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Nicotine lozenges   Quit Support

Started 11/13/19 by Lainie (elaineadele); 469 views.
July25 (Canwedothis)

From: July25 (Canwedothis)


Hi, i use lozenges.   I was about two months when craving, anxious set in real bad..  was told by a smoking cessation coach to use 2mg lozenges.   That is what i have been doing with great success.  I only use two a day!!  One mid morning and one late afternoon.  Sometimes i only have one a day!!.  I think these lozenges have saved my quit!!!  Just remember to use them wisely ,as we need to quit using them as well.  One person suggested using only part of one lozenge that is exactly what my doctor recommend!!  I will be starting with that dosage today.  Maybe in a short time i will be free of them also!!  

Best of luck

Quit 7/25/19