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Another Download   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-4 by Darlene2436; 2653 views.
Noni (Nonisgame2)

From: Noni (Nonisgame2)


This is posted on the Midnight Castle support page:  

We are aware of some issues with the latest update to Midnight Castle. The team is hard at work getting this fixed as quickly as possible. While we work to get this fixed please do no uninstall and reinstall the game

I always use the game manager....when it does this shutdown and lately freezing on the first one, my game will open back up within a few hours...unfortunately it is starting to do this earlier in the day for me so I am unable to complete DQ' froze on me at 2:30 pm PST...

I went through Control Panel, but as mentioned it didn't work...

Rather strange request when that is what the help desk told me to do, but it didn't affect anything in my game...just hope they can get this figured out.....

Noni (Nonisgame2)

From: Noni (Nonisgame2)


It would be good if they made up their minds. I don't know about everyone else, but I have no problems yesterday and today!!!