about the party’s “institutional anti-Jewish racism”.
Commentators soon picked up the baton. In his searing column, Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian began with ‘antisemitism’ but ended up asking “why anti-Jewish racism might take root”.
Yet the change was already underway. In September, the Union of Jewish Students slammed universities for “failing to sufficiently protect their Jewish students from anti-Jewish racism, the oldest form of racial hatred”.
Later that month, the Antisemitism Policy Trust – which may now need renaming – said Microsoft’s chatterbot had “learned from its social media interactions to post anti-Jewish racism”.
Two weeks ago, it even seemed to have filtered through to the BBC, its news site saying Labour had “failed to stamp out anti-Jewish racism when Jeremy Corbyn was leader”. Goodbye old Jew hatred; hello new rebranded one.
Sir Keir Starmer (left) alongside former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (centre)
Some may see this as odd, given all the fights it took to get here. For a start, there was the heave-ho over the infamous dash – aka The Battle of the Hyphen – when ‘anti-Semitism’ faced off against ‘antisemitism’.
Then there was the scrap over ‘what antisemitism is’, with criticism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition giving way to a slow acceptance across the UK.
Yet odd it is not, because the switch to “anti-Jewish racism” is neither natural evolution nor incidental lexicography, as evidenced in the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC)’s annual financial filings, published online last month.
Going back a couple of years, as Labour’s antisemitism woes began to resonate both in the media and throughout Westminster, the JLC said it “took the opportunity to educate not just those involved in politics but the wider public”.
It held eight focus groups, with the help of Gabriel Milland and Public First, and conducted polls from the end of 2018 and through 2019 which “proved hugely beneficial to our understanding of the penetration of the issue amongst the public, as well as what successful messaging looked like”.
Enlighteningly, it says: “One example is the shift from the term antisemitism – a word with absolutely no recognition in one focus group – to the more recognised notion of ‘anti-Jewish racism’. We have made a concerted effort to use this language.”
Here it was, then: recognition that this is a purposeful change, because the word ‘antisemitism’ had in some cases “absolutely no recognition” from the public. What it meant, in other words, often meant nothing.
A spokesman says the focus groups were held in Dudley, South Manchester, Putney and Croydon, “to avoid major centres of Jewish life” but also to have a good UK spread, and that they showed huge differences.
“In Croydon, despite it being nowhere near any big Jewish communities, everyone had met a Jewish person,” he says. “In Dudley, only one person had.”
The organisation went all in on research – its YouGov poll sampled 5,000. It also polled the Jewish community through Survation “to ensure we full
...[Message truncated]


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