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MC Game Guide   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 160890 views.
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From: AEGram


Pinfeathers - Iron Knight (2 tasks) & Anabel (3 tasks) 
Knight - Grave Blade & Symbol of Doom 
Knight - Medallion of Happiness & Carved Scale 
Anabel - Check out City Clock & Look in Sad Gargoyle 
Anabel - Look in Pirate Standard & Explore Stone Chaps 
Anabel - Search Knight Armor (get Alchemic Seal to repair) & Check Statue's Hand 

Pinfeathers - Henry the Archeologist (5 tasks) & Innkeeper (4 tasks) 
Henry - Phoenix Flight & Liquid Fire 
Henry - Pendant of the Outcast & Phoenix Ring 
Henry - Winged Guard & Pedestal of Wit 
Henry - Anabel's Brooch & Scorching Fire 
Henry - Blast of Darkness & Knight of Night 
Innkeeper - Rage Bracelet (3000) & Royal Gold Coin (3600) 
Innkeeper - Messenger's Helmet (3300) & Rapacious Eye (4200) 
Innkeeper - Ocular Protection (3500) & Sticky Glove (3700) 
Innkeeper - Deadly Swish (2800) & Examine Monkey 

(Level 67 continued next post)

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From: AEGram


LEVEL 67, continued
Pinfeathers - Lord Chamberlain (4 tasks); Valeria (4 tasks) & use the Alchemic Seal 
Chamberlain - Traveler's Diary (3500) & Nature Force (3000) 
Chamberlain - Dearest Wish (2500) & Eternity Flow (3000) 
Chamberlain - Work Alarm (7000) and Last Hero's Helmet (3000) 
Chamberlain - Healer's Folio (3000) & Mantle of Evil Ghost (3500) 
Valeria - Explore Theater Cloakroom & Look in Cluttered Shelves 
Valeria - Explore Handwrought Cart & Look in Sepulcher 
Valeria - Look in Mushrooms and Moss & Explore Arbor 
Valeria - Examine Jewels Table & Look in Gnome Kitchen 
Activating Alchemic Seal unlocks: Laboratory (no coin) from the Guest Room. You do not get your next "goal" to work on until later. 

Pinfeathers - Arabella (5 tasks) 
Arabella - Open: Medicine Cabinet (5000) & Examine Bookcase 
Arabella - Iron Knight (2 tasks) & Explore Office 
Knight - Shield of Order & Live Potion 
Knight - Rune of Cruelty & Polestar 
Arabella - Check Altar & Look in Guards' Room 
Arabella - Lord Chamberlain (2 tasks) & Explore Antique Shop 
Chamberlain - Monster's Skull (3200) & Life Measurer (no coin) 
Chamberlain - Book of Dancing Shadows (1900) & Cube of Fortune (no coin) 

Cost Level 67 = 62,700 coins 
Stamps: 90 Plain, 38 Unusual, 20 Rare, 20 Unique

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From: AEGram


Arabella - Open: Desk Drawer (8000) (get Great Book to repair) & Check Mirror Nave 

Pinfeathers - Anabel (5 tasks) & Henry the Archeologist (4 tasks) 
Anabel - Open: Telescope (12,000) for Moonstone & Harpy's Feather 
Anabel - Bow and Arrow of Stoppage (2x) & Amber Tear 
Anabel - Stone Heart & Child's Tear 
Anabel - Royal Stone & Obsidian Splinter 
Anabel - Turquoise Light & Demonic Ring (2x) 
Henry - Eternal Life (3000) & Clinging Anchor (3000) 
Henry - Wild Wail (3500) & Pack Teeth (6000) 
Henry - Worn Seat (3700) & Piercing Shriek (5000) 
Henry - Creation of the World (3000) & Weave of Life (3900) 

