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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 66406 views.

From: SharpEye1


I just can't get enough of these!  Thank you again for all you do!! heart_eyes

Oh you're very welcome!  Your post just tickled me pink.  I wasn't sure if anyone was really interested in all this like I am.  I began this thread just to post pics, but then somewhere along the way, decided to include a character synopsis along with.  I thought it would be easier if someone just wanted to know something specific about a character to find it that way, rather than read through the whole dialog thread.

I will do the main characters, but they will be rather long since they're in virtually every level.  But his is actually fun for me.

Again, Ada, thank you so much.

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1 & 2 Skull Pete Level 20

3 & 4 Human Pete Level 22

5 Pete the Pirate Level 70

6 & 7 Pete as the Tin Man Level 76

8 Skull Pete as Young Pete Level 78

Level 20

Due to Lord Chamberlain’s curse, Skull Pete seems doomed to remain fleshless forever.  Even as his old bones rattle around, Skull Pete longs to be a pirate again.  He desperately wants to step foot on his ship again, to smell the sea air and enjoy some rum.  And the one thing he loves more than gold…weapons.  For Skull Pete, there’s no such thing as enough treasure.  Pete wants to be a pirate again but despite all the rituals he’s tried, he remains nothing but bones.  But he’s grateful for all your help and is sure he will be human soon.  Yo ho ho!      

Level 21

Skull Pete retrieved the recipe that will return his human appearance, thus outwitting the Chamberlain’s curse.  He seems to be generally fond of you, first calling you adventurer then apprentice.  It upsets Pete that the ghost innkeeper found a large sum of money; after all, he’s not a pirate so doesn’t deserve wealth.  Pete presents you with a joint adventure of sorts; selling the finest Elvish rum.  But that would require cooperation of the elves, who would likely ask for something in return.  Pete needs a new sword and admonishes you not to come back without something sharp, if only your wits!  He says his friend Rudolph (Rudoguil?) would have called you a good soul.  A certain person promised to make a new mast for Pete, but cheated him on the deal.

Level 22

Skull Pete is now human!  He totally forgot what it means to be human and regrets drinking so much rum.  Pete really loves gold and needs to get his head back into the game.  Right now the old pirate needs some rest.  But first, where did all the rum go?  Still proud of you, Pete promotes you to ship boy or perhaps senior seaman.  How about celebrating with some more Elvish rum?

Level 24

Skull Pete has a plan that would make him rich and wonders if you want to go halves with him.  You agree, and after splitting the profits, Pete can now afford an entire fleet.  But what he wants most is to repair his ship.  Being human has never been better and Pete decides to start thinking about securing his mortal life.  A bottle of amazing Armagnac fell into his hands, which Pete feels is an honor to taste.  You decline his offer, which is okay with Pete since that means more rum for him.  Skull Pete is finally sober but is deaf to everything except repairing his ship.  So you help him with the most important part of the ship, fixing the wheel.  But thunderation and an iron maiden…the wheel broke again!  With any luck, the patch will survive at least one sail.  The repair is going well and Pete says you would make a good sailor.

Level 30

Pete’s heard of the Expedition headed by Rudoguil and offers to share some information and a bottle of rum.  Seems Pete knew Rudoguil the Stony by a different name…Rudoguil the Bloody.  What a pirate he was!  While relating disturbing memories, Pete swears he’s stone-cold sober.  That bottle of ale just happened to break!  Rudoguil the Bloody ruined so many lives.  Oops…seems like another bottle of ale broke!  Pete claims it’s no good asking Rudoguil about him because he doesn’t always remember things.  Either this wasn’t good ale or Pete’s grown old because back in the good old days, Pete and the Bloody One could finish off a whole barrel.  Suddenly, you’re demoted to cabin boy.  Pete confides he’s sick and tired of the grotto and asks to join your Expedition.  But once the amount of work required sinks in, Pete quickly changes his mind.  Anyway, his ship isn’t even fixed yet.  Pete decides it’s too much trouble to go but wants you to say Hi to Rudoguil for him, if he remembers Pete at all.

Level 31

Rudoguil the Bloody, knowing you’re acquainted with an old pirate friend of his, gives you a bottle of rum to deliver to Pete.  Skull Pete gets a heady feeling from that bottle of famous Elvish rum gifted by his friend, Rudoguil the Bloody.  Once the bottle is half gone, Pete decides to pay ole Bloody back with some homemade gnome wort!  The recipe itself is in poetry form, but Pete doesn’t have the ingredients.  He’s sure they can be bought from some vendors, but “she-gnome’s ringing laughter” could be a problem.  He can’t imagine what that is and hopes it doesn’t come from an actual she-gnome.  Once ready Pete asks if you’d like a taste, but the color is unappealing.  He gives you the bottle of gnome wort to deliver to Rudoguil personally. 

