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From: DunggateNov-18 5:18 PM 
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Jewish News campaign for life-saving vehicle launched in memory of Rabbi Sacks
We've joined forced with MDA UK to raise £135,000 to honour the former Chief Rabbi who was a 'champion' of the emergency service charity
November 18, 2020, 5:43 pm
Lord and Lady Sacks with Stuart Glyn
A campaign to donate a life-saving vehicle for Israel in memory of Lord Sacks is launched today by Jewish News and MDA UK.
The initiative seeks to raise £135,000 to purchase the first of a new batch of bloodmobiles which will transport teams to collect some of the 1,100 units each day that keep the country’s blood supply full. Bearing the name of the former chief rabbi, it will eventually find a home at the new British-funded Blood and Logistics Centre, which is due to open next year.
MDA UK described Lord Sacks, who passed away last week aged just 72, as a long-time “champion” of the charity and revealed £18,000 had already been pledged before the campaign was publicly launched. Chief Executive Daniel Burger said: “Eighty percent of Israel’s blood supplies are collected remotely and the current fleet is up to 19 years old and some are close to being beyond economic repair.  In addition, as Israel’s population and tourist population grows, MDA needs to increase its blood inventory in line with this growth and therefore these new vehicles play an essential part in this growth.
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“The global Magen David Adom family is honoured to be part of this fundraising campaign. Nothing will give us more pride than seeing a bloodmobile on the streets of Israel bearing the name of Rabbi Lord Sacks and saving lives.”
Small blood mobile
Former prime minister Tony Blair, who has hailed Lord Sacks as “my hero” who enhanced hios knowledge about the place of Israel for Jews, told Jewish News: “This would be a fitting tribute to Rabbi Sacks, a truly exceptional man and humanitarian.”
A spokesperson for Lord Sacks’ family said: “This is a wonderful initiative and one which is hugely meaningful to all the family. Life is precious above all else, and the idea that any funds raised will go towards pikuach nefesh, saving peoples’ lives, is a fitting way of honouring the legacy of Rabbi Sacks z”l.”
On the day he was ennobled in 2009, Rabbi Sacks spoke at the MDA UK dinner. Then dinner chair, Nicholas Springer, said: “He delivered the best appeal speech we ever heard. He is sorely missed by both within and outside our community and the bloodmobile we are dedicating in is memory will be a fitting tribute.”
Rabbi Lord Sacks with Stuart Glyn and Nicholas Springer
Former ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub added: “Reflecting community, service, taking responsibility and helping others, this is a wonderful tribute to many of the lessons Rabbi Sacks taught us, in his writings and in his life.”
Last week’s Jewish News front page
Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld of Marble Arch Synagogue, where Lord Sacks was once the minister, described Rabbi Sacks as “our moral compass and spokesman. Donating to MDA for this vehicle in his name is a wonderful way to honour what he held dear – the sanctity of life. As Rabbi Sacks himself wrote: “Great strength to those who see to the needs of the injured and sick, and open our hearts in prayer and our hands in generosity, so that by our actions we may bring comfort, healing and support.”
The campaign was conceived by Jewish News a decade after we teamed up with Cockfosters Synagogue and legendary fundraiser Norman Rosenbaum to buy an MDA ambulance. By 2017, it had attended 10,733 calls, including almost 8,000 adult emergencies and more than 600 child emergencies. The vehicle and crew also helped more than 100 women to give birth.
To donate, go to www.mdauk.org/rabbisacks
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From: DunggateNov-20 7:07 PM 
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Israel and Jerusalem listed as separate places in UK quarantine list
Foreign Office decision to list the holy city as separate to Israel branded ‘absolutely inappropriate’ by the Board of Deputies
The Board of Deputies has criticised Whitehall mandarins as “absolutely inappropriate” after Israel and Jerusalem were listed separately as places from which visitors to the UK will no longer need to quarantine.
The angry reaction followed an announcement on Thursday from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) regarding its weekly update on Covid-related travel corridors.
Jerusalem is listed separately because it includes East Jerusalem, which both Israelis and Palestinians claim, and whose status under international law remains that of an occupied territory.
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However, the Board tweeted its feelings after ‘Israel’ and ‘Jerusalem’ both appeared in a list of countries as bullet points on the government’s website.
“Absolutely inappropriate to list ‘Jerusalem’ as a separate country,” it tweeted. “We have taken this up with the FCDO this morning and they are urgently reviewing it.”
On its website, the FCDO said it “no longer advises against all but essential travel to Israel, and no longer advises against all but essential travel to Jerusalem (including to East Jerusalem (Occupied Palestinian Territories)). Israel, and Jerusalem are both now on the list of countries and territories where self-isolation is not required on return to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.”
Conservative Friends of Israel Parliamentary Chairmen Stephen Crabb, Lord Eric Pickles (Lords), and Honorary President Lord Polak urged the government to make an immediate correction to the advice about Jerusalem.
“The announcement of a travel corridor with Israel is excellent news. However, the FCDO’s decision to define Jerusalem as a territory separate from Israel is offensive and hostile.
“Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. To describe Jerusalem as anything other than an integral part of Israel is a fiction divorced from reality and the travel advice must be immediately corrected”.