Pinfeathers - Lord Chamberlain (3 tasks); Iron Knight (4 tasks) & use the Great Book in the Laboratory 
Chamberlain - Warlock Pass (no coin) & Strength and Courage (2000) 
Chamberlain - Innkeeper (2 tasks) & Vivacity Potion (2400) 
Innkeeper - Look in Winter Idol & Explore the Cauldron 
Innkeeper - Look in Musical Box & Go to Sylvan Chest 
Chamberlain - Conjurer's Bond (2100) & Headache (4800) 
Knight - Examine Armored Bear & Check Crystal Ball 
Knight - Open: Alchemic Converter (10,000) & Examine Harp in Blossoms 
Knight - Examine Monkey (2x) & Look in Checkmate Board 
Knight - Examine Mysterious Crystal & Search Binding Egg (2x) 
Activating Great Book opens a tunnel from the Laboratory. Unlock: Dark Portal (no coin) 


Pinfeathers - Enter the Dark Portal 

Pinfeathers - Anabel (6 tasks); Lord Chamberlain (6 tasks) & Open: Ghostly Chest (cost added in Level 69 because that is when you are able to open it) 
Anabel - Skeletal Grasper & Poisonous Breath -- Start getting 1 Destiny Key upon quest completion for each quest
Anabel - Henry the Archeologist (5 tasks) & Bison Persistence 
Henry - Folio (4000) & Peace Keeper (3000) 
Henry - Prison Baton (4000) & Deadly Gulp (3600) 
Henry - Steam Mechanism (1900) & Pang of Conscience (1200) 

Cost Level 68 = 90,100 coins 
Stamps: 133 Plain, 39 Unusual 33 Rare, 8 Unique

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From: AEGram


Here begins a very unique section of the game that bears its own explanation. I considered adding this section at the beginning with the other narrative, but felt it would make more sense and be less confusing if it were explained here where it actually happens. 

The Ghostly Chest mentioned here is a ZZ that is located on the Dark Portal location. (It is a golden chest located at the top of the steps just below the actual portal.) To get there: 
* Go to the Dark Tower 
* Enter the door behind Anabel (you will be in the Dark Tower Hall) 
* Enter the door at the top of the steps behind the Iron Knight (you will be in the Guest Room) 
* Enter the door on the right when going up the steps (you will be in the Laboratory) 
* Enter the tunnel in the Laboratory Floor (you will be at the Dark Portal) 

You need 1 crafted Keys of Fate to open the Ghostly Chest. The components for the Keys of Fate are: 
50 Destiny Keys 
1 Rare Stamp 
2 Unusual Stamps 
5 Plain Stamps 
2000 coin 

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From: AEGram


 The Destiny Keys are secured by doing “side quests” that are introduced at various places in the game. (Characters offering side quests will have a blue exclamation point over their head.) At the very end of Level 68 to the last quest of Level 71, the characters will also give you a Destiny Key in addition to the coins and experience points for completing their tasks. 

The GAME will require you to craft the Keys of Fate three times: 
1. During Level 69, you unlock the Ghostly Chest for Prof. Pinfeathers and receive the Portal Activator.  
2. During Level 70, you will be required to provide a Keys of Fate and 15,000 coins to open the Cargo Hold for Pete.
3. During Level 71, Lord Chamberlain will send you to the Ghostly Chest from which you will get the Ocean Guide.

After you get the Portal Activator from the Ghostly Chest, if you use the “i” to look inside the Chest you will see the Rainbow Dragon (an Exclusive Pet). There are a total of 4 Exclusive Pets: Rainbow Dragon, Sea Serpent, Fire Dragon, and Woolly-Paw. At no time are you sent to the Ghostly Chest during game play to get these pets. There is absolutely no mention of their existence while playing the Game, either. Someone just got curious and looked inside. They then shared what they discovered.

