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From: DunggateNov-24 5:37 PM 
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Shuls will be allowed to reopen under new Covid restrictions
Chief Rabbi Mirvis says the recommencing of congregational worship will be 'widely welcomed by people of all faiths'
November 23, 2020, 9:30 am  1
Mill Hill United synagogue under Covid restrictions, including social distancing and masks (Credit: Marc Morris)
The government is to allow places of worship to reopen when the second national lockdown ends.This comes as new details of coronavirus restrictions for England are set to be revealed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday – amid the expiration of the second lockdown on 2 December.
The winter strategy will enter into force next month and will include a strengthened three-tier system of local restrictions.
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The government will allow congregational worship at churches, synagogues, mosques and temples – regardless of which tier they are in – but with Covid-compliant rules.
Responding to the news, Chief Rabbi Mirvis said: “The news that places of worship in England will be permitted to open for congregational worship once again when this period of lockdown ends on 2nd December will be widely welcomed by people of all faiths.
“I am grateful to the government for their work with us on this issue.”
Jo Grose, United Synagogue’s Communities Director, said: “We understand from government that places of worship will be permitted once again to hold services when the latest lockdown is lifted.
“We are yet to receive the exact details from government and as usual will not be able to issue guidance to our communities until we understand precisely what is permitted.
“We will be communicating with our shuls as usual to ensure they are able to plan accordingly, but this is good news and we look forward to re-opening again safely when the time is right.”
Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Interim Director of Liberal Judaism, commented that the movement will “wait to see what the evidence is and what the guidelines are before giving any definitive answers. Our communities are also autonomous and will make the appropriate arrangements that work for their demographic and within local tiers.
“However, we have been doing training and facilitating discussions on hybrid services, so that all of our communities feel as prepared as possible to carry out a range of hybrid services if and when that is apt. As always, our primary values are those of pikur nefesh and inclusion. All our communities look to balance these values online, in person and in hybrid and we will continue to support them in finding that balance and path forward.
Meanwhile, Marie van der Zyl of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said:  “We welcome the decision to allow places of worship to reopen following the current lockdown period.
“Since the announcement about this lockdown in England, we have been in dialogue with the Government and Public Health England about the data around places of worship, as our understanding is that where faith premises have made sure to meticulously observe social distancing regulations, there has been a minimal number of outbreaks associated with communal worship.
“Last week, we organised meetings for all the Jewish religious authorities with Public Health England and were in dialogue at the highest levels of government on the issue. While this is positive news, we continue to remind people to take great care in observing health guidelines, so we can all play our part to stop the spread and save lives.”

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From: DunggateNov-25 5:22 PM 
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written by Leah Rosenberg November 22, 2020 8282 views
Alan Dershowitz is not a Conservative. In fact, he is more of a Liberal lawyer, technically speaking. But he cares about the law.
Liberal Lawyer on Trump and Elections
Alan Dershowitz is very well known. Although his Liberal friends think he is too Conservative, he does not identify as a Republican. He is, in fact, a Liberal lawyer; part of the Democratic party.
But no matter who he wants to win any election, he wants it to be done according to the legal process. As should every American. He wants the Constitution to be upheld, as should every American.
Dershowitz knows what he is talking about. He is well aware of law, history, and current events. You might disagree with him, but he is speaking on the basis of facts and reality. He is speaking on the legal side – things of which people have never even heard about.
Elections are not simple. There are so many factors. But no matter what, the law has to be followed. The Constitution has to be protected. Dershowitz might be wrong about Trump losing or he might be right. But the point is, that whatever happens should be by the books. It should be legitimate. And if there is one message to take from all of this, it is that the law matters and must be protected. When it is not, law-abiding citizens have every right to challenge the situation.

From: DunggateNov-25 5:22 PM 
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written by Phil Schneider November 24, 2020 2300 views

The Electoral College is a brilliant part of the system of government of the United States. The point of abolishing the electoral college is for the Democratic Party to take over the country – once and for all. If the electoral college is lost, then the Democratic Party will change the rules in such a way that their dominance will be permanent. So argues Mark Levin. He has a point, and it is rather scary.

