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From: The Moth (Cecropian)7/5/18 12:48 AM 
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This big guy was guarding (pecking) my car today.


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From: gjones2two7/5/18 1:47 AM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (2 of 9) 
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[Here's the post I wrote before I found out that Sandhill Cranes are not endangered.]

Wow! A Sandhill Crane -- that's a rare bird. What a privilege that one's car would be pecked by a bird like that (though maybe not, not if the paint was damaged).



From: gjones2two7/5/18 1:48 AM 
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I see from Wikipedia that its conservation status falls into the "Least concern" category (though some subspecies are rather rare). You could have taken a shotgun and blasted it. :-)

I got the impression that it was endangered from the time when I was a member of the Nature Conservancy. That organization often sent me letters and pamphlets with photos of Sandhill Cranes on them.

I'm a tall skinny guy myself, with a somewhat prominent nose, so I rather resemble a crane. When I used to send birthday cards and that sort of things to friends, I'd cut out one of the Nature Conservancy photos and put it next to my signature, as a visual representation of myself. Glad to hear that we're not endangered.



From: The Moth (Cecropian)7/5/18 2:37 AM 
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Well, it certainly was a surprise to find a sandhill crane by my car today.  It was somehow fascinated with my car but it didn't do any damage.  They were soft pecks.  I talked to it and said things like "Can I get in my car now?".  cool

It was amazingly unafraid of me.  I just happened to be carrying my camera with me as I was headed over to a BBQ and fireworks to celebrate the Fourth.




From: gjones2two7/5/18 2:48 AM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (5 of 9) 
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I've never seen one myself. I'd be willing to risk a few car pecks to see one.

The large wading birds that I see are the Great Blue Heron (often) and the Great (White) Egret, much less often. They are both "great", though, so they have that going for them.



From: niteowl4107/5/18 7:55 AM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (6 of 9) 
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That is a beautiful bird. 


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/5/18 1:46 PM 
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They are hunted and eaten in some Eastern states (Carolinas?), lots of permanent non-migratory ones here in Florida, they do well in residential areas.

Cattle egrets are also common but shy from residential areas, the curved bill IBIS, white with black wing tips and about knee high are common in flocks in neighborhoods in Florida as well.

Between the Ibis and Sandhill Cranes, yard and soil bugs are in serious danger.


USCG Engineer 1961-1982
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From: MerlinsDad Posted by host7/5/18 2:23 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (8 of 9) 
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I guess he's asking you for a ride to the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Tennessee.  That's a long flight from Michigan, so hitching a ride would save his energy for more important things.  I hope you obliged him.


From: MerlinsDad Posted by host7/5/18 2:25 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (9 of 9) 
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terrific shots.  very photogenic


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