From: DunggateNov-20 7:19 PM 
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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "BDS movement is antisemitic cancer"
WATCH Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "BDS movement is antisemitic cancer"
This is unbelievable news! Following the announcement last month by the State Department that any human rights organization that supports the BDS movement will be considered antisemitic. We are blessed to have an administration that understands reality and institutes policy based on reality.

From: DunggateNov-21 4:40 PM 
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Scientists Have Proven that God is Protecting Israel
How has Israel survived? How have less people been killed during various missile attacks than would be expected? Here is the answer.
Nuclear physicist, Gerald Schroeder, a known researcher in the past for The Weizmann Institute and Hebrew University, simply cannot be accused of unscientific thinking. When observing statistics that don’t seem all too logical, most of Schroeder’s colleagues admit that there was “luck” involved.
Impossible Stats?
The existence of the State of Israel, the fact that there were so few casualties from the Scud missiles shot down on Israel during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, all appear, on the surface, to be a stroke of luck. Schroeder, however, refuses to call it “luck.” Luck is just not a scientifically sound term. For nuclear physicists like Schroeder, the real answer is that God is protecting His people.
Dr. Schroeder makes the point that many miracles happen in what seems like a very natural manner. The Persian Gulf War in 1991 was an odd war. The States of Israel endured a massive bombing of an enormously powerful missile – the Scud missile – on heavily populated areas in Israel – Tel-Aviv and it’s surroundings. Not one person was killed from these bombing, though there were wounded. One man experienced a hart attack, and it is unclear if this was connected to the bombing.
One does not need to be a brilliant professor in order to reach the conclusions of Dr. Schroeder. But, it is most reassuring when someone of his stature makes it clear that the rational explanations of the occurrences in the modern State of Israel simply don’t hold water. We don’t need to be scared of the repercussions of accepting God’s involvement in this world. If it is logical to assume that there is a hand of God in charge of this world, and illogical to assume otherwise, then let’s accept that the creation and existence of the State of Israel is one big miracle.

From: DunggateNov-23 5:01 PM 
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Netanyahu discussed normalization with Saudi Crown Prince
Senior Saudi official says Israeli PM and Saudi Crown Prince discussed normalization but did not reach any agreement in last night's meeting
 Tags: Saudi Arabia Binyamin Netanyahu
David Rosenberg , Nov 23 , 2020 1:34 PM
NetanyahuFlash 90
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman discussed the possibility of normalizing relations between their two countries, a senior Saudi official said, though substantial agreement was reached on the subject during the hours-long meeting Sunday night.
According to a report by the Wall Street Journal Monday, one of the senior Saudi advisers familiar with the talks said that the meeting between Netanyahu and the Crown Prince in Neom, Saudi Arabia lasted a couple of hours, and centered on the possibility of normalizing ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as concerns over Iran.
Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen flew to Saudi Arabia at approximately 10:00 p.m. Sunday night onboard a private aircraft owned by Israeli businessman Ehud 'Udi' Angel.
Joined by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the three met with the Saudi Crown Prince in Neom, Saudi Arabia for clandestine talks.
Both the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and the Saudi Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the meeting.