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From: AEGram


Some additional info about the Side Quests:
1. They appear during the above mentioned times in the game when you are asked to craft the Keys of Fate so you can collect them for that crafting.
2. They go away/are temporarily disabled shortly after you either use the Keys of Fate or complete the Pinfeather’s set of quests in which you are required to craft it. How long they stay varies each time.
3. IF you have less than 50 Destiny Keys when the GAME asks you to craft the Keys of Fate to open the Ghostly Chest, your pets will give you Destiny Keys in their pet chests when you feed them.
4. There are usually 7-8 characters offering the side quests when they are activated.
5. When doing the side quests, you would want to open the quest for each character because there’s some overlapping…..if two characters send you to the same location, one visit will satisfy both characters.
6. Side quests only become available after Level 71 at the points where players were waiting for new content to be released. Sometimes they show up a few tasks before the last task of the old content and sometimes it’s only on that last task. Generally, though, when you accept the first task of the new material, they are disabled until the next update was issued to players. 

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From: AEGram


7. The location/task where new content was released is marked in the character quests after Level 71. (These markings should not be confused with the “download next chapter” notations that occur at various points of the game.)
8. Once you get your first Exclusive Pet from the Ghostly Chest, the Exclusive Pet food is also unlocked. It will then come randomly at HOS completion as does the regular pet food. You should maintain at least 20 bags of it in inventory to encourage the game to continue to give it regularly.
9. The Rainbow Dragon is the first pet you will get when returning to the Ghostly Chest. The other 3 come out randomly. Sometimes when players went back to the Ghostly Chest to get one of those remaining pets, they got the 5-bags of Exclusive Food instead. 
10. Once you have completed Levels 69 – 71 AND have collected all four of the pets, there is absolutely no necessity to continue doing side quests or to return to the Ghostly Chest for the Exclusive Food.
11. It is important to have no side quests activated/opened when proceeding with character quests in the new content. Some players have not been able to continue in the game when they have had a side quest open for a character when this character is the first one to whom the new content sends you. If this happens, only Big Fish technical support can assist with getting the game to allow you to proceed.

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From: AEGram


Henry - Astral Protection (750) & Seal of Obedience (800) 
Henry - Ancestor's Spirit (no coin) & Eternal Light (500) -- at the end of this quest, the first "side quest" is presented. See narrative above. 
Anabel - Heiress Regalia & Steel Defender 
Anabel - Iron Knight (4 tasks) & Magma Sphere 
Knight - Eternity Flow (3000) & Nature Force (3000) 
Knight - Peacemaker (3100) & Sabre of the Avenger (3600) 
Knight - Ageless Guardian (4000) & Knight's Banner (1300) 
Knight - Almighty Luck (1700) & Demonic Whip (800) 
Anabel - Flame Loop & Big Eye 
Anabel - Militiaman's Helmet & Soaring Cold
Chamberlain - Open: Portal Guard (10,000) & Check the Headstone 
Chamberlain - Open: Ancient Scrolls (8000) & Examine the Antique Globe 
Chamberlain - Open: Living Crystal (12,000) & Explore the Old Turnstile
Chamberlain - Valeria (5 tasks) & Innkeeper (4 tasks) 
Valeria - Explore Overgrown Pond & Check out Potion Shop 
Valeria - Look in Train Cabin & Go to Flying Boat 
Valeria - Examine Passenger Car & Examine Reconstruction Site 
Valeria - Look in Fabric Counter & Check the Old Fireplace 
Valeria - Check Medicine Cabinet & Explore the Statue in the Thicket 
Innkeeper - Crown of Justice (600) & Amulet of Challenge (1000) 
Innkeeper - Key to Wisdom (2500) & Traveler's Diary (3500) 
Innkeeper - Dearest Wish (2500) & Moon Bloom (4000) 
Innkeeper - Ominous Trophy (2000) & Cursed Doll (2000) 
Chamberlain - Explore Sphinx's Paw & Look in Source Torch 
Chamberlain - Examine Tree Face & Look in Glass Painting 
You get the Portal Activator when you craft Keys of Fate (2000) to Open: Ghostly Chest (5000). 

