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Beirut: Al Qaida’s Syria wing, Nusra Front   Middle East conundrum

Started 14/1/20 by AuntBetsie; 636 views.
Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


Germany use to do a lot of great stuff, before Angels Merkel has kicked in to destroy its productive and credibility...


From: BerrySteph


AuntBetsie said:


Yes, until Israel destroyed it, as they've been doing continuously from 1948, first flooding it with 100s of 1000s of destitute refugees.

Shortly followed by monstrous terrorism like this that they now boast of doing:

p.242 - "Rise and Kill First The Secret History of Israel's Targeted Assassinations" - by Ronen Bergman, translated by Ronnie Hope

... By mid-September 1981, car bombs were exploding regularly in Palestinian neighborhoods of Beirut and other Lebanese cities. One went off in the Fakhani quarter of Beirut on October 1, killing eighty-three people and wounding three hundred, including many women who were trapped in a fire in a clothing factory owned by the PLO. Another one exploded next to the PLO headquarters in Sidon, killing twenty-three. In December 1981 alone, eighteen bombs in cars or on motorcycles, bicycles, or donkeys blew up near PLO offices or Palestinian concentrations, causing many scores of deaths.

A new and unknown organization calling itself the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners took responsibility for all of these incidents. ... The car bombs were developed in the IDF's Special Operations Executive (Maarach Ha-Mivtsaim Ha-Meyuchadim), and they involved the use of one of the earliest generations of drones. These drones would relay the beam that would set off the detonation mechanism of the device. One of Dagan's local agents ... identified the moment they were waiting for, they'd push a button and the car would explode.

Sharon hoped that these operations would provoke Arafat into attacking Israel, which could then respond by invading Lebanon, or at least make the PLO retaliate against the Phalange, whereupon Israel would be able to leap in great force to the defense of the Christians.

The Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners ... even claimed responsibility for operations against IDF units.

Yasser Arafat was not hoodwinked by this ploy. He accused the Mossad of being behind the blasts and the "front."

... "With Sharon's backing," one Mossad officer of the time said, "terrible things were done. I am no vegetarian, and I supported and even participated in some of the assassination operations Israel carried out. But we are speaking here about mass killing for killing's sake, to sow chaos and alarm, among civilians, too. Since when do we send donkeys carrying bombs to blow up in marketplaces?"

Another Mossad man who was in Lebanon at the time said, "I saw from a distance one of the cars blowing up and demolishing an entire street. We were teaching the Lebanese how effective a car bomb could be. Everything that we saw later with Hezbollah sprang from what they saw had happened after these operations."

(Ronen Bergman is enormously well connected and has spoken to many, perhaps most of, Israeli terrorists. In 2018 Haaretz said of this book

"... a blockbuster in every sense of the word, whose 630-page body is supplemented by 70 pages of notes and another 10 tightly spaced pages crediting oral and written sources ... provides essential sourcing for hundreds of episodes ... from the pre-state era ... Some of these tales could easily strain credulity – not just because the stories themselves read as if drawn from spy fiction, but also because it's hard to believe so many of them are being reported here for the first time and in a single volume. However, a perusal of Bergman's notes informs us that most of the operations described in the book – many of them assassinations – were revealed to him in personal interviews (with more than 1,000 sources, many identified here only by code names) or by way of documents that made their way into his hands ... Anyone who enjoys thrillers will revel in its reading ... even as he or she will be compelled to consider the troubling issues it raises. )

I love it the way that the Mossad people express horror at bombs on donkeys sent into markets - when that's only one of the disgusting techniques by which Israel was created.


From: AuntBetsie


Since according to you and your specific irrational mindset - on or after distorted views most probably out of a very harsh culture, why do you move to the west since we are all so ghastly and over privileged?

Don't countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait want to host you where you'd be happier?



From: polinious


The Arab countries you mentioned do not want to have any of these other Arabs you mentioned, they cause long standing trouble and hatred among each other!! 


From: BerrySteph


AuntBetsie said:

Since according to you and your specific irrational mindset

Lebanon used to be a democracy while Syria and Iraq were secular societies, all of them modernising nicely.

Girls went to school, alcohol was sold from little booths on the street and minorities flourished.

All of that was destroyed by Israel either flooding them with destitute refugees and then arming criminals, or attacking them in other ways.

All of it the foothills of Holocaust II, the death of millions, then 100s of millions, then billions of the brown people.

Who, as we all know, cannot be trusted to govern themselves for our benefit.


From: BerrySteph


polinious said:

The Arab countries you mentioned do not want to have any of these other Arabs you mentioned

Of course they don't, they're still tribal societies (and they're all pretty crowded).

They're not mobile societies (with lots of space) as you've perfected.

Arab societies can't cope with such refugees - they can only look with envy at the US taking in millions of educated white Jewish refugees in the 1930s.