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Can you help me ??

Started Feb-2 by glengowrie1; 56 views.

From: glengowrie1


Dear toolebox,

Congratulations! Your campaign has been approved! We want you to have a successful campaign and raise all of the funds that are needed. To this end we would like offer a few tips.

1) Make sure you have a good profile picture. Our research has shown that if you add a picture to your campaign, it will raise four times more funds! Adding a video can have an even larger impact. Better yet, add both!

2) Share your story! Use Facebook and other social media outlets, email, and word of mouth to inform everyone you know about your campaign. It is so important to ask all of your friends and family to share your story with their friends.

3) Be sure your message is compelling and heartfelt! The most successful campaigns are those that connect with people on a personal level. Be honest and open.

4) Thank people who make donations through social media so that others see that you are receiving donations from friends.

5) Don’t forget to tell them that by using our platform they get a tax deduction.

6) Update people on a weekly basis. Let them know how much has been raised and how much is needed to meet your goal. Continue to ask them to share with their friends and co-workers.

7) Keep your campaign fresh by updating your status and content and keeping people informed.

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