Pinfeathers - Arabella (4 tasks) & Use Portal Activator to unlock the portal 
Arabella - Seal of the Guardian (3000) & Mirror of Clear Sight (800) 
Arabella - Tiara of Rapacious Age (2500) & Crafty Leprechaun (800) 
Arabella - Keeper of the Castle (3 tasks) & Seal of Prayer (700) 
Keeper - Check Desk Drawer & Look at Musical Box 
Keeper - Check Ancient Scrolls & Look in Crystal Ball 
Keeper - Look in Telescope & Explore Dragon Head 
Arabella - Monster of the Dawn (no coin) & Pendant of Sympathy (1000) When click on repaired Portal Activator, it leads you through the Portal. Unlock: Harbor (no coin) <-- Side quests are temporarily disabled when clicking "complete" at the end of this quest. 

Cost Level 69 = 86,450 coins 
Stamps: 68 Plain, 42 Unusual, 59 Rare, 37 Unique 

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From: AEGram


Pinfeathers - Look around Harbor & Lighthouse Keeper (3 tasks) 
Lighthouse Keeper - Vampire's Palm & Poisonous Flower 
Lighthouse Keeper - Chain of Blood Rubies & Cannonball 
Lighthouse Keeper - Unlock: Captain's Bridge (Level 69; 15,000) for Skull Pete (2 tasks) & Wizard's Ball 
Pete - Dragon of Eternity & Wind Dance 
Pete - Protector of the Oppressed & Wolf Scowl 

Pinfeathers - Lighthouse Keeper (4 tasks) 
Lighthouse Keeper - Open: Overturned Boat (6000) & Look in Bar Counter 
Lighthouse Keeper - Check Elfish Bas-Relief & Examine Broken Statue 
Lighthouse Keeper - Look in Scroll Storage & Look in Warden's Office 
Lighthouse Keeper - Unlock: Lighthouse (Level 69; 15,000) to Open: Lighthouse Keeper's Desk (8000) & Look in Castle Armory 

Pinfeathers - Skull Pete (4 tasks); Arabella (3 tasks); Innkeeper (3 tasks) 
Pete - Search Hold of Ship -- Unlock: Cargo Hold [Level 70; 15,000 & Keys of Fate (2000)] & Open: Battle Trophy (5000) -- Side quests are temporarily disabled when this quest is completed.  
Pete - Open: Pirate Loot (5000) for Mark of a Victim to Open: Cannon(5000) & Star Dust 
Pete - Open: Armory (7000) & Jolly Roger 
Pete - Open: Fishing Net (5000) for Sea Devil to Open: Lantern (5000) & Lost Page 
Arabella - Examine Rune Altar & Look in Six-Paw 
Arabella - Search Paper Lantern & Visit Fire Altar 
Arabella - Search Astral Lamp & Wish Master 
Innkeeper - Color of Fern & Rainbow Stone 
Innkeeper - Check the Flower & Examine Elf Potions 
Innkeeper - Search Forest Lantern & Silver Actinia 

(Level 70 continued next post)

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From: AEGram


LEVEL 70, continued
Pinfeathers - Lord Chamberlain (4 tasks) & Use Lighthouse Heart to light the Lighthouse 
Chamberlain - Book of Dancing Shadows (1900) & Binding Fate (200) 
Chamberlain - Folio (4000) & Manuscript of Resurrection (2500) 
Chamberlain - Writing Piece & Book of Wisdom (4000) 
Chamberlain - 100 Magic Shards & Cube of Fortune (no coin) -- Activating the Lighthouse Heart repairs the Lighthouse light. You do not get another "goal" immediately to repair. 

Pinfeathers - Skull Pete (3 tasks) 
Pete - Innkeeper (3 tasks) & Iron Knight (4 tasks) 
Innkeeper - Forest Sounds (3600) & Wreath of Fear (3500) 
Innkeeper - Thicket Keeper (no coin) & Idol for Rock Master (3000) 
Innkeeper - Elixir of Immortality (2400) & Forgotten Relic (3500) 
Knight - Check Writing Corner & Check Secret Slab 
Knight - Impenetrable & Sword of Law 
Knight - Open: Boatswain's Bag (12,000) for Hero Belt & Lily Shield 
Knight - Warrior Power (3000) & Example of Bravery (3500) 

Cost Level 70 = 140,100 coins 
Stamps: 73 Plain, 74 Unusual, 1 Rare, 4 Unique