Level 46

Skull Pete is well versed in how to make a fortune but after making money you have to do something with it.

Level 47

King Ragnus Sagesmith needs a special ancient artifact, the Spectral Blade, to execute ghost Jeronimo Took for the murder of gnomes in Cloud City.  He entrusts Rudoguil with finding the artifact, but when it turns out to be a skillful imitation, Ragnus blames Valdo the treasure hunter.  Valdo then goes into hiding.  Skull Pete has a proposition for the new leader of the gnomes that will make him rich.  Ragnus agrees to meet Pete and, in the middle of negotiations, Pete discovers Ragnus can’t be trifled with and he’s stingy to boot!  Pete thinks by spilling the beans about Valdo, Ragnus will shower him with riches.  So Pete baits the hook and waits for Ragnus to fork out the money, making all his dreams come true.  So what if the information on Valdo is useless; Ragnus doesn’t know that and Pete is sure he’ll need sacks to carry all his coins.  But Ragnus, the old penny pincher, refuses to pay. 

Level 49

It doesn’t matter to Skull Pete what all the interest in the goblin is about, but if you want to know where Valdo is, it’ll cost you.  Peter prefers being an information seller; it never goes bad and there’s no need for a storeroom.  Because you’re an old friend, Pete tells you where to find Valdo free of charge.  The goblin, hiding in plain sight in the Commercial District, vows to get even with Pete.   

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Level 19

Level 51

as Snow White, Level 76

Level 82

Level 19

Opening the hatch in the Dungeon of the Cursed leads to the Underground Grotto and the witch, Arabella Scales.  According to Arabella, you’ve met before and since the Chamberlain trusts you, the witch will do the same.  Arabella Scales comes from a long line of witches; she still remembers everything her granny witch told her.  Her love potions are particularly popular and difficult to keep in stock.  The witch finds it funny that the Chamberlain both needs help and gives help at the same time, and hints that he may nearly be out of time.   

Level 20

Arabella is spellbound by your tiny victories with the Chamberlain.  She insists alchemy is a calling not a hobby and she could prove it with just the toe of frog.  While there is some peace from the Chamberlain, Arabella’s attention goes to her favorite potions.  She must act fast because poison in the potions can fade!  The Chamberlain grows active again and the witch pacifies him to avoid his temper.  He thinks he’s so clever, but who needs who?  Not a moment too soon Arabella asks you to replenish her rare ingredients.  Her gargoyles are ill!  Being a witch doesn’t eliminate her responsibilities to the Chamberlain, but she’s too busy to talk right now with her potions brewing! 

Level 22

According to the Keeper of the Castle, the witch rejected the power of good which is why she’s a witch.  But with your help, even a witch can be grateful to a mortal.  Arabella is busy with her potions, poisons and herbs and blushes when you ask if she’s making a love potion.  This particular potion depends on crow feathers – and they don’t like to be plucked!

Level 23

Arabella is positively gleeful at the idea of Lord Chamberlain feeling frightened and grieving.  She drips with sarcasm over your helping the Chamberlain and reveals she has plans of her own for him.  At first, they were a secret but Arabella decides to let you help with her evil surprise.  It’s quite nasty but will ultimately benefit everyone.  The witch doesn’t want you to worry; her plans don’t include killing the Chamberlain.  She has something more fun in mind.  The witch begins by conducting a small but pretty complicated ritual that will allow the Chamberlain to show his true nature.  Arabella is in a horrible mood and you know what they say…a sad witch is a bad witch.  Once the ritual is half-done, Arabella finds the second half in an ancient book.  She wanted to finish the ritual alone, but her witch’s powers are so completely exhausted, she needs your help.  The witch never imagined the ritual would be so hard, but protection surrounded the Chamberlain.  Using her last bits of power Arabella proclaims the deed is done.  Gleefully, she sends you back to the Chamberlain with her warmest regards.  Arabella turns the Chamberlain into a pudgy purple bat.  According to Anabel, the witch isn’t exactly who she is pretending to be.