The truth is that even if Democrats do try to abolish the electoral college and pack the Supreme Court, they will fail. The country is indeed not yet ready to jump over the edge as Mark Levin argues. The Democratic Party is going far-left and deep into the land of progressive and socialist thought. But, that is not true about the entire party. The Democratic Party has many reasonable members in the House and the Senate, and they will simply not vote to pack the court or to change the electoral college. They are Senators and Representatives of smaller States or States with smaller populations. They understand well that a decision to drop the idea of the electoral college is a decision to place all of the power in the big cities across the USA.

This will not happen in the short-term future. But the scary thing is that this idea is even being thrown around as a reasonable idea. The most important reason to be optimistic is that the United States has built-in checks and balances. The most important reason to be pessimistic is that so many of the cities of the United States are losing control of law and order – from the top down and the bottom up.

There is indeed much to be concerned about. But it is not as urgent as some argue. Even if Joe Biden does end up as the President, the sky will not fall the day after. Many warned like that after Obama was elected and then reelected. Those overstatements turned out to be fear mongering.


From: DunggateNov-26 11:24 AM 
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US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee
WATCH US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee
Her hatred knows no bounds.
US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Blatant Jew-hatred Against a Biden Appointee

From: DunggateNov-30 10:48 AM 
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UAE congratulates Bibi on Nobel Peace Prize nomination
Netanyahu and the UAE crown prince have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. How amazing? What an honor - as Bibi said.
written by Phil Schneider November 30, 2020 60 views
This headline may seem like it has come in the End of Days. Yes – an Arab country has congratulated Israel’s Prime Minister for his nomination to win the Nobel Peace Prize. In truth, the leadership of the Arab country, the United Arab Emirates, also deserves it. But, for internal reasons within their country, they may not want it. The last time an Arab leader of a country made peace with Israel, it was King Hussein of Jordan. It was done with relatively little fanfare. Nothing then happened to King Hussein. But prior to that, Anwar Sadat came to Israel, spoke in the Knesset, and made peace with Israel in a very public way. The story dominated the airwaves of all of the news channels for many months. Anwar Sadat was assassinated within a few years afterwards.
Netanyahu: Nobel Prize nomination is a great honor
It takes a lot of courage for an Arab country to make peace with Israel. For many decades, the anti-Israel rhetoric has become somewhat second-nature when discussing the State of Israel. But Israel’s economic and military strength have convinced enough of it’s intractable fores, that perhaps it’s time to put their swords down. The incentives for economic prosperity are too overwhelming for moderate Arab countries like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. They understand that the main threat they have is Iran and radicalized Islam within their midst. By strengthening their economies and warming up to the West and Israel, they open up their economies to even more growth. More importantly, they strengthen the movement to isolate Iran as the powerful bully in the region that everyone is united against. Bahrain and the UAE look at Syria, and they see how Iran has wreaked total havoc there in order to centralize it’s hold on Syria. They see how Lebanon has basically been a mess for decades, with Iranian backed militias basically setting up a country within the country.
It is a wise choice for the moderate,yet wealthy Arab countries to switch to the Western side – at least on the economic level. They have not shed their Muslim religion – at least not publicly – and they are able to straddle their connection with the West with their business ties to the Soviet Union, China, and other major economies. But, the main point is they have shed their focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict as a central issue in their foreign policy. The Middle East has indeed become a much more peaceful oasis in what has historically been one of the most conflict filled areas in the world. If Benjamin Netanyahu does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, who does?

