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Collecting Event Items   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 10/23/19 by Wanice; 2479 views.

From: MrsFletcher


What in the world are the Special Queen Event Eggs for the Challenge and where can I find them and the other eggs too?  And a great big thank you kindly for helping me gather all the things needed...kissing_heart...Because of your Kindnesses I just might get that Beautiful Fairy after all!

Love and very gentle  Hugs,

Linda/Mrs Fletcher and Pup

Are you talking about the Ladies Enchanted Eggs?  If so, they are the pink floating things that fly about in each room of the game.


From: Honeyphan


To "catch" them you will need one carrot per egg. Click on the floating pink thing (for ladies) dark blue (for lords) and green (for creatures). Each specific type is a different color - yellow is chicks, white is mice, aqua is rabbits, light brown is bird houses, pink is dolls, and red is birds.

Most are also easy to recognize by their shape.

Then once you have collected them, go to the album (found on the pull out tab to the bottom right) and you can sort them into their slots there. :)

added to say - you want to try to get one unique "egg" of each, which gives a total of 9 different ones for each species. There are achievements to earn associated with this part of the game.


From: chinabell54


I got all the pink eggs!  Yea and now on to chocolate 6 of them.  Any thoughts?


From: Aleutcia


Celebration in order!!!!

I have been playing almost since the beginning of the game and I just got my 9th lady!!

It took me 125 tries to get her!! Apparently 125 is the charm. Hehehehe. 


From: Honeyphan


Congrats! :)


From: butch53


I have been playing since the early days, I am diligent in trying to complete every event in the time allotted.  I have completed every castle challenge, which is sometimes hard when they have difficult ones near the end (beet the trool at dice 5 time took me three days to complete, and that meant I had to do everything else in one day.  My stats:

156 d 1 h 14 minutes of game time

3406 quests

113950 HOS's

46956 flowers (I wish the number of eggs was also counted)


From: oiuoiu321


Wow, Butch, those are some impressive stats!

And thanks for posting them, I didn't even realize that they were on the game; so I was able now to check my own out.