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Living the Good Life in Delphi: Ghosts, Pets and Magic Reside Within   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 6/19/18 by mdpetdoc; 284988 views.
Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


While am thrilled to receive the invitation to spend the season in Delphi, ( I have always wanted to spend time in Greece), I have to tell you that I do not travel without my ladies maid, Klothilde and my chauffeur Axelrod. I trust you have suitable quarters for them. Neither are very proficient in any language I have been able to identify 100%, but they do get along very well with most animals. They used to work for my grandmother and are quite trustworty.

As I told you in an earlier correspondance, I can help with bloodletting, ocular extractions and implants of feathers and scales.

Very much looking forward to hear from you dear collegue, and find out more about the people who I will share this delightful summer with.

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I am delighted to hear from Trixie Belle that you were able to bring the library along with you. I hope you will give the camels a good rest. Someone will have to have a look at their feet, camelidae tend to have tender toes. Klothilde could give them a little pedicure.

The books were originally transported by Sebastien and his gang, who handled them very gently.  At that time I had no camels at all, my animal friends being mainly feline.  

Camels are welcome if they wish to come, and I am sure they will benefit from pedicures at some future date.  How are you at clipping cat's claws.  Myrtle needs at least four people to wrangle her, one to keep her back paws immobile, one to hold the 3rd paw, one to hold the paw being clipped and one to do the clipping.  She is not keen on males of the human variety at all.

I'm sure the canines will love a bit of pampering.  

Looking forward to a good, fun time in Delphi.  

Dear Ame,

I am an early riser!  As it is 4:30 am, I thought not to wake you, but I must be off to help Miss Katt with the breakfast preparations.

I want to thank you so much for your hospitality on no notice at all!  It was an enchanting evening and I treasure our talks.

As for my love life, or lack thereof, well, you know what they say – there are plenty of fish in the sea!  I’m a dreamer and I really must take my head out of the clouds and concentrate on our tasks at hand!

When you are ready to join us in the Delphi Tea Room, think of Luna and me and we will pick you up immediately!

Antio Gia Tora,

Tinker Belle and Luna crescent_moon


From: mdpetdoc


While I slept, Ghost Kitten Sam deposited the Record Book on my desk. As soon as I finished caring for Grim, I speed read looking for answers. I found one for Jenny Wren but still nothing for Grim. I copy all the relevant entries and rush to the Tea Room to share what I found. I leave copies around the Tea Room asking everyone to read this history of Jenny Wren’s demise.  

“No!” Was all I could say before the Red Cloak punched through Jenifer's semi-corporeal back and ripped out her heart. It was red and bloody and still beating.

So there was a chance of restoring her! It was a real heart!

[We have many Craft Items in the MC inventory that can do the spells and restore full life to an afflicted individual.]

She tried to speak:

Nothing! no sounds, no thoughts

“Please!" I was pleading with an unscrupulous monster to show mercy.

He lowered his hood. He was not a monster!

Nothing that I had come to expect: Not a vampire or werewolf or troll that I had met anywhere in the Castle It was human.

But not really a he - or a she: its appearance was quite androgynous. Aside from that, it looked like a perfectly normal human being.

But it was a human being who was holding my friend's heart in his hand.

"Please." I was calmer. "Don't do this."

The Red Cloak just smiled and crushed Jenifer's heart. Her spirit was set ablaze and vanished with a scream.

"One down?" The Red Cloak grinned. But I didn’t hear him. I was just staring at the empty space where my friend used to be.

It smiled: "What were you trying to say?"

But I was now just pleading into thin air.

"Oh." The Red Cloak raised the crushed and bloody heart to his ear and listened, almost mockingly, then answered my question. "Goodbye."
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From: mdpetdoc


While Becki was cleaning up after the morning coffee rush, she read Jenny Wren's history. She smiled to herself as she thought we ghosts can help with this. She summoned Annaleise and a ghost player. The three of them called for Jenny Wren's ghost to join them. In seconds Jenny's ghost was happily flitting around the Tea Room. She and Annaleise headed off for mischief or maybe to update Jenny's wardrobe. No one but the ghosts knew Jenny's ghost was present in Delphi. 

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As I slept I had one last dream; I saw Grim being spirited from the hospital by a dragon and being met by the Cap and PTG. I saw them take her through the tunnel to the other realm and that tea room saying something about a secret hideaway and that was where my dream ended and I woke calling her name. Knowing something wasn't right, I got up quickly and missed the note left by Tinkerbell. As I was looking for the amulet that I had forgotten that I was wearing, Cash and Wickerbat came running in.
"Grim is gone!" they said together. "She has been kidnapped by the Captain, PTG and Frost."
That sealed it for me, my dream had been prophetic. My hand landed on my amulet and I automatically turned it on. "Doc Poppet, if you can hear this, we have a problem. Grim is gone, taken by the Captain, PTG and Frost. I will meet you at the tea room in a few minutes."
With that, I made sure that I was presentable, picked up all 3 animals and teleported to the tea room.
We materialized in the middle of the tea room and startled the others. Spotting Doc Poppet, we joined her at her table. “Sorry to bother you, but did you get my message? Grim is gone, I dreamed it and Cash and Wickerbat witnessed it.” We each told our view of the story.

From: mdpetdoc


I listen to Ame, Cash and Wickerbat carefully. I explain to Ame that her dream is partially correct. Frost did not remove Grim. He removed the mechanized replica that I had been testing to determine the source of the whirring sound. 

Just before I left the copies of the history in the Tea Room, I had left ***Tori*** and Grim in the sealed secret library. ***Tori*** wanted to visit some of her ghost friends and get some new books from Anna. As you know, only the ghosts, Anna, Pixiu, Charlie, Breeze, you and I can access the Sealed Secret Library. I have told the Pixiu not to allow entrance to ANYONE else including Sebastien. I have told ***Tori*** she will need to remain in the Secret Library until Grim awakens and decides where she would like to reside.

I remind Ame that Breeze placed a forgetfulness spell on the Sealed areas of the Castle so only those of us listed above to whom she gave charmed bracelets even remember it exists.

I then told a disheartened Cash and Wickerbat they would not be able to visit for fear of disclosing Grim's whereabouts. 

Ame and I then discussed the history of Jenny Wren's demise. After much discussion, we decided that Murk's trick isn't really his trick but a secret he has concealed very well. Since Jenny's heart was crushed, we suspect that if she goes into human form it will not take much for her heart to stop. This could include physical trauma or stress but could be heartbreak as well. Oh my. We suspect the same thing would not be true if she went into an animal form or maybe even an animal form that became human. I'm afraid we're going to find out if this hypothesis is true since PTG took her straight from soul to human form.

We are unaware that the ghosts had called forth Jenny's ghost earlier. 

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From: mdpetdoc


I have asked Charlie to talk to Klothilde about getting all the hoofed animals feet trimmed. Many are overdue. I suspect some will not be cooperative. 

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Was glad to hear the truth about Grim and reminded Wickerbat and Cash that they could live with me. Come to think about it, those 2 have practically become my pets, though I prefer furry children.

Jenny Wren was another issue but after reading the material and talking about it, we came to the only logical conclusion that we could.

As I hadn’t eaten yet, once I could relax and Doc had to get back to caring for the sick and injured, I got my coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast, I popped over to the library, there were some herbs that I wanted to look up and needed to find the right book before heading out to forage for some wild plant foods.