Level 26

Arabella heard rumors that the Werewolf Knight is wandering around the castle.  The witch contemplates inviting the handsome and presentable Knight over and tries to figure out the best way to lure him.  The Werewolf Knight doesn’t show up; it appears he has a tolerance to the witch’s charms.  All Arabella needed was his soul, werewolfish and enamored.  The witch heard your uncle is alive, but is he really your uncle?  Even if he is, is that a good thing?  After all, you don’t know each other at all and now this stranger will reap all the rewards while you do the dirty work.  Are you really sure that living with a relative and the owner of the castle won’t disturb you?  You’ve been warned.  While the Knight and Anabel bathe in the glow of their engagement, they feel the witch is still watching them.  They find the witch hard to read and could really use a shield from her magic.  Apparently, the witch had plans for the werewolves for quite a while and her intrigues included locking up Sir Oeland (the Knight’s father) in the space between the worlds.  They distract the witch in a fruitless effort to free Sir Oeland.  With the help of Keeper of Wishes, Sir Oeland is no longer captive to the witch’s curse but the Keeper worries the witch will pick up on too many marks left behind.    

Level 27

The Keeper of Wishes feels the witch is beginning to suspect who released Oeland and sends her the wrong way.  The witch tried to inflict some horrible curse on the Keeper of Wishes, but the curse was averted.  The Keeper of Wishes is sure Arabella is responsible for depriving the Heart of the Mystery Chamber of its magic and sends you to the Keeper of the Castle, who can’t get involved unless the witch threatens Midnight Castle.  The witch notices someone is putting things to right in the Mystery Chamber and wants you to be her eyes to what’s happening.  Is your uncle improving the castle and are you sure he’s really your uncle?  The Keeper of Wishes is the spirit of the Mystery Chamber, and with the Heart losing its magic, the Keeper of Wishes begins to weaken.  In an effort to find the problem, the Keeper of Wishes decides to travel to the Source of Magic.  She disappears from the Mystery Chamber.  The Wise Dragon also notices something wrong with the castle magic.  He feels the Source of Sorcery is in danger and he must protect it from whatever threatens it.  The Wise Dragon disappears from the Forbidden Tower.  Anabel reluctantly agrees to move into the Forbidden Tower and guard the Mystery Chamber in the Dragon’s absence, but she worries once in the Tower, she won’t be able to see what’s happening outside.

Level 28

Sure enough, Anabel and the Knight move into the Tower and King Oberon and his elf spies appear at the Castle Gates.   Arabella needs you to to find out more about the unknown force who appeared by the castle gates.
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Level 70

The Lighthouse Keeper introduces himself and asks if you’re looking for the man in dark clothing.  A ship sailed away just before you arrived and the man you seek was aboard that ship.  To catch him, the Lighthouse Keeper suggests talking to the schooner captain at the pier.  He’ll fix you up with a good ship.  But be careful; they say he’s a pirate.  Skull Pete is very happy to see you again and is more than willing to chase after the Ghostly Messenger; finally a good business deal beyond rum bottle collection.  But the lighthouse must be repaired so you’ll need to talk to the old man at the port.  You visit the Lighthouse Keeper at the most inopportune time, but you ask him directly why the lighthouse is out-of-order.  The Lighthouse Keeper admits it all happened so quickly and he did find it suspicious that the Ghostly Messenger’s ship sailed away right as the lighthouse stopped working.  Now that he knows the character of the Messenger, he’s probably the one who broke the lighthouse.  Restoring the lighthouse takes top priority, but it can’t be done alone. 

Level 71

The lighthouse is now repaired, but the Ocean Guide, the ship’s compass, is broken.  And who else but the Ghostly Messenger would have done that?  The Lighthouse Keeper considers himself a jack-of-all-trades and wants to help repair the Ocean Guide.  The Ocean Guide is the most complicated thing he’s seen and offers to give you all the parts and tools needed to repair the device.  But that’s not what you want, so the Lighthouse Keeper says your visit was interesting and wishes you well on your trip. 

Level 72

Your journey takes you to Atlantis where you meet Lydia, an 8-year old orphan who claims the Mystery Chamber brought her to Atlantis.  Anabel feels a kinship with Lydia, since she also didn’t know her parents as a child.  Anabel wants to share some happiness with Lydia, so asks everyone for humanitarian aid for the child.  Particularly the Lighthouse Keeper who knows a lot about loneliness.  The Lighthouse Keeper is giddy with the news that Atlantis, sung about and sought after for ages, is real.  He’s very happy to help Anabel with gifts for Lydia and suggests looking for everything related to games and leisure.  Board games are delightful and he’s especially fond of the one where you sink the other person’s ships.  Come to think of it, the Lighthouse Keeper remembers there was a ship once in his port with a little girl on board.  Was it Lydia?

