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From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 11:00 AM 
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My preschool students and I nurtured these butterflies from the caterpillar stage.


From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 11:01 AM 
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From: The Moth (Cecropian)Jan-9 4:23 PM 
To: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 51) 
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Awesome!  Are these painted ladies from a kit?  Painted ladies seem to be the butterfly of choice for these kits.

Boy, I bet your preschool students really enjoyed watching the whole process.  I bet you did too!  :-)

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From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 4:40 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (4 of 51) 
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Yes, I purchased the kit several years ago. In a month my little students and I will be nurturing lady bugs from the larva stage and I have a lady bug kit too. Indeed, we all enjoy the process!

I order the caterpillars and lady bug larva from the Insect Lore company.



From: The Moth (Cecropian)Jan-9 4:47 PM 
To: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 51) 
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What fun.  And it teaches the youngest generation about science and how the natural world operates.  I hope you will keep us posted about the progress of the ladybugs.



From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 4:49 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (6 of 51) 
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I certainly will!


From: The Moth (Cecropian)Jan-9 9:28 PM 
To: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 51) 
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I have made a promo for this thread.




From: Joy (jrb11)Jan-9 10:26 PM 
To: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 51) 
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Hey there, Ruby. I know you from another forum. Lovely pictures!



From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 10:37 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (9 of 51) 
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Thank you!


From: Ruby Rose (RubyKiesling) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-9 10:39 PM 
To: Joy (jrb11)  (10 of 51) 
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Hi Joy, I recognize you too, it's nice to see you here :-)


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