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New Kindle - Jd and jdmorgn2 games   Friends

Started Aug-31 by kthreads; 293 views.

From: kthreads


Since Big Fish said they would lose most of my progress, and quite of bit of my inventory, I emailed Elephant games and had them transfer my games from my Kindle. 

I was playing as jdmrgn2 and as Jd a841148.  However Jd a841148  was a secondary game under a second profile on my Kindle that died.  On my new Kindle, I decided to only keep one profile. So Jd a841148 is gone. I am now playing under jdmrgn2 a1398782.

Being part of the Consortium, I really need to bring on more friends. So, I am in great need of friends as most of my friends are non-active at the moment. Hopefully some more will come back, but even before I transferred, at least 45 percent or more were non-responsive/inactive.  

Old Player: jdmrgn2 Old ID:  a660047 

New Player: jdmrgn2  New ID: a1398782

(Old Player Jd a841148  please come over to new player- jdmrgn2  a1398782)


PC:  Janet / Isadora

Android: Jdmrgn / Jdmrgn2 / Janni

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From: Susanna502MC


Dear Janet

I'm not playing my android games at the moment, but I made a note of the changes. If you need to delete me, I will re-invite when (if?) I start playing. Ever since I got a bigger screen for my PC, I just can't handle the game on the phone/tablet. I need cataract surgery, but I'm putting it off for now.