Level 79

Arabella is trying to soak the Dream Catcher with dark magic in an effort to lift the curse from Lady Adora.  She believes the final piece may be found with her old friend, the Lighthouse Keeper.  It’s been ages since your last visit to the Lighthouse Keeper but a little bird told him about the new world you’ve been exploring.  He wants to be filled in on all the changing circumstances…whatever happened to that girl from Atlantis and the dragon’s troubled lady love?  And he’s very happy Hansel and Gretel caught the Ghostly Messenger.  Getting back to business, the Lighthouse Keeper says it’s no easy task Arabella gave you, but there may be something of interest among his treasures.  Then he remembers that long ago, some magician left the piece you’re looking for with him for safekeeping.  But does Arabella know for sure it’s not harmful?    The Dream Catcher didn’t work as intended; Lady Adora remains cursed but Salty, Henry, Lord Chamberlain, Iron Knight, Anabel, Skull Pete, Hansel and Gretel have become children and Valeria, the Wise Dragon and Lighthouse Keeper have vanished. 

Level 80

Once the Time Clock goes to the World’s Edge, Lady Adora becomes young, the children are once again adults and the Wise Dragon and Lighthouse Keeper are back. 

Level 95

It’s been ages since you last spoke with the Lighthouse Keeper and he’s very glad to see you.  He heard about the strange duel in the Jousting Field, but wasn’t aware the Knight was involved.  One advantage of living a long life is you acquire a great deal of wisdom.  Maybe it’s better that the Joust went wrong.  The warriors are still alive, and a common enemy will pull us together.  The Lighthouse Keeper says any stories about the Time Slipper among the sailors are long forgotten.  But he agrees to ask around to see what he can find.

Of course!  The Lighthouse Keeper remembered Old John Lonely Heart recalled parts of an ancient legend about a ship called the Titans’ Fury.  It was a good ship with a sad fate.  The Titans’ Fury was supposed to hide the Galactic Cluster at the farthest edge of the distant sea.  The Lighthouse Keeper wishes for one moment he was part of the Fury’s crew, despite its grim fate.  The Titans’ Fury sank into the icy sea after crashing into a huge iceberg.  Legends say the ship was cursed.  Sailors are a superstitious lot so the Lighthouse Keeper definitely believes in curses! 

The Lighthouse Keeper found a wizard who should be able to help his ship, the Brave Rosetta, and crew sail out and retrieve the artifact part.  After wishing them good luck on their search, the Lighthouse Keeper hopes the wind and seas have been kind to the brave little ship.

A messenger finally arrives with the news the Brave Rosetta was spotted passing a nearby port and is on the way home!  The Lighthouse Keeper is very proud of the nimble ship’s crew and begs to hold the Galactic Cluster a little longer.  It’s almost like touching a legend itself.  The Keeper hands over the artifact with a warning; don’t let Shadow’s lies confuse you.


From: chilpep


Thank you for all the character info.  Looking forward to meeting some of them as I progress in the game.

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Level 72

Skull Pete’s ship sails from the Harbor, chasing the Ghostly Messenger, and arrives at a forgotten city.  A little girl named Lydia greets you at the City of Atlantis.  Standing by the Gates, Lydia claims to be a very lonely 8-year old.  All she wants to do is play and gets headaches when she thinks too hard.  But she does remember a hooded man with glowing eyes who didn’t stay very long.  Frightened that the hooded man may still be around, Lydia doesn’t want to be left alone.  Valeria Steiner is amazed a child could manage to survive alone amidst palace vaults and stone debris.  She feels affection for Lydia, as if she were family.  Valeria senses the girl doesn’t seem lonely in her solitude but she might like some toys.  On your next visit, would you ask Lydia if she wishes to meet Aunt Valeria?  Salty, on the other hand, can’t accept a girl surviving in such a place and doesn’t trust her.  Perhaps Lydia isn’t who she claims to be.  Maybe there was collusion between the Ghostly Messenger and the Atlantean child.  Lydia wants to tell you everything she remembers, even if it makes her sad.  She made a wish in the Mystery Chamber and in the blink of an eye, found herself alone in this beautiful place.  A long time has passed, but time doesn’t mean anything in this land of oblivion, with no one else around.  Lydia claims to be mostly happy; Atlantis is so pretty and with so much to look at and imagine about.  Lydia used to have parents and, after they died, she lived in an orphanage.  It was terrible and she hated it there, so she ran away and joined a caravan.  That’s how she found Midnight Castle.  When the Mystery Chamber opened in front of her, she just went in.  It was hard to pick just one wish, but she had her dearest wish fulfilled, just not in the way she wanted.  But the Wise Dragon knew she was an innocent child who didn’t need money and power.

Level 72

Anabel feels a kinship with Lydia, since she also didn’t know her parents as a child.  Anabel wants to share some happiness with Lydia, so asks everyone for some humanitarian aid.