From: DunggateNov-30 4:34 PM 
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David Miliband: Jeremy Corbyn repelled voters left, right and centre
In wide-ranging discussion with Jonathan Freedland at the JLM conference, former foreign secretary speaks of 'admiration for those fighting an incredibly good fight' in Labour
November 30, 2020, 10:38 am  2
(Copyright by World Economic Forum
swiss-image.ch/Photo by Remy Steinegger)
David Miliband (Copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/Photo by Remy Steinegger)
Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband has admitted that watching the situation in the Labour Party today was “frustrating”, mixed with “admiration for those fighting an incredibly good fight”. 
Speaking to an audience of more than 300 at the Jewish Labour Movement’s one-day conference, Mr Miliband, who is now chief executive of the New York-based International Rescue Committee, took part in a wide-ranging discussion with journalist Jonathan Freedland in a conversation he had designated “The Age of Impunity”.
By this, he said, he meant “the abuse of power to the extent where crimes are not punished… the power balance has got out of whack in war zones around the world. And that is linked to the retreat from democratic values, where countries have suffered a reduction in domestic political freedoms. At the international level there has also been a retreat from democratic norms”. 
 Mr Miliband noted that in America, “a re-elected President Trump would have been given impunity to take things further”. But he warned that “while Trump may have been defeated, Trumpism has not”, suggesting that there were still elements in the Republican Party which supported Trump’s policies. 
Turning his attention to UK politics and the most recent election defeat of his former party, Mr Miliband emphasised the importance in politics “of an attractive candidate. My party lost with the worst results since 1935. You shouldn’t need a Biden victory to tell you that you are more likely to win with an attractive candidate rather than one who pushes away the voters: Jeremy Corbyn repelled voters left, right and centre.”
Politics of the left, he said, required people to be “both radical and credible. Unless you get both, you’re not going to get people to put their faith in you”. He believed “a broad coalition” was “absolutely key to being able to govern.” 
He said that “never in my wildest nightmares, in any of the arguments I had with the hard Left, did I ever dream that we would argue about antisemitism. Maybe I was naive. I don’t think people ever looked at me and said, oh, there’s a Jewish Foreign Secretary: I think they said, oh, there’s a Labour Foreign Secretary who is Jewish, which is different. So the idea that this has become the hill on which the hard Left wants to fight is repugnant.” 
Mr Miliband declared: “People say to me, we’ve got to deal with antisemitism because it’s offending the Jewish community. No! we’ve got to stop antisemitism because it’s offending everyone. Never did I think the words ‘Labour’ and ‘antisemitism’ would be in the same sentence”. 
On Brexit and the choices facing the Labour Party, Mr Miliband said he thought there would ultimately be a deal, but that Labour could only vote in favour of it, or abstain. “Brexit is not going to be done [with this vote],” he warned, “there will be negotiations between Britain and the international system for a long time to come.” 
Asked by Jonathan Freedland if he could predict circumstances under which Labour might seek to re-join the European Union, Mr Miliband said this was “a frog-boiling situation, not a leap off a cliff situation”. But, he added, Labour could not accept a future “where the Tories winning four elections on the trot is business as usual. It’s our fault that it’s business as usual” — but that it was possible to change that dynamic.
Lisa Nandy: I have never supported the BDS movement
Shadow foreign secretary, who was backed by JLM during the leadership contest, reiterates opposition to Israeli settlements but says boycotts aren't the answer
November 30, 2020, 11:12 am  1
Lisa Nandy at the Jewish Labour hustings (Marc Morris Photography via Jewish News)
The shadow foreign secretary, Lisa Nandy, yesterday confirmed Labour’s opposition to both the BDS movement and settlements in the occupied territories.
Speaking during the Jewish Labour Movement’s One Day Conference, Nandy said: “We are opposed to the settlements. We believe they are not just a breach of international law, but by changing the facts on the ground they make a two-state solution more distanced than it would otherwise be.
“We’ve repeatedly urged the Israeli coalition Government not only to stop the settlement building, but also to drop their plans around annexation.”
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From: DunggateDec-6 3:30 PM 
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written by Phil Schneider December 6, 2020 4245 views
What is the source of the coronavirus that has wreaked havoc on the world? Most people today would agree that the source was China. But controversy exists and will continue to exist about how it started in China. Even those who think that the virus was not created intentionally may very well think that China made a concerted effort to cover up the seriousness of the virus for several months. Those few months cost the world more than 1 million dead. But something else happened that is very important. The veil on China’s authoritarian dictatorship has been lifted, and the threat that they pose to the world is now recognized as a clear and present danger in the years ahead.
Boost This Video
President Trump has made one of his basic policies the firm belief that China is the most dangerous foe to the United States and the free world. This has not been the viewpoint of previous Presidents or Republican candidates for President. Mitt Romney clearly stated that he viewed Russia as the #1 strategic foe. Barack Obama rarely focused on China as a threat. This was a unique viewpoint that Donald Trump the candidate espoused as part of his America-first economics and trade-oriented foreign policy.
Due to the horrible effects of the coronavirus and President Trump’s harping on what he calls the “China virus,” most North Americans today would probably agree that China is the main threat. They are both an economic and military threat. Any country that has the most money, with the largest military, and the production of the vast majority of goods in the world that the West has grown addicted to, has truly amassed a huge amount of power.
What can be done to combat this? This is the $64,000 question. President Trump has advanced policies that shift the trade imbalance back to strengthening the United States manufacturing base. This is certainly a good move – especially on things such as pharmaceuticals. But will that be enough? Almost definitely not. If there is one thing that multilateralism is important for, it should be to contain the threat from China. When one bully gains too much strength, the key is to sideline the bully as much as possible. China is perhaps the wealthiest country in the world, but they lose their power to the extent that the buying countries do not cooperate with them. The reason this is so difficult to combat is the enormous power of big tech, and big tech’s cooperation with China. This will require nerves of steel from politicians who will probably lose much of their support if they confront the power of big tech and China head on. But, let us not make the mistake of thinking that big tech and China will become less powerful if we ignore the threat. The gorilla will only get larger if we keep feeding it bananas.