From: DunggateNov-24 5:37 PM 
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Israeli scientists claim major cancer breakthrough using ‘tiny scissors’
Groundbreaking gene editing system using Nobel Prize-winning technology destroys cancerous cells while leaving everything around them intact.
Israeli scientists claim major cancer breakthrough using ‘tiny scissors’
Groundbreaking gene editing system using Nobel Prize-winning technology destroys cancerous cells while leaving everything around them intact.
November 23, 2020, 5:17 pm  2
Cancer cells (Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)
Israeli scientists have claimed a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer after using Nobel Prize winning technology to destroy cancerous cells in mice, leaving everything around them intact.
In what researchers have called a world first, the study from Tel Aviv University suggests the CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing system, which allows scientists to make precise alterations to DNA, can be used like “tiny scissors” to target and treat cancer in animals.
The technology, which gained its creators the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this year, was examined by cancer expert Professor Dan Peer, who said that there are “no side effects” from the process.
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“This technology can extend the life expectancy of cancer patients and we hope, one day, cure the disease”, Prof. Peer said after his peer-reviewed research was published in the Science Advances journal.
“If we can use this technology, then within three treatments we can destroy a tumour. This technology can physically cut the DNA in cancerous cells, and those cells will not survive.”
An illustration of the genome editing technique, with scissors showing where DNA is to be “cut.” (courtesy of Tel Aviv University)
Peer told the Times of Israel that there are hopes the process will eventually replace chemotherapy – a technique that, unlike the process used in the Tel Aviv study, is administered to the whole body.
His research involved hundreds of mice with two of the most aggressive types of cancer – glioblastoma, a brain cancer, and metastatic ovarian cancer.
The mice who received treatment were found to have double the life expectancy of the control group, with a 30 percent higher survival rate for glioblastoma and an 80 percent higher survival rate for metastatic ovarian cancer.
Peer said that his team plan to develop the treatment for all cancers and that the technique could be ready to use on humans within two years.
Treatment would be personalised to each patient based on a biopsy which would determine whether they received a general injection or an injection directly into the tumour.
“”It will probably take some time before the new treatment can be used in humans, but we are optimistic”, Professor Peer said.
“When we first spoke of treatments with mRNA twelve years ago, people thought it was science fiction.
“I believe that in the near future, we will see many personalized treatments based on genetic messengers – for both cancer and genetic diseases.”

From: DunggateNov-24 5:37 PM 
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Shuls will be allowed to reopen under new Covid restrictions
Chief Rabbi Mirvis says the recommencing of congregational worship will be 'widely welcomed by people of all faiths'
November 23, 2020, 9:30 am  1
Mill Hill United synagogue under Covid restrictions, including social distancing and masks (Credit: Marc Morris)
The government is to allow places of worship to reopen when the second national lockdown ends.This comes as new details of coronavirus restrictions for England are set to be revealed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday – amid the expiration of the second lockdown on 2 December.
The winter strategy will enter into force next month and will include a strengthened three-tier system of local restrictions.
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The government will allow congregational worship at churches, synagogues, mosques and temples – regardless of which tier they are in – but with Covid-compliant rules.
Responding to the news, Chief Rabbi Mirvis said: “The news that places of worship in England will be permitted to open for congregational worship once again when this period of lockdown ends on 2nd December will be widely welcomed by people of all faiths.
“I am grateful to the government for their work with us on this issue.”
Jo Grose, United Synagogue’s Communities Director, said: “We understand from government that places of worship will be permitted once again to hold services when the latest lockdown is lifted.
“We are yet to receive the exact details from government and as usual will not be able to issue guidance to our communities until we understand precisely what is permitted.
“We will be communicating with our shuls as usual to ensure they are able to plan accordingly, but this is good news and we look forward to re-opening again safely when the time is right.”
Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Interim Director of Liberal Judaism, commented that the movement will “wait to see what the evidence is and what the guidelines are before giving any definitive answers. Our communities are also autonomous and will make the appropriate arrangements that work for their demographic and within local tiers.
“However, we have been doing training and facilitating discussions on hybrid services, so that all of our communities feel as prepared as possible to carry out a range of hybrid services if and when that is apt. As always, our primary values are those of pikur nefesh and inclusion. All our communities look to balance these values online, in person and in hybrid and we will continue to support them in finding that balance and path forward.
Meanwhile, Marie van der Zyl of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said:  “We welcome the decision to allow places of worship to reopen following the current lockdown period.
“Since the announcement about this lockdown in England, we have been in dialogue with the Government and Public Health England about the data around places of worship, as our understanding is that where faith premises have made sure to meticulously observe social distancing regulations, there has been a minimal number of outbreaks associated with communal worship.
“Last week, we organised meetings for all the Jewish religious authorities with Public Health England and were in dialogue at the highest levels of government on the issue. While this is positive news, we continue to remind people to take great care in observing health guidelines, so we can all play our part to stop the spread and save lives.”