Level 73

Lydia appreciates all the gifts and wants to continue with her story.  She missed her parents so much that she just wanted to forget how much it hurt.  The Mystery Chamber sent Lydia to Atlantis, a place where nothing hurts because no one lives there.  Her wish came true…in a way.  The Mystery Chamber didn’t return her parents or make her happier.  Why?  The Keeper of the Castle says perhaps the Mystery Chamber’s essence can make mistakes, like all living things.  If the girl wished to forget everything then Atlantis, the way it has been forgotten, is the perfect place for her.  The Keeper sympathizes with Lydia and hopes she’ll be okay.  Lydia doesn’t believe the Mystery Chamber can make mistakes.  Maybe someone with a dark past that has more experience can answer her question.  Lord Chamberlain, with his battered reputation, is happy to give his expert opinion.  Sending a person to an abandoned land is the punishment of the Mystery Chamber.  What could a child do to deserve that?  The Chamberlain has done evil things and suffered his punishment.  But he’s not a fatalist and doesn’t believe the death of Lydia’s parents could have been changed.  In his opinion, Lydia is not what she seems and the Mystery Chamber can’t make impossible wishes come true.  Lydia doesn’t accept Lord Chamberlain’s assessment that she doesn’t deserve happiness.  Maybe the wisest mind in the Castle will know more.  The Wise Dragon, freshly returned from his travels, is sincerely glad to see you.  His travel was exciting but mortals mustn’t know all the details.  As far as Lydia and a wish fulfilled incorrectly, the Mystery Chamber is always fair.  The problem is in the person making the wish.  The problem is in Lydia.  Did the girl tell the truth about herself? 

Henry the Archeologist agreed to be on the crew of Pete’s ship to follow the Ghostly Messenger, and Atlantis is any archeologist’s dream!  There are difficulties with excavations and many valuables hidden beneath boulders.  Somewhere in the Atlantean Temple are spells which only Lydia can lift.  Lydia tried to protect Atlantis’s treasures because too many greedy people wanted to steal them.  Atlantis used to shine but, once everyone died, it became an empty shell.  The Atlanteans had everything, but they wanted more and more.  You may be helpful and kind, but what about the others around Midnight Castle?  Lydia says soon she’ll vanish like a wave on the shore.  Lydia wants you to ask your friends how Midnight Castle has changed them.  Make them think about how much they have.  That way, they won’t be greedy like the Atlanteans. 

Level 74

The Wise Dragon isn’t inclined to believe Lydia’s prediction that Atlantis’ fate will befall Midnight Castle.  The Tablets of Wisdom, described as “secrets of an entire generation are hidden in the inscriptions on these tablets” go to the Gates of Atlantis and Lydia.  Lydia transforms into the Ghostly Messenger, who says “Bravo!  Lydia played her role well, but now I have no more use for that face.  The moral of the story is:  Be careful what you wish for.  No more lessons – the castle will soon fall!

Level 83

The Ghostly Messenger, at the Temple of Justice, reveals himself to be Adrian, son of Gabrielle and Richard (Lord Chamberlain) and wonders if you remember your last meeting with Lydia, whose story was partly his.

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Level 13

Level 26

Level 31

Level 76 as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz


Level 12

Valeria’s Diary goes to the Dungeon of the Cursed, a flash of light on the floor and the ghost of Valeria Steiner appears.  Right from her very first words, Valeria’s Ghost is obsessed with finding her murderer.  She smells the sweet scent of revenge in the air and she zeros in on her first suspect, Mountain Troll ‘Rustle.’  After all, there must be some reason he hides in his Ice Rock.  The Troll ignores her but, being a ghost, Valeria isn’t able to punish him anyway.  Her memories are gone and she muses how sad to be in this gray world between life and death.  The ghost of a decrepit man told Valeria something important and made fun of the innkeeper.  Valeria’s Ghost describes Salty as a friend who lost faith after she was killed.  Now he just hangs around the castle waiting. 

Level 13

Valeria’s Ghost asks if you still want to find the Mystery Chamber of Wishes and if you’d like to become another innkeeper near the castle.  Meanwhile, Salty heard rumors of Valeria’s appearance and, if you’ve seen her, you now have the answer to the life after death question.  Salty requests the Live Potion to recover his strength, but then exclaims “What’s this you brought me?”  Salty changes into a ghost, claiming he was poisoned!  As ghosts, Salty and Valeria are together again.

Level 14

Ghosts have no memories, but Valeria’s Ghost is determined to find the villains who did this to her.  She has visited the inn and finds Salty Took more humane since becoming a ghost.  Her list of suspects grows from just the Troll to Anabel (maybe she was jealous) and the Knight (after all, she was killed not far from the Castle Entry).  But all are proven innocent.  Valeria’s Ghost saw traces of soot where she died, so was she burned to a crisp by the Dragon living in the tower?  The Wise Dragon admits killing Valeria, but says he was only defending the Mystery Chamber against Valeria’s evil wishes.  Valeria’s Ghost learned her lesson but it’s a pity it will be her last.  She bids you goodbye.

