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Are you getting a 5G iPhone?   The Consumer You: Marketplace

Started 10/14/20 by Showtalk; 2235 views.

I don't either.  There are always those who want the latest gadget no matter what.


From: Showtalk 


Or they need a new phone and that is their option.  Eventually that will be all you can find. It’s like wanting to buy a dumb Tv and finding they only sell smart ones.

I hope not, 4G does just fine by me, but I'm sure in a few years there will be no choice.

Ugh another gadget I don't want or need, I like my dumb TV.


From: Showtalk 


Mine broke. But you can turn off the smart part if you don’t use it.

I'd rather not pay the extra money, I'm like Jack Benny, cheap cheap  LOL


From: Showtalk 


Nothing wrong with that.

Showtalk said:

I’m not sure why anyone needs a 5G.

For the speed. At least if they bother to put up a tower close enough.

It blows the socks off of 4G. The part of the RF spectrum it is in is significantly higher frequency than the 4G networks.

The down side is, the range is a lot shorter, which is a problem in rural areas. It's great in high density areas where people really don't need it because they can get high speed optical fiber straight into their high rise apartment.

So it will probably widen the digital gap between the haves and have-nots.

And contrary to what the conspiracy people think, 5G does NOT spread Covid-19.


From: kizmet1 


You must be very rich? I an still using my 3G smart phone. It gets me all over the web but will stop at the end if the year when Verizon discontinues 3G wires in OR. I got a 4G on QVC but my 2 appointments with phone tutors went the way of just about everything when the Virus showed up.

I have consumer celleular flip fone, only cost me $40.