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Started 9/3/19 by KNIMtheTOAD; 729 views.



To start with, have been quite ill. Won't go into it except to say my hands shake more and on limited diet. (lost 12lbs). That is good news. Fell once bruised chest and shoulder. Pulled muscle or tendon in good leg which could be side effect of medicine I am taking. New injections in my back has been wonderful at reducing pain.

As always my daughter Bobbie is taking good care of me.

Have played MC off and on. So many problems with PLEASE WAIT and screen freeze and seeing others lose games that I will wait a few days to play.  Its not my PC as I can play many other games no problem.

Have been reading and listening to lots of books. At least 10 audio and 2 books a week. Yes 12 a week or more if I can get Bobbie to make yet another trip to library. Right now listening to Alice Hoffman's The DoveKeepers. About 900 Jews escaping Roman armies destroying their city and holding out in MASADA a mountain in the Judean desert in 70CE for months. Only 2 women and 5 children survived. Exception novel based on true events told by ancient historian Josephus. Well researched.

Trying to read Delphi everyday. My blessings and prayers go to everyone with loss and illness.

Wonder if anyone has made a list of pets  type/color of food and win %? Tired of having to look through everyone.

I am still me. looking forward to cooling down with fall weather. Thank all my friends at MC for keeping me on your friend list and gifting me.

God Bless all. TOAD/Otter/MOUSE

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Sorry to hear that you have been ill. Bruises and pulled muscel are painful and a nuisance for a while but soon forgotten. I am happy that you finally have a fix for your back pain, I am sure that's a huge relief and improved your quality of life a lot. So glad you have such a wonderful daughter near you.

Been to Masada a long time ago - impressive site.

Please excuse that you didn't get much support from me in MC lately. Ever since the spring event I find myself rather unmotivated to play. Didn't complete the CC, made a last effort at day 28 and caught up five days. Brought me only to task 18 and couldn't be bothered to do any more on the last two days. Occasionally I fire MC up to gift a bit but even that has become rare.

I hope your game problems vanish soon. Maybe at the end of the event - for me events often came and went with a change of server and with that improved or deteriorating performance.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Rosalie,

I'm so sorry to her of your latest health issues, my dear friend!  I am glad the injections are working for your back pain.  Will give you a call so we can catch up.

Take care,



From: Randytb


Oh dear now where did I put that pillow and duck tape ???

You take it easy my lill hopper till I find them so iffin ya go booms it will be soft.

Take care my friiend .





Thanks TB. I will call soon to get your email#. Have a gift for you.  

Thanks to Nona. No problem with gifts. I have been playing less and CC only got 1st avatar on 1 game. not on the other 2.

Thanks ADA for your call always love to hear to hear your  voice.

Bless you all TOAD/Otter/MOUSE