Level 15

Valeria’s Ghost disappears from the Dungeon of the Cursed.  She sacrificed her spiritual soul to reveal a hatch, maybe leading to the Mystery Chamber.

Level 16

Salty calls Valeria his soulmate; they share an astral intimacy yet he yearns to find her in the material world.

Level 17

The Wise Dragon feels affection for Valeria and had a nightmare of Valeria entering the Chamber making a crazy wish.  Then fire, screams and ash.


Level 26

Valeria’s Spirit appears in the Chapel.  She doesn’t know what happened, but wants to apologize to the Wise Dragon.  Her guilt tears at her heart but fortunately the Wise Dragon is really wise and isn’t angry with Valeria anymore.  Wondering how her old friend Salty is doing, Valeria’s Spirit says he was always too kind and she was so silly.  It’s important for Valeria’s Spirit to let Salty know she’s alive, happy and changed a lot.  Valeria feels responsible for Jeronimo becoming a ghost and will do anything to make him happy.  She tries everything she knows, but so far, nothing has worked to help Jeronimo.  Salty knows it isn’t much fun being a ghost and wants to help Valeria regain her human form.  He’s not quite sure what happened to Valeria since she isn’t exactly a ghost right now, but he suspects the Source of Sorcery is behind Valeria’s current state.  The wizard hermits next to the Source of Sorcery offer a power transfer where Salty can give some of his energy to Valeria so she can become human again.  But the wizard warns Salty not to give too much of his energy or he will lose his astral body just as Valeria did. 

Level 29

King of the Elves Oberon appeared at the Castle Gates and his spies have spread throughout Midnight Castle.  It doesn’t appear they have evil intentions, but Valeria’s Spirit thinks they’re dangerous so staying alert is prudent.  The elves are annoying the innkeeper and Valeria’s Spirit must cheer him up.  Valeria’s Spirit performed a small experiment and found a hidden aspect of Oberon’s power.  Oberon has the power to drive out ghosts which makes him a danger to Jeronimo and Valeria’s Spirit.      

Level 31

In order to help Jeronimo make a fortune, Valeria’s Spirit found a couple of contracts for him in Cloud City.  But in order to trade in the City, you need even the lowest rank in the Trade Guild.  All the documents are ready and Valeria’s Spirit bribed the important people.  Thanks to your uncle, Midnight Castle is beginning to look grand again and Valeria’s Spirit wants to make her contribution.  She can’t believe it…Valeria’s Spirit becomes human Valeria Steiner.


Level 32

Chris Arwin the Assassin sometimes wants to run away from it all; to escape with a fair lady.  He thinks Valeria is very beautiful and hasn’t been able to eat or sleep.  Even his training has suffered because his mind is always on Valeria. 

Level 33

Valeria wants to help with the Spirit of Chaos, but her powers are limited.  She decides to learn something new.  By making a contribution to the Guild, she’ll be able to take lessons.  And guess who her teacher is?  None other than Chris Arwin the Assassin!  Learning to be an assassin isn’t easy…Valeria’s tired, h
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Level 9

Wise Dragon as Drake, Level 82

Drake and Adora, Level 85

Level 9

Described as the castle’s oldest resident, the ultimate arbitrator and castle keeper, the Wise Dragon keeps the order.  He freely admits it may not be possible for you to love yourself as much as he loves himself.

Level 10

The Wise Dragon begins a quote he doesn’t finish “For never was a story of more woe…”  (I looked this up…”For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”) 

Level 12

The Wise Dragon makes a cryptic reference to a “blue reflection in a red mirror” and ponders why dragons would need princesses.  He needs time to think; luckily he’s better at it than anyone!

Level 14

Trouble sleeping and prophetic dreams about your murder are plaguing the Wise Dragon.  There seems to be a connection between the Dragon’s dreams and the general atmosphere of the castle.  And it seems Valeria’s Ghost is burning for revenge.  Valeria’s Ghost first blames Anabel then the Iron Knight for her death, but traces of soot where she died indicate she was burned to a crisp, maybe by the Dragon living in the tower.  The Wise Dragon did kill Valeria purportedly protecting the Mystery Chamber from her evil wishes.    

Level 15

The Wise Dragon says the flow of the River of Time is distorted by the evil it feels nearby. 

