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2 anomalies - friends and inventory   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 5/25/21 by datsalotta; 1941 views.

From: datsalotta


I will try to do the screenshot. I have the link now.

My brown box is made of wood and the lid is closed.

So far no one else has seen it. I do have the Fortune Telling Set also.

I keep asking myself ... so where did it come from? My only answers are either the Wheel Of Fortune or perhaps it dropped from a DQ when I wasn't paying attention...I do alotta DQs

Thanks for taking a look through your inventory. Appreciate the effort. This is a real puzzler


P.S. I am at level 106

Datsa, here's a pic of the task in Level 71 that I was referencing in my above post (courtesy of MaryCricket).  Does this look like the wooden box you're seeing?


From: datsalotta


Most definitely the same box. So this means I received it by sending an airship?? doing a Blue Key Quest?? at level 71?? By clicking on the "Go To" where do we go??

Amazingly solved I think. Thank you


ETA there's still the question of not being able to add it to my wish list ???

Well, the only problem is you said you're at Level 106 and the pic I posted is from Level 71.  So you would already be done with that.  I don't play the Blue Key Quests or the DQs, so I don't know if those have a similar task as above.  Do you have any of those tasks still open?  I'm assuming (something I shouldn't do, I know) that box may sit somewhere waiting for you to finish the whole task.  Then it would disappear.

Check all the tasks you have open, if any.  Other than that, I can't figure out why you'd have that box in your inventory.


From: datsalotta


That is what makes this “ship supplies” box an anomaly. If there was once a purpose for it, I am not aware. 
I said before it is worth 2 shards so I thought it must come from a ZZ. I checked and it can be used to get only one shard so probably came from an HOS. Which HOS I may never know but i’ll not fret over it again.

Yes I have Blue key quests open. No sign of a “ship supplies” box in those quests. So thanks very much for looking into this for me. Thanks go to MaryCricket too.

If it wasn’t for your help I’d still be puzzling about that darn box

U da Best!!





From: Mara1022



This is how I do a screen shot on my PC (I don't know how to, on an Apple computer).  I use Win 10, but that's not relevant in this simple way.

  1. There should be a key on your keyboard that says "PrtSc" or something similar to that.  It likely requires the simultaneous use of another key, e.g. your "Function" or "Alt" key.  While holding down the other key press your "PrtSc" key.   A picture of that screen is now being held in your computer's temporary memory.
  2. Open your "Paint Shop" program that comes with windows.
  3. Place the printed screen shot you just made into the Paint Shop file by clicking on "Paste" in the menu.  You should now see that printed screen shot.
  4. Using the "Crop" menu item, outline just the portion of that whole page that you want to keep.  The "crop" menu item will work just like the "Select" menu item.  Then click on "Crop" again.  You should now see only that portion you outlined.
    (If for any reason it doesn't come out like you want, you can do a new "cropping" by clicking the back arrow in the top left portion of the menu until the screen is clear then "paste" it over again.)
  5. Finally save your screen shot using the "Save As" menu item and give it a name and file type (I usually use "jpeg") and save it in a location where you can easily find it.  I usually save a temporary screen shot to my Desktop so I can find it easily when I want to use it.

You can show it in a chat here, using the menu selection "insert an image" above.  Hope that helps you - if not now, maybe in the future sometime.

See you in the Castle,


BTW, I checked my inventory and don't have a "ship supply" in my inventory, but I do remember it from not too long ago.  I'm at level 75 now, so I would have completed that task not long ago.