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Do we need universal childcare?   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started 5/10/21 by Showtalk; 1852 views.

From: WALTER784 


Showtalk said...

We pay directly to the waste companies to pick up garbage unless we have septic.  Fire and other services are paid for by taxes, but ambulances send a bill.

This all goes back to my initial explanation that things should be taken care of at the lowest echelons.

The fire department is paid directly by our area President with monies coming from Subsection Managers who get their block chiefs to go around collecting the monies. No need to involve City Hall with unnecessary taxation to it's citizens and then pay the fire department when it can be handled at the Area level. (i.e. reduces what City Hall has to do.)

Garbage collection is paid by the Subsection Managers and also collected by the block chiefs when they collect the area fees.

So you give the block chief $80 once a year and they give you two receipts. One for the $20 to the Subsection Manager one for the remaining $60 to the area President.

Ambulances send the bill here in Japan too.



From: Showtalk 


It’s different.