Level 16

The Wise Dragon again refers to the whispering waters of the River of Time, but while they whisper, you must speak up.  He notes humans never notice anything, like the peculiar look of the moon.  The Wise Dragon does think about the eternal, but today isn’t the day for that…today is laundry day! 

Level 17

Flexing his poetic muscles, the Wise Dragon quotes “you return like the wind brings the wave to shores” and “I am but a grain of sand in the hands of eternity” and “a soldier who doesn’t desire to be a general is a bad soldier.”  Then he turns a little dark, reminding how your uncle’s search for the Mystery Chamber didn’t turn out so well for him.  Many have tried to find the Mystery Chamber; some were lovely people.  Pity he had to kill them.  He asks what you would wish for if you found the Mystery Chamber then cautions you to make the right wish.  The experience of previous adventurers should guide you.  The Wise Dragon is doubtful about you but, then again, it could be planetary alignment or indigestion after breakfast.  Are you the next victim of his breath of fire?  He isn’t a heartless beast, but much wiser than those little trifles like vengeance and wrath. 

Being a learned Dragon, he tries impressing you with his knowledge of Latin with Sic transit Gloria mundi (“thus passes the glory of the world” and also a poem by Emily Dickinson.  Also in the poem is mentioned Memento Mori “remember that you must die.)  The he wonders if you know the ancient art of chess and feels dismay clutching at his soul with icy fingers because the world is out of balance.  Then suddenly he changes his mind about chess and moves on to music.  There’s so much harmony in classical music, like Mozart and Vivaldi.  He’s also full of rhetorical questions about the number of sunrises to date, where does river water flow and where do birds fly away at Fall.  Being a Wise Dragon can be exhausting!

The Wise Dragon had a nightmare about Valeria when she entered the Mystery Chamber and made a crazy wish.  Suddenly there was fire, screams and ash!  He felt affection for Valeria, but she didn’t deserve his trust.  He warns you not to make Valeria’s mistakes, although she did light up his life.  While he lives in an existential vacuum, memories engross the Wise Dragon.  He wants to chat about the balance of the universe and the meaning of life.  Calling himself the “wisest of dragons”, he wonders if you want to take over the world and all the treasure in it.  Satisfied you’re not greedy and your thoughts are heavenly, the Wise Dragon warns you to stay alert.  He dislikes talkative people, loves silence and respects obedience and humility… although he doesn’t possess those qualities himself. 

The Wise Dragon reminds you he’s here to prevent bad people from entering the Mystery Chamber; after all, one lunatic can destroy an empire.  He warns you against cherishing illusions because everything may change.  The Wise Dragon wonders how wise and powerful he is, he can hide the Mystery Chamber, but the question of omnipotence will be settled later.  To the Wise Dragon life is like a comet…some are a flash of history, others are burned to ash by his flames, like Valeria.  Which comet will you become?  The Wise Dragon knows the mysteries of the castle and all its victims.  And yes, your uncle was a victim. 

Level 19

The Wise Dragon muses about finding a creature his equal and, although he’s beginning to appreciate you, you can’t hold a candle to him…and he means that in the nicest way!  As a lowly mortal, you can’t change the course of events.  He promises to keep his ear to the ground about you; hopefully, without setting it on fire!

Level 21

Knights love princesses; dragons love princesses; princesses love knights.  Mortals are so complicated!  Princesses are fickle and people are so much more complex than dragons.  Like sands through the hourglass, our lives dribble away…except for the Dragon, who is immortal. 

Level 24

It’s such a stereotype that dragons only think about princesses.  On the other hand, gold and jewelry never fail to cheer the Wise Dragon up.  He asks you to consider that sometimes someone is considered dead, but yet they appear to be alive.  The Wise Dragon knows you miss your uncle, as does he.  It would be wonderful to see him again.  The Dragon tells Salty he might soon see his dear Valeria.

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Oberon, King of Elves, Level 28

When you click on Oberon's spies, you get one of these three responses:

