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From: MerlinsDad Posted by host3/10/17 7:30 AM 
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I spotted this yesterday.  It appeared to use its tail segments to help propel it, as in the last photo.  Any idea what it is?


From: niteowl4103/10/17 7:54 AM 
To: MerlinsDad  (2 of 15) 
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It it a big or small bug? Hubby said it looks like a walking pine cone. 


From: The Moth (Cecropian)3/10/17 3:14 PM 
To: MerlinsDad  (3 of 15) 
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Very nice!  I would guess it's a lightning bug larva.



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From: Cats (NancyMI)3/10/17 4:28 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (4 of 15) 
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I'd go along with that.  One that supposedly looks like it is the net-winged beetle larvae but the pictures I looked at don't look similar.  LOL


From: The Moth (Cecropian)3/10/17 4:45 PM 
To: Cats (NancyMI)  (5 of 15) 
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I agree.  The pictures of net-winged beetles I found online have the same shape but the coloring tends to be different.  What a cool creature the lightning bug larva is though.  I don't think I've ever seen one  IRL.

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From: MerlinsDad Posted by host3/10/17 7:31 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (6 of 15) 
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Bravo!  That is certainly what it looks like.  Thanks for the research work.  I have never seen one before.


From: MerlinsDad Posted by host3/10/17 9:16 PM 
To: niteowl410  (7 of 15) 
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It does look like a walking pine cone, now that you mention it.  I think the Great Moth got it right, 794.3


From: niteowl4103/11/17 6:37 AM 
To: MerlinsDad  (8 of 15) 
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I think he did too.

I even looked up bug that looks like a pinecone and there is such an animal, a Pangolin


From: The Moth (Cecropian)3/11/17 2:58 PM 
To: niteowl410  (9 of 15) 
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Ha!  That looks like a gigantic lightning bug larva!  :-)

But beware if you run into one:

The larvae immobilize their prey by injecting it with an anesthetic digestive fluid before starting to feed on it with their strong jaws.




From: niteowl4103/11/17 3:55 PM 
To: The Moth (Cecropian)  (10 of 15) 
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It does sound like I best stay away.


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