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HELP! PLEASE! Stuck on 1 a day.    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 3/29/21 by Darjeeling50; 859 views.

From: Loreficent


Hey there,

Yes it can feel overwhelming. I understand the cold turkey trepidation, and I also understand the value in it. It sounds like you are at a point of pretty low nicotine intake and at a point where folks who use NRT would be where the plan would be to discontinue use. Perhaps it will help to look at it that way? Folks who use the patch go down to 7mg for a couple of weeks and then to nothing. You’ve been at half that for some time, right? So...next step is the next step. Anne is also right in the sense that you are kind of torturing yourself over and over. Look at this as recovery. Right now you are chasing your tail a bit. You sound really frightened about what will happen when you stop completely at this point. Well, you will be free from the torture you are doing to yourself now! That is really what it will be! You won’t fizzle and shrivel and die from not having that one smoke. Maybe just make up your mind and say you are going to not have it, or you are gonna stay where you are. Commit. You can and we are here for support. Delay. When you normally have that one, come here and write first. Write out why you really think you need it. Sometimes when we see things in writing, we can make more sense of things and you might be surprised to see you don’t want it as much as you were initially thinking.

Here is a link to a book that really helps with explaining the addiction piece of this. He is a very strong cold turkey advocate, but the education about the addiction and all the other aspects apply no matter which method you go about this as long as you commit to recovery. We will be here to help later when you write out about the one you feel is needed!



From: Darjeeling50


Thank you for your support and the tips. I will follow through to the March threads. Weird thing is that I can quit coffee, wine, dairy, bad relationships (personal or work ), etc, but the cigarette... 

I did hope to feel more energetic but didn't expect to feel tired and depressed. I suppose it's something we have to go through before being better. 

Thank you for sharing.



From: Darjeeling50


I read one of your comment where you shared how one day you woke up and didn't smoke. I'm so happy for you. I will keep your experience in mind and associate with it usinork.

And than thank you for your kind motivational words.



From: Darjeeling50


'So...next step is the next step' 


So true! I didn't see it that way. People go from 7mg to 0mg. Anne2020 suggested cold turkey but it wouldn't be as I'm down to 3.5mg. I felt 

'You sound really frightened about what will happen when you stop completely at this point.' yes I am terrified. Yet I've managed to go through some really tough situations the past 3 months and not smoke. The little voice in my head just said to me: 'bloody woman!'. And I get it! I'm confused, scared, a paradox and more.

I can see myself succeeding with the support from people on this forums though. Tomorrow looks brighter. 




From: Nope62


 I'm glad that you got all these very helpful posts! Most of the people here have experience at quitting and some have even been quit for years! All of us here have been exactly where you are at. There is not a person here that you can't trust to be on your side.

Please do not use those patches in the way you are using them. It says clearly in the instructions not to cut them! The reason for that is because it messes the dosage rate up. You could be getting the wrong amount for a different amount of time. If you cannot tolerate a 7 MG patch, then the patch is not the NRT you should be using. I have used them many times over the years. I can't tolerate the 21 mg patch, it make me sick. So I always start off on the 14 MG.

As for the E-cigarette, I'm not even sure that you can say you have quit smoking if you are Vaping. Vaping is just the same product in a different package. I've even read where Big Tobacco owns some of the larger vaping supply companies. We have people here who are using this forum to quit vaping.

Anne2020 is correct, you are trying to quit smoking by still getting your nicotine fix from somewhere else. That won't work! I understand that you think you can't quit cold turkey.  I did it last year for 31 days. Sure it was hard, but it wasn't any harder than any other way I've tried.  In the end you still have to break the nicotine addiction cycle to be successful. Please do read all about nicotine addiction, as was suggested by others here.  Knowledge is the key!

Think about how you want to quit! What method do you want to use?  NRT such as patches,gum, lozenges ect. or Chantix, Wellbutrin, cold turkey, etc.

Once you have decided to commit to quitting nicotine, we will work on a quit date and a quit plan for that date. Quitting smoking is not a race, it's a journey!  I have the feeling that you are young. You will never do anything better for yourself than to quit smoking now!  Take that from a 50 year smoker!

Good Luck!

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From: Anne2020


Wow, you got totally lambasted with tons of support - I hope it all helped you to take that next step.  This forum will prove very helpful as it has for so many over several years.  Probably the one key ingredient everyone needs when quitting any addiction is support.  You will get tons of support from this forum.

All the best, Cheers

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