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T-Shirt Fundraiser for Tux's Surgery

September 6, 2019 7:57 pm

UPDATE! Tux had to go to surgery this afternoon, which unfortunately ended up being a little more involved than what we had hope for. Tux was fully impacted and surgery was lengthy. He tolerated surgery well and it was successful. He's out of surgery and waking up now. I'll hear from the doctor again once he's up on all four and back to his stall. This has been rather unnerving for everyone who cares about him, but I'm hoping we will be on the other side of this thing soon. Thank you to his doctors and surgery team at UGA for getting him safely through a lengthy surgery. Bad hand of cards to be dealt for this young phenomenal boy! As some of you may or may not know, Tux is not doing well. A while ago his colic took a turn for the worse and they rushed him into surgery to remove the impaction. As we sit here and wait for updates I ask that you can continue the prayers for him. I will be doing a shirt fundraiser to raise funds for his medical expenses. The design will be of Tux(black and white gypsy), drawn by Heather Jane(THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING OUT SO QUICKLY