From: DunggateDec-7 6:55 PM 
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Prince Charles leads Lord Sacks memorial: I’ll miss him more than words can say
Heir to the throne, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Reuven Rivlin among religious and political leaders joining online commemoration event for late former chief rabbi
December 6, 2020, 8:34 pm
Tony Blair, HRH the Prince of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and Emily Maitlis were among high-profile figures paying tribute
Prince Charles, former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin were among a series of world leaders who hailed the legacy of the late former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, in an online memorial event on Sunday evening.
Religious leaders including current Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Israel’s former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, also spoke about Rabbi Sacks’ legacy.
The tribute – in which Rabbi Sacks was widely described as a “teacher” by global leaders – was held to coincide with the end of the ‘Shloshim’, the 30-day period of mourning since Rabbi Sacks died last month aged 72 after being diagnosed with cancer.
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His wife Lady Elaine Sacks spoke movingly during the pre-recorded service.
The Prince of Wales described Rabbi Sacks as an “irreplaceable loss” and “a trusted guide, an inspired teacher and a true and steadfast friend”.
In a heartfelt message, the future king said: “As we commemorate the life of Rabbi Lord Sacks, I just wanted to add my own personal tribute.

From: DunggateDec-9 1:21 PM 
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The ultimate hijacking that took place at the United Nations
hijacking-united-nations-email 1 
The UN is truly a shameful organization. They have not lived up to their intended goal. Dictators have taken over and put the international world in danger.
 The problem with the United Nations does not even only lie in its double standard against Israel. It is a much larger issue.
Dictators Have Taken Over the United Nations
The United Nations was once a place that helped an ancient people return to its ancient homeland. They helped Israel create its modern state in the 1947 vote.
If you looked at the UN today, you would never know that it is the same organization that once voted FOR Israel. Now, the UN has been hijacked by the world’s worst dictatorships. The world’s worse human rights abusers have put the international world in danger. Not only are they trying to murder Israel, but the United Nations is made up of countries that torture their own people.
If the body that was created to ensure the safety of the international world is now being taken over by the very countries they were supposed to protect the world from, what is the point of it?
UN Watch is Saving the World
UN Watch works hard to save the world from the dictators of the UN. It gives dissidents a voice. It gives those who have been silenced by their countries a voice to speak up and share the truth. Without UN Watch, many more people would suffer.
It is truly a shame that there even needs to be an organization like UN Watch to stop the UN from all its immoral decisions. The hypocrisy and double standard that takes place in that agency is despicable. Their main focus is targeting Israel, but as the few of many examples in this video showed, the United Nations also discriminates against other peaceful people. Democracy and human rights must prevail. If the UN continues to allow itself to be a place where tyranny and abuse is the norm, the future of the international world is in grave danger.

