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From: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/31/17 12:24 PM 
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An imperial moth has been hanging around our garage door for the last couple days:




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From: The Moth (Cecropian)7/31/17 2:59 PM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 13) 
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Wow, great picture!  Is it as big as it looks?



From: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/31/17 3:15 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (3 of 13) 
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It covers the palm of my hand!  It's in the saturniid family (like your crecopia moth!). :)






From: The Moth (Cecropian)7/31/17 8:57 PM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 13) 
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That is fantastic!  I have never in my life seen one of these things.  What a beautiful creature.

Thanks for sharing!


From: MerlinsDad Posted by host8/11/17 7:23 AM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 13) 
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Very nice photo.  I read the exchange between you and the Great Moth about the size of the moth.  Like the Great Moth, I've never seen one of those before.

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From: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/14/17 9:02 PM 
To: MerlinsDad  (6 of 13) 
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And today I found a promethea moth in the same area (obviously drawn by our patio light, which we've been leaving on since a rash of scary nighttime break-ins a few months ago). Another of the Saturniid royal silkmoths.  This one is about 4-4.5inches across, and based on internet info, seems to be a male.  I'm going to turn off the patio light tonight, since i read that hanging about the light can keep the moth from finding a female and reproducing.

Both snapshots were taken by my cellphone camera -





From: The Moth (Cecropian)8/14/17 9:32 PM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 13) 
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Beautiful!  And yep, based on its very feathery antennae, it's a male.


From: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/14/17 11:09 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (8 of 13) 
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I didn't know about the difference in the antennae!  The descriptions and photos on the web show that the promethea male is darker brown, while the female is redder, so that's what my guess was based on. 




From: The Moth (Cecropian)8/14/17 11:15 PM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 13) 
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Yep, the female emits pheromones so all she has to do is sit somewhere and "call", i.e. wait for a male to find her.  The feathery male antennae are chock full of pheromone receptors to help him find her.  Fascinating stuff!


From: Lyndy (Lyndy7) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/17/17 8:54 AM 
To: DonnaMira-VA (DONNAMIRA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 13) 
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This photo and forum have been featured in today's Delphi Daily News~ Join in!



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