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What Dice?   Achievements and Musings

Started 2/14/20 by Marcia68; 3989 views.

From: EllyV


if you don't go back to her to accept the key and coins, than you still have your shards.

that way it will be easier to get more shards, before giving them all away.

(I had my Trina on house arrest for a while, now she is sitting in the background.)

good luck shardhuntingwink.


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From: Honeyphan


Thank you! :) I'll do that...

I think I need to go past 500 (the cost for the roses/bush in the private room), as well as the 200 she's demanding - right? From what I understand (and have seen) you have to have a lot in your inventory for things to drop, because if you start from nothing they never (or rarely) will. I read that here - the minimum being 20 -

So would you recommend me waiting to hit accept with her and give her the 200 shards she wants when I have 720 shards accumulated? (or should I wait for more when it comes to shards?)

500- for roses/bush for private room

200- for Trina

20 - for extra? (before I hit accept with her?)


From: EllyV


the decorations in the rooms: you can get them at any time, so don't do that now.

in a short while there will be the spring event, a good change to get a lot of coins and items. those items you can get shards from. a nice way to build a good stock.

and if you are far enough in the game try the ice breath you can find in the forum how to do that (don't create them,but buy them for your friends and shard every one you get.

everyone here has to learn how balance moving forward, building stock,not running out of coins every daywink.

do the marathon, not the sprint

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From: Honeyphan


I'm not there yet - am only on Level 28 - but thank you for the notice! I'll remember that. :)


From: CindyK65


IMO only, the only advantage to Trina,s quests are the gold keys to open the rooms. Anything after that, is just for your satisfaction. There is no advantage to decorating your rooms. At the level you are, it would probably be best to just concentrate on leveling up. Ice Breaths won’t be available until you are in the 60’s levels and it is really difficult to do even the DQ’s with an airship b/c most of them will require you to send at least 2 to meet the requirements. 

My best advice would be to mostly ignore DQ’s and Trina’s quests until you get close to level 30. If you need coins, don’t hesitate to put an Ancestor’s Spirit or Mechanical Heart on your WL. Put ‘Need Coins’ on your avatar. Your friends want to help and you can level up pretty fast with help! 

Wish we could be friends! Good Luck and keep storming that castle! CindyK


From: Honeyphan


Thank you, Cindy- I will keep all you said in mind! I definitely want to progress (I'm tired of just sitting in my level 28 rut - lol) - and really want to open more scenes before the seasonal event starts! :)

I think I will wait until after the "Place items in zoom zones" CC tomorrow, then continue on with the character quests, since Oberon, Anabel and her knight will undoubtedly take all my items I have hoarded for the challenge (lol) - and then when we hit the "10 zoom zones in 30 min." I'll just make sure I have enough to whiz through that. - I have all private rooms open, save for the Halloween rooms, and I'll probably only open one of those when the time comes. So, yeah, I'll just save my shards up as I collect them in the private rooms, etc, and use them to purchase items I already unlocked (like that rose wheelbarrow I want!) - or the ones requiring 0 keys, like the Christmas tree, etc...

I mean, the shards can only be used for private rooms, right? They are not used for anything else in the game but to change out furniture?

Are more private rooms ever added? Or is that the basics and what we always have?

Thanks also for the advice about boosting coin amounts. I will keep that in mind.

PM me if you ever want that - and the best to you too! :)


From: LadyAstra



      Yep, the shards have two uses, but seven achievements associated with them.  They are used to purchase furniture in the Private Rooms and to give to Trina when she requests them.  The achievements are Key Master and Ace Assistant (gathering Golden Keys and completing Trina Quests respectively), Cozy Cubby and Furniture Finder (unlocking items in the Private Rooms and purchasing furniture respectively), Wizard (converting items into shards), Magic Miser (obtaining shards by any means), and Celebrate Together (unlocking items in the Anniversary Room specifically). 

      Except for Celebrate Together, which gives you the Joyful Anabel avatar at the third level, none of these give you anything but diamonds, and they all take a really long time to complete.  Some believe that if you have any desire to finish the achievements, especially Key Master and Ace Assistant, you should stop leveling up at a relatively low level and concentrate on fulfilling Trina's requests, since they are much lower at those levels.  This same school of thought applies to the DQ achievements; the DQs ask for fewer Airship items at the lower levels.

       As for the Private Rooms, they are added during seasonal events, except for the original room and the Anniversary Room.  Now that all the seasons have two rooms, and we have enough rooms and furniture to complete Cozy Cubby and Furniture Finder, I don't expect we'll get any more, unless there is another significant milestone like the 5th anniversary.  Some have advocated for a summer-themed room to finish the set.  However, many don't want a full event to go with it; just the room itself with maybe an HOS and a couple of achievements, as we saw with the Anniversary Room.


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From: Honeyphan


Thank you Astra! - I do hope that they open the anniversary HOS at some point (maybe on their next anniversary?) since I unlocked that room the other day. lol

You guys have given me a lot to think about...

I appreciate all the feedback and help!

I do love diamonds, but I'm getting bucketfuls playing the puzzle game every day many times during the day. :) So maybe I will progress in game and work to level up and slowly do Trina's quests and possibly the DQs as I go. Thanks for the warning that they get significantly harder to fulfill! That explains why a lot of my high-level friends' wish lists ask for airship items! I had wondered if maybe that was the case...

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Just catching up to this thread! I didn't want to put the IB on my list because I thought that was for exchanging. I did shard some smaller items to be able to get the gold key to open the new spring room.

I put it on Twinkle game now. Trina really does suck those shards at a lower level game! BUT don't get people mad at me because that game can't send them back right now.

Twinkle is struggling with coins right now.. I am really just trying to get that game to the level to get the destiny keys so I can get the pets. Yes, a little OCD about pets.. grin Then I'll bugging everyone for destiny keys..