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India - 5G - 32 deaths in 20 days.   Discussions

Started 19/10/21 by Harold27Z; 1204 views.

From: Harold27Z


Tell me about it.

India's power-cuts CANNOT be any worse than those in SA which once produced the world's cheapest electricity.

Electricity is very expensive yet the state provides it free in the squatter camp townships.

Addirmatives reject pre-paid electricity meters.  They demand it free or on credit which will never be paid.

Municipalities owe countless billions in arrears to Eskom, the electricity utility parastatal.

I read that Indian electricity workers, per capita, were 40 times more productive than the affirmative electricity staff in SA.

Eskom which is the state run electricity producer, is 35% over-staffed - all have heavy duty suntans.

Civilized engineers were fired to fix the affirmative quotas.  Instead of re-employing them, the state paid a fortune for an Italian team to do a survey.


From: AuntBetsie


READ THE FINE PRINT!  speech_balloon

This is a village in Jaffrabad district of India where 5G towers were recently installed (around april, 2021). Within 20 days of installing the towers, 32 villagers died! Their deaths were quick and unpredictable without prior illness. Most who died were between 40-50 years old as told by the villagers. The wife of one interviewee died without prior signs in one night. They demand these towers to be removed else they will burn them down.


From: Wabbeet


What was it so odd there? skull

They had a bash party - so they killed for fun!


From: Harold27Z


Big pharma was hoping poor Indians would not make a fuss.


From: MochaSofa


How about that? I didn't know it was that bad and problematic! 


From: MochaSofa


These wave of violence could escalate - of all respect to the citizens I see their concern now... 


From: Harold27Z


To coin a phrase, its worser.

The Bolshevik municipality sends up spy drones to see who has unregistered solar panels.  Then the power to those houses gets disconnected and reconnected upon payment of about R15,00 fine and inspection fee.  It seems the panels must be installed by affirmatively approved contractors.

We often get 2 or 3 power cuts per day averaging 2hours 15 minutes.  Two weeks ago it was averaging 3 BLACK-OUTS per day.

The BLACK-OUTS #### up your UPS battery which needs a stable input.

The same goes for the motorbike compatible 12v battery in your house alarm and driveway security gate.

Eskom is bankrupt.  The state wants to force provident funds to invest in Eskom and similar #### state-owned enterprises eg South African Airways.  The rail network is ####.  Cable and steel are stolen and stations become ghost towns.  Billions were spend importing fancy carriages, White engineers warned they would be too tall for the existing overhead power infrastructure.  Untold billions were wasted on a weapons rearmament program despite no threat to speak of. Equipment lies rusty - eg jets and submarines. One sub was towed back to German y when some AA hire mixed up positive and negative.

A minister for defence said they "lost" 50 or 60 vehicles due to the camoflage colouring. She said its best if all were painted red.

A naval spokesman said submarines were intended to frighten sharks so swimmers could enjoy the beaches safely.

You could not make it up. Nor could I. So I didn't.  I have not scratched the surface of the ice-berg.  Don't get me started because I don't have time.  I need to fix the global economy.

Never a dull moment in Africa. 

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From: MochaSofa


And people invest in this? fearful

If saving the world from getting globally warmer and its responsibility  --  this makes surely obvious it's all a scheme looking how the government  manipulates everything even if it concerns the safety of everyone's life and simple commodities like electricity and water .. 

 I'm sure you need electricity for the water pumps to purifying it all!


From: Harold27Z


Eskom provides power to municipalities who rip-off customers but provide free electricity in the informal squatter camps.  Otherwise they will throw stones at passing cars.  When Mandela handed over to Mbeki, Mandela gave him a large (symbolic) candle.  That was a very practical gift in view of the BLACKOUTS.

I have a clip from former head of state Jacob Zuma saying there will never ever be more power cuts.

Blackout power-cuts here are called "load-shedding" to stop the world knowing the scale of the f-up.

I have a newspaper cutting about a 30 minute power-cut in Johannesburg making headline news back in the 1960s.

2021 July - there was heavy duty rioting at STRATEGIC supply points which must have been identified by senior officials.

Police had to borrow bullets from civillian armed response companies.  Other cops joined the looting, no doubt "collecting evidence".

I know of police stations proudly protected by third party armed response companies.

Shopping malls were looted - except for book-shops because the looters never read books.  Their languages had no word for "library" because they had no word for "book".

Our assets are sold off to China.  White farm land is confiscated so  the stae can literally five the UNDERLYING minerals to china.

There are kick-backs galore.  Bribery is never just a million here and there.  it is a billion here and there and everywhere.  its on a scale that's off the scale.

The West handed SA to the Reds.  At handover, unemployment was 4%.  Today, with open borders, it has achieved 40%.

There are 119 acts and statutes against Whites regarding state jobs, procurement, equality. I know a lady who had to train her replacement for a year before she was fired as being surplus to requirements.  Companies boast of their Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) status.

Where is the outcry from foreign liberals ?

SA sent fighter pilots to be trained in Sweden.  Sweden sent back the ones who lacked the required skill-set.  I need not describe them.

As for water, many folks have jo-jo tanks to collect rainwater to ensure toilets can be flushed during droughts.

There was a drought in the Western Cape peninsula 2 years ago. The municipality squabbled with a company to desalinate seawater.  Reservoirs hit rock-bottom 16% of capacity.  Two thirds of that was unusable sludge.   Municipalities saw their towns growing but never thought ahead about needing more reservoirs for storage. They CANNOT think ahead.  The future ie tomorrow is too far away for consideration today. One African councillor blamed Whites for building reservoirs / dams too big instead of smaller ones which fill faster.  They also drain out faster.   Its always our fault.

The municipality claimed ZAR 50m from the company who counter claimed R20m or vice-versa. Next time there is a drought, who will desalinate ? The problem was that there were only 2 oceans available - the Atlantic and the Indian ocean (which I call the Pacific).

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