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From: The Moth (Cecropian)11/15/16 7:00 PM 
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Look what popped up from the leaf litter around my patio:

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From: niteowl41011/15/16 8:05 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (2 of 51) 
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That is a great picture! I love the green spruce among the multicolored leaves. 


From: The Moth (Cecropian)11/15/16 9:09 PM 
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Thanks, I just noticed it today.  It's not a pine because pine seedlings have clustered needles even at the seedling stage (I had to look that up).  It's not a fir because they don't grow around here.  So it must be a spruce and if so, it must be a white spruce since black spruces don't live around here either.  At least that's my best guess.

I've never seen a spruceling this young before.  Now that I know that it is there, I am going to do my best to protect it.  I wonder if it will survive its first winter since it got started so late.


From: niteowl41011/16/16 11:07 AM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (4 of 51) 
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It will be fun to keep your eye and your camera on it.


From: The Moth (Cecropian)11/16/16 10:01 PM 
To: niteowl410  (5 of 51) 
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It will be fun!  I read up a bit more on white spruces.  The cones release their seeds in September and they then overwinter before sprouting the following spring.  This little sprucie seems to have sprouted too early, maybe because we have had some days with unusually high temps this fall.  So it will probably be on life support this winter.

My daughter thinks it's a very cute little Christmas tree.  How would one decorate such a little thing?  Maybe just pour some glitter on it?  Or use a single string of tinsel as a garland?



From: niteowl41011/17/16 10:02 AM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (6 of 51) 
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Never use tinsel! I hate the stuff. Throw a little birdseed on it for your critters to eat. 


From: The Moth (Cecropian)11/17/16 8:12 PM 
To: niteowl410  (7 of 51) 
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I haven't used tinsel on the tree for many years.  Decided it was too much of a mess to have to deal with.  And back in the days when it was actually made of metal, it kept shorting out the train track under the tree.

I don't think I will use bird seed.  The poor little fragile spruce might get pecked!  :-)  I'll do something though if it survives until Christmas (assuming I can find it under the snow).  It deserves its day in the sun!  Or snow or whatever.  My niece thinks I should name it Spruce Springsteen.



From: niteowl41011/17/16 8:22 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (8 of 51) 
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LOL. I love your daughter's sense if humor!

I had not thought about the birds pecking at it. 

We don't even put a tree up anymore. 


From: MerlinsDad Posted by host11/25/16 10:29 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (9 of 51) 
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Nice shot.  I read your next post.  I also hope it survives the winter.  Is in a sheltered corner?  A few inches of snow might do it in, however. 


From: The Moth (Cecropian)12/3/16 12:15 AM 
To: MerlinsDad  (10 of 51) 
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I hope it survives as well but it really is a tiny, fragile thing.  It just spontaneously sprouted right at the edge of the concrete patio floor.  I don't think snow itself would kill it, but when it becomes compacted and turns to ice over time.... that could very well crush it.  Maybe I should dig it up before the ground freezes and pot it....


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