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Started 27/4/21 by Seaguil; 9806 views.

From: Harold27Z


Multiple instances of the 6 million theory have been touted between 1915 and 1938 ie BEFORE WW2.

New York Times and Washington Post published annual totals for their global diaspora.  Both journals showed around 15 million BEFORE and AFTER WW2.

How does an ethnic group commence with 15 million, deduct 6 million and end up with 15 million again in 6 years of WW2  ?   Not even Africans can breed so fast.

Apart from parrotted hearsay, what evidence exists for the 6m theory ?  The coal burning logistics alone make it impossible.  Super modern crematoria cannot incinerate a body in 20 minutes as alleged.

The so-called "gas chambers" were not fit for that purpose as per the Fred Leuchter Report.  Prussian blue dye was NOT found on the walls, except in a small laundry delousing chamber at Auschwitz. 

That camp had a plaque alleging 4 million victims.  Then it was replaced with another plaque totalling 1.5 million.  Where did the other 2.5 million go ?  Why was it not deducted from the "cast in stone" 6 million ?

The Red Cross total was around 271,300 across all camps.  They had staff on the ground at each camp.

You cannot kill the same people 20 times over to reach a total of 6m.

This suggests a pro-rata refund of 95% plus interest is due to Germany for "reparations".

I will not even mention vindictive Allied War Crimes, but trust me I could.

Useless standalone chimneys were built by the Bolshevik Red Army and are linked to NOTHING. 

Even if it were true, how does 6 million compare to the 8m Ukrainian holocaust of starvation ?  Or Stalin's 40 million ?  Or Mao Tse Tung's 70 milllion ?

When I mention these inconsistencies, I receive several political labels but not any logical rebuttal.  All I ask is PROOF.

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From: Sylveria


That is quite a piece of genuine historical facts you posted up, thank you for the extended report!!

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From: Sylveria


...... SHAZBA!!!!


From: HerbSouth