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QANON   World Wide WTF?

Started Oct-30 by slackerx; 785 views.

From: slackerx


Top Trump aide claims Biden would encourage child trafficking, echoing baseless QAnon conspiracy

Stephen Miller claims administration 'kept families together' as officials still unable to find parents of hundreds of children separated at US-Mexico border


  • Edited November 26, 2020 12:54 pm  by  slackerx
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

Stephen Miller is the devil.

First of all, Q works by publishing cryptic predictions and clues, which then must be decoded by so-called Anons for consumption by the Average Joe. These Anons, what are their credentials exactly? The dingbat in the below video is a said Anon.

Second of all, these messages must be "decoded" or “interpreted" by random Joes whose credentials no ones knows. Literally some delusional teen working from mom’s basement can be a so-called Anon.

I mean really, look at this:


Q Drops Explained - DECODING - For The Newbies - THE GREAT AWAKENING

Hi beautiful souls of the world! Today I'll be discussing and explaining a little more of the basics into the Q Drops that are currently happening daily for ...


"Q drops are little CLUES and PIECES for US to piece together. And this is where things get messy sometimes, because what happens is, we all have a different understanding of this whole world, and our knowing....and we all interpret things differently.”

Q is NOT an inside government official. Q is either the Watkins father, son or both.

Jim Jones
Adolf Hitler
Charles Manson

They all had thoroughly blinded followers willing to follow a nutcase or cult leader to their deaths.

Here’s a couple good reads:

The only people who take this seriously are progressives, Democrats, and those on the Left who are desperately looking for some group that is as out-of-it as they are.

The media publishes stories about the threat that Proud Boys and Q-Anon pose, yet they haven't actually done anything.

It's a distraction from BLM and antifa, both of whom are responsible for literally billions of dollars in property damages, hundreds injured, and dozens killed.

I wish that were true my friend. QANON is an extreme right-wing thing that is roping him some more traditional conservatives. And last count there were 22 Republican Q followers on the November ballot.

If they are growing in numbers and strength, I put the blame on traditional parties and the media for not giving people who would be attracted to this sort of thing a reasonable outlet.   Potential adherents are looking for someone, anyone, who will give voice to their frustrations. 

The internet has created a huge problem.   We used to trust the media, at least to a certain extent, because newspapers and TV was all there was and there were only a few voices.

Now, everyone thinks they're some sort of pundit.

Anyway, thanks Mr. Crossroads, I really can't claim to know how many people are involved with these kinds of fringe groups.  I know you've done some investigating.  I haven't been interested enough to really investigate.


From: slackerx


Jenifer (Zarknorph) said...

Stephen Miller is the devil.

Well, I wouldn't want to insult the devil with such comparisons.

  • Edited November 2, 2020 12:43 pm  by  slackerx

From: slackerx


It's just an excuse to tear apart our families, and kidnap our children and put them in cages.

You know who built the cages, right?