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I bring bad news   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Mar-27 by Werecatqueen; 543 views.

From: Werecatqueen


Us android users may get locked out of the Spring event for up to a week (Please calm down I am only the messenger)

Due to (surprise surprise) the coronavirus, Google Play (but not Apple, what a twist!) is experiencing MASSIVE delays in approving updates. As of right now, I am currently locked out of an event in another mobile game. (The event started on Monday, but we're not expected to get it until this weekend, maybe even Monday)

For those of you who are curious (again I am only the messenger...please direct all your rage towards the coronavirus)


From: misstracy22



I think a thank you, is in order. For letting all of us know. Not only those on Android. It is to be expected that so many things are going to be affected by C-19. It is good of them and you to share this info.

Thank you once again.

Tracy monkey