From: DunggateDec-10 8:13 AM 
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Chelsea and Jewish News exhibition remembers athletes murdered in the Holocaust
49 Flames initiative shines the light on Olympic medallists killed by the Nazis, in project which includes powerful contributions from managers Frank Lampard and Emma Hayes
December 9, 2020, 10:32 am
Jewish News has teamed up with Chelsea Football Club has to launch an exhibition honouring Jewish Olympic athletes murdered in the Holocaust.
The 49 Flames initiative, composed of portraits illustrated by British-Israeli street artist Solomon Souza, tells the extraordinary stories of 15 sports-men and women who perished during the Shoah.
The Blues’ manager Frank Lampard, who introduced the virtual exhibition in a video made by the club alongside Emma Hayes, the Chelsea Women’s manager, said it “brings back some of the darkest moments of our history, and reminds us that all parts of society, including Sport, were affected”.
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The initiative tells the stories of cousins Alfred and Gustav Felix Flatow, German Jewish Gold medallists at the first modern Olympics held in Athens in 1896, who both died of starvation in Theresienstadt.
It recalls the plight of German Jewish track and field athlete Lilli Henoch, who set 4 world records and won 10 German national championships, in four different disciplines. In 1942, Lilli and her mother were deported to Riga where they both perished.
Some of the fifteen athletes featured. Top: Lilli Henoch, Roman Kantor and Salo Landau. Bottom: Gertrude Kleinova, Attila Petschauer and Anna Dresden-Polak and Judikje Simons.
It shines a light on chess player Salo Landau, Roman Kantor a Polish Olympic épée fencer and world champion table tennis player Gertrude Kleinova.
It also features contributions from Holocaust educators, Jewish News editor Richard Ferrer, Israel’s president Reuven Rivlin, human rights activist Natan Sharansky, the government’s antisemitism adviser Lord John Mann, and Holocaust survivor Sir Ben Helfgott, a champion weightlifter who captained the British Olympic team.
Holocaust Memorial Mural by Soloman Souza, featuring three footballers imprisoned by the Nazis (Photo by Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC)
This comes after Chelsea, with the backing of its Israeli-Russian owner Roman Abramovich, launched a campaign in January 2018 called ‘Say No To Antisemitism’.
As part of its initiative to root out racism at the club, it sent a delegation to the March of the Living in Poland, played a fixture against New England Revolution in the US to raise money for causes fighting antisemitism, and agreed to host a conference on tackling Jew-hatred.
In march of this year, a 12-metre mural by Souza was displayed at the club’s home ground, Stamford Bridge, depicting three former footballers who were imprisoned by the Nazis, including Julius Hirsch, the first German Jew to be capped by his country – before he was murdered in Auschwitz, British prisoner of war Ron Jones and Hungarian, Arpad Weisz.
Frank Lampard, Manager of Chelsea, said: “Sports has an enormous power to unite people and by sharing the stories of these athletes, we hope to inspire future generations to always fight against antisemitism, discrimination and racism, wherever they find it.”
Emma Hayes, Manager Chelsea FC Women’s manager backed the project, saying: “This is so important as we know that sport has not been immune to the horrors of the past. This exhibition brings back some of the darkest moments of our history.
“We see the Holocaust through the eyes of male and female athletes from around the world. The stories of Jewish athletes such as Lilli Henoch, Anna Dresden-Polak and Gertrude Kleinova remind us why we as a club and individual sports professionals can never take our freedoms for granted.
Last month, Hayes interviewed Ruth Bourne, a Jewish veteran who worked at Bletchley Park, which was instrumental in deciphering the Nazis’ secret ‘enigma’ code.
Chelsea was among 19 clubs – in addition to the Premier League itself – to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, last week. Only Sheffield United declined to back the move.
Visit the virtual exhibit here: https://www.49flames.com/exhibition

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