1.  Hey! Stop poking me! You won't like it if I poke you back!

2.  I serve the great Oberon, but I'm not a spy.  How could you think that?  I'm an ordinary explorer.

3.  Mind your own business!


Oberon at Cloud Pier, Level 46

Level 28

The witch Arabella wants to know everything about the unknown creature who appeared by the castle gate.  Oberon, King of Elves, introduces himself at the Castle Gates and requests your services as a guide.  He’s looking for something and is impressed by your work speed, which is obviously due to the fact that, unlike elves, you don’t live long.  His interest is made clear when Oberon asks if you are familiar with the Mystery Chamber.  He refuses to tell you why he needs the Mystery Chamber; only that it’s absolutely important.  Arabella, unable to loosen the King’s tongue, see his vile spies everywhere.  She threatens to throw any elf in her cauldron that dares to come up to her.  Anabel and the Knight perform a ritual to hide the Mystery Chamber, but Oberon still manages to confirm its existence.  Then King Oberon performs his own ritual and finds the Mystery Chamber, but it won’t be of any use keeping bad luck from the Elvish Forest.  The Mystery Chamber has dried out and its Heart turned into a soulless mechanism.  There is one other hope for the elves; the mighty Artifact of the Past.  The Oeland Silver Mane clan used to keep the Artifact and, with Oberon’s people being in imminent danger, perhaps Oeland can be persuaded to part with it.  First Oeland says Oberon mustn’t get hold of the Artifact then admits he couldn’t give Oberon the Artifact even if he wanted to.  Apparently, Oberon has the power to read minds and Oeland is trying his best not to let the King of Elves find out the Artifact was lost by the Silvermane clan many years ago.  Oberon finds it impossible to scan Oeland’s mind, but he will find a way.  He will not leave without the Artifact! 

Oberon is exasperated with his efforts to find the Artifact of the Past.  The Mystery Chamber has no wishes left and he can’t read Oeland’s mind.  Oberon’s spies report Oeland claims he doesn’t have the Artifact, but Oberon doesn’t believe that.  He performs a ritual asking the Force of Nature to show him a way to save the elves.  He must make an astral trap and guess what the bait is? 

Level 29

Oeland’s son, the Iron Knight, is the bait!  Oeland will pay the price for his refusal to part with the Artifact.  Oberon has kidnapped Oeland’s son and he will only be exchanged for the Artifact.  Meanwhile, Valeria’s Spirit isn’t sure if Oberon’s elves are dangerous or not, but she’s determined to protect Jeronimo.  Oberon has the power to drive out ghosts, so that makes him dangerous to Valeria’s Spirit and Jeronimo.  Salty finds that everyone wants some protection from the elves and trade is in full swing.  Angry that Oberon kidnapped his son, Oeland attempts to find him, but Oberon’s magic is too great.  So Oeland decides to look for the Artifact instead.  Complicating things is the fact the Artifact is outside the clan’s lands, but Oeland knows a Rite of Summoning to summon the Unicorn at any time and distance.  (The Artifact of Nature (Unicorn) appears in Throne Hall)  Confident Oberon is behind the abduction of the Knight, Anabel tries using her influence with the Council of Vampire Clans to threaten Oberon.  But Oberon is too strong and the Council won’t oppose him.  Now Anabel must protect herself just in case Oberon seeks vengeance on her!  Oberon frees the Knight in hopes of influencing the mighty Unicorn’s opinion.  Oberon must convince the Unicorn he is sincere in needing help to save his people.  The Unicorn doubts everything is as gloomy as Oberon paints it and those who attacked the forest may be trying to survive in a changing world.  The Unicorn decides neither Oberon nor Oeland started the fight for the land, so could it be dark forces?  Oberon seems convinced the dark forces are a manifestation of the Original Chaos Spirit and the Unicorn can hardly believe it.  The Unicorn agrees those dark forces are evil, but the power balance is fine so his interference isn’t required.  As a matter of fact, the Unicorn says Oberon brings more chaos when he’s in the castle, so the Unicorn meets you halfway.  (Unicorn disappears from Throne Hall)  Oberon is convinced the Unicorn is well-disposed towards him and will help his people by preventing hordes of the Chaos Spirit from flooding the forests.  Now his people have a chance to survive.   Oberon disappears from the Castle Gates and the Griffin appears

Level 33

The Silvermane clans took the loss of the mighty Artifact very badly and conflict abounds.  Oeland manages to calm them down by sending spies to the Elvyn Forest.  Oberon will be outraged, but if bloodshed is to be avoided, a few eggs will have to be broken.  When Oeland’s spies in the elfish forest encounter some trouble, he strengthens their position.  The spies report suspicious moves from the elves, but it seems the elves have never been so weak.  This is the best chance for Oeland’s clans.  Oeland predicts the werewolf clan will become a significant force in this world.  Surely there will be victims, but the goal requires sacrifice.

Level 34

The situation in the Elfish Forest is dangerous and devastating.  Oberon offers more resistance than Oeland suspected.  Oeland respects Oberon; after all, he reached his status all on his own and is a very dangerous opponent.  But this is war and the clans have no choice but to get the Artifact back.  Because the werewolves’ territory is too close to the Elvyn Forest, a clash of the races was inevitable.  Looks like the elves were expecting Oeland’s attack and he promises to live up to their expectations.

Level 39

The Lost Fairy is worried about Jeronimo being in prison for murdering the gnomes in Cloud City and must figure out a way to save him.  She decides to me
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