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From: MerlinsDad Posted by hostOct-9 6:29 PM 
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spider silhouette (large brown web weaver).  When she heard me, she scampered up the web and hid in the leaves.  In previous years, there seemed to be orb weaver webs side by side down the easement.  This year, I've seen two.

this is her close up -- she's a pretty

black legged katydid.   I have not seen the number of katydids this year I'm used to seeing.  I was delighted to see and photo this one.

unidentified moth

red-tailed flesh fly (Sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis)  Creepy scientific name

Megachile bee upside down in false foxglove with pollen on belly

paper wasp on goldenrod.  I just liked the contrast of colors

orange-legged furrow bee on camphorweed.  This is the time of year for camphorweed and goldenrod -- lots of yellow in the easement

tiny crab spider on camphorweed

unidentified grasshopper

unidentified species of fly

hairy fly (possibly Juriniopsis adusta)

Possibly Pimpla pedalis wasp

mason wasp (Euodynerus megaera) on aster

unidentified bug on camphorweed

true katydid nymph (Pterophylla camellifolia) on camphorweed

Ailanthus web worm moth  In years past, it seems as if there would be one of these on practically every goldenrod.  This year, I saw only two of them.





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From: niteowl410Oct-10 7:15 PM 
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You had a good day. My husband and I went for a hike too and I will post those pictures. 


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From: MerlinsDad Posted by hostOct-11 8:34 AM 
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Yes.  Best day I've had this year.  There wasn't much activity the rest of the week.  Migration season is about over.  I don't expect to see many this late in the year. 


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