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January 2021 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/31/19 by ModDee; 37555 views.

From: Loreficent


Hey Annie,

Of course it feels like you need to go buy a pack. But you don’t. Change, even good change, is hard without our old “buddy”. You can get through it. Embrace the newness. Start off in your place with it being a place you never been a smoker and by the time you go to bed that first night there you will be so happy about that. The first year, or year of firsts, both the same, is filled with these things you will face and think you need a smoke, or think you can’t get through without a smoke. Each one will leave you a bit stronger and a bit more able to trust and believe in yourself. Just let it happen. It’s gonna be soooo good. 


From: Loreficent


So how are you? Did the move go ok? How exciting even though so much work. Hope all is well and the knuckles not so white tonight! 


From: abrewster14


Hey Lori first day of the move today we put in the ceiling fans and drapes today. The movers come tomorrow at 9:00am. I had a smoke lady night in a panic but (in fairness I’m on Wellbutrin) I hand maybe three drags it hurt my lungs and tasted awful. I’m disappointed but more committed 


From: Loreficent


Yes, I know that disappoint well Anne. It doesn’t feel good. Good news is, as you said you can use it to redirect and carry on. This is a hard time, not just with everything you have going on, but the time space of your quit.
Be really honest with yourself when you think about it again on what those few drags did for you. Let it go, recommit, move forward. You can do this.