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Friends of Suenamie   Friends

Started 6/7/20 by Suenamie5; 2055 views.
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From: Suenamie5


Now that I have been away for a month (never took a break longer than a week in the 6 years), I am actually missing it a little.  I really have such wonderful people on my games.  I thought about what Leslie said about just playing one game.  A frustration I've had has been playing 2 games during the 30 day challenges.  It was getting so utterly tedious to me on the more intensive days (50 HOS, 15 of a type of ghost).  I really appreciate the friends I've had here and the nice things everyone said.  Life is tough physically for many of us and this can be a fun distraction.  Plus I love how pretty the game is tooblush.  I am going to keep my main game Suenamie and gift out the other Suenamie2.  My Suenamie3 game is almost gifted out after 2 years!!

Leslie--What is your game Id.  I noticed you have been red a long time and I can refriend you!

WeeSam--I think it was when I lost all my games a few years ago that I no longer had you in my games.  I lost so many friends when I lost my games.

Hugs to you guys!!!



From: Annemaree1


I felt the same way several years back.  Keep your game going, you may want to return at some point

Hugs back my friend. I've sent you a PM xx

Hi NanaLoona

I saw your game names and I'm hoping you are the same Celtica who is a friend on my NuttyNana and SantaFairy games. I checked the players list and couldn't find you so it would be good if you are. It's a great name by the way 



From: NanaLoona


Yep, that's me.  I had to get a new computer a couple of months ago and they were able to transfer my old game to a new number.  It's either 868008 or 868088, I need to write that down.  I invited all the numbers I could find on the forum because they couldn't transfer my friends.  I also couldn't get anyone to come up by their game name, only numbers.  But Suenamie found me, YEAH!

I don't remember where I saw or heard the name Celtica, but I really liked it so I used it.  My first game name was NanaLoona, but I had to restart when I got a new computer way back when I was on level 20 or so. If I start another game, which I think about every now and then, it will be back to NanaLoona. 

Leslie aka Celtica aka NanaLoona