From: DunggateNov-25 5:22 PM 
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written by Leah Rosenberg November 22, 2020 8282 views
Alan Dershowitz is not a Conservative. In fact, he is more of a Liberal lawyer, technically speaking. But he cares about the law.
Liberal Lawyer on Trump and Elections
Alan Dershowitz is very well known. Although his Liberal friends think he is too Conservative, he does not identify as a Republican. He is, in fact, a Liberal lawyer; part of the Democratic party.
But no matter who he wants to win any election, he wants it to be done according to the legal process. As should every American. He wants the Constitution to be upheld, as should every American.
Dershowitz knows what he is talking about. He is well aware of law, history, and current events. You might disagree with him, but he is speaking on the basis of facts and reality. He is speaking on the legal side – things of which people have never even heard about.
Elections are not simple. There are so many factors. But no matter what, the law has to be followed. The Constitution has to be protected. Dershowitz might be wrong about Trump losing or he might be right. But the point is, that whatever happens should be by the books. It should be legitimate. And if there is one message to take from all of this, it is that the law matters and must be protected. When it is not, law-abiding citizens have every right to challenge the situation.

From: DunggateNov-25 5:22 PM 
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written by Phil Schneider November 24, 2020 2300 views

The Electoral College is a brilliant part of the system of government of the United States. The point of abolishing the electoral college is for the Democratic Party to take over the country – once and for all. If the electoral college is lost, then the Democratic Party will change the rules in such a way that their dominance will be permanent. So argues Mark Levin. He has a point, and it is rather scary.

The truth is that even if Democrats do try to abolish the electoral college and pack the Supreme Court, they will fail. The country is indeed not yet ready to jump over the edge as Mark Levin argues. The Democratic Party is going far-left and deep into the land of progressive and socialist thought. But, that is not true about the entire party. The Democratic Party has many reasonable members in the House and the Senate, and they will simply not vote to pack the court or to change the electoral college. They are Senators and Representatives of smaller States or States with smaller populations. They understand well that a decision to drop the idea of the electoral college is a decision to place all of the power in the big cities across the USA.

This will not happen in the short-term future. But the scary thing is that this idea is even being thrown around as a reasonable idea. The most important reason to be optimistic is that the United States has built-in checks and balances. The most important reason to be pessimistic is that so many of the cities of the United States are losing control of law and order – from the top down and the bottom up.

There is indeed much to be concerned about. But it is not as urgent as some argue. Even if Joe Biden does end up as the President, the sky will not fall the day after. Many warned like that after Obama was elected and then reelected. Those overstatements turned out to be fear mongering.


From: DunggateNov-26 11:24 AM 
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US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee
WATCH US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee
Her hatred knows no bounds.
US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee

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