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Spring event   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 4/6/19 by judylinn; 3634 views.
Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


The event hasn't started yet and probably won't before the end of the current CC.

If this is your first then I recommend to turn to the consortium for help, invite the members for your platform and put a carrot on your wish list. Also play puzzles for diamonds. The carrots are needed to catch some floating characters (bunnies, mice, lords, ladies,...). That will be part of DQs, CC and achievements. You'll get rewards for completing event achievements - the usual stuff and avatars and pets. It is good to have some carrots to start with and you should not go below 20. You get them during the event by playing HOSs and you can trade them. If you have zero you can buy them with diamonds.

You will also want to open your two spring rooms. For that you need a key from Trina for each. In those rooms there are HOSs (one in room 1, three in room 2). From these you get items for crafting pets and loads of coins. You can play in your friends spring rooms too, but each HOS only once a day . You might therefore want to increase your number of friends. Several players have event friends, i.e. they don't gift or get gifted but are only there to play the rooms.

First, you must be connected to wifi. 

Open Settings. Directly under your name, you should see “iPad not backed up” - this is the easiest way to do it. Select backup settings, then backup now. 

You can also select your name at the top of Settings, select iCloud, make sure everything you want to backup is turned on, then choose iCloud backup, & backup now.  

What Nona said is spot on. 

You will need LOTS of carrots! And I know it will be hard to resist the temptation to grab every egg that appears, but it really is best to wait until you have a carrot supply built up, then grab only the color of eggs that your DQ is asking for. That is your most efficient use of your resources. 

And it doesn’t hurt to start asking for carrots or other SE items, like flowers & smiles now. You’ll need 150 of each flower & smile to craft the 30 Wreaths to get the Butterfly pet. 

It looks like an overwhelming amount to accomplish at 1st, but it’s all possible if you have enough time to devote to the private room HOS & have enough friends.  

Please ask if you have any more questions.  


From: judylinn


So after my game is backed up. What do I do next to put the game on a new ipad

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, but Apple makes it really self-explanatory. 

First, make sure your wifi is working, then turn off the old iPad. Turn on the new iPad, & walk through the initial startup steps - choosing your language, entering your Apple id & password, etc. Then when you get to it, choose “restore from backup”. If you see more than 1, choose the most recent. It should start downloading from the iCloud, & if your wifi is good, it shouldn’t take more than a half hour. 

When it’s done & restarts, you will see your home screen, & it should be laid out just like on your old iPad. It may still need to download the content of some apps, though. They’ll be greyed out if they haven’t downloaded their content yet. Depending on how many you have & how big they are, that can take a while. Just keep your iPad where your wifi is strongest, & it will get there. 

Don't be scared. You can do it! It’s really easier than it sounds. It’s mostly just waiting for everything to download.  


From: judylinn


sorry it's my newer ipad but it's already up and going. I just have to figure out how to get the game as it is backed up..on to the newer ipad. If I just load it from the app store..won't it just start at the beginning?  thanks..Judy

Sorry, Judylinn, I just now found your reply. 

If you download the Castle from the App Store, it will start a new game - new friend code, level 1. 

If you want to put your existing game on your new iPad, you need to do the setup using the iCloud backup - restore from backup. That’s what transfers everything you backed up on your old iPad to your new iPad. 

Since you have already done the setup without restoring from backup, I believe you need to reset your iPad, then start over from the beginning (Hello in many languages, etc). 

Go to Settings, General, at the bottom choose Reset, & Erase All Content & Settings. Then start over. When it gets to setup, make SURE you choose Restore from Backup this time. 


From: judylinn


if I do that won't I lose all the content I have on my ipad...on the apps. I don't want all the stuff from my old ipad on the new one...all I want is to be able to get the game from one ipad to another.. I have different apps on each ipad.  There must be a way to get it from the cloud to the new ipad..I am very not tech savy so this is difficult for me. I'm worried that I will lost the ability to play the game on the older ipad. With the game just keeps saying can't connect to server so I'm not able to play that game any more..I don't want that to happen to this game...Judy

OK, if you already have apps & content on your new iPad that you don’t have on your old iPad & you want to keep them, don’t do the reset & restore. In that case, the only way to get your Castle off your old iPad onto your new one is to go through BigFish Customer Service. Give them your old iPad friend code (the game progress you want to transfer) & your new iPad friend code. Tell them you need to transfer your progress to your new device.  It usually takes them a few days to get to you. 

You will lose all your friends in this process, so please make sure you have everybody’s friend code written down so you can reinvite them.

Please be aware that no matter how you do this, you will NOT be able to play your same game on both iPads. It’s one or the other. 

What you CAN do is transfer your progress to the new iPad & continue it on there, & then start a new Castle on your old iPad. Just delete the app & download from the App Store again. It will give you a new friend code & start you at the beginning.