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From: ER2nd6/5/03 4:58 PM 
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With so much that has happened in the last few weeks I'm very suprised & disappointed that there has been nothing aired on this forum. Just a few observations would have been nice....celibrations, gatherings, speeches, objectives of those now in power, likely 'immediate' changes, etc.,. The opportunity is there.....
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From: DROSgyn6/6/03 7:01 PM 
To: ER2nd  (2 of 11) 
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I think we were all exhausted from the drawn out process of getting a President and Speaker in place. Now that Ludwig has chosen his cabinet I feel more comforted in seeing a few Naoero Amo party names, as well as real reformers who were slighted under Rene Harris and Kinza Clodumar. David Adeang as Minister of Finance and Russell Kun as Minister of Justice gives me great hope. Since I believe the Immigration Office is under the Min. of Justice, perhaps Mr. Kun would take the first real step in reforming Nauru's passport and visa scheme and fire Amos Cook. If Ludwig is serious about his role as Foreign Minister, then he too should fire Angie as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, since it is well known that she has moved her "special" money around from Melbourne to Suva and has kept the passport sales alive from Suva. These people think we don't get the word on what they do privately in Melbourne and Suva and other places. They are in for a surprise.

Remy is a good choice to assist Ludwig in cleaning up our house. I hope these first steps will give Nauru a better reputation in the view of the world and that we don't have to depend on criminals and corrupt politicians anymore to survive.


From: ER2nd6/7/03 12:42 AM 
To: DROSgyn  (3 of 11) 
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Thanks Drosgyn for yr reply. Now this is where I show my complete ignorance....The Government under Hon Ludwig Scooty is 6 members with portfolio's. What about the other 12 elected members of the house? They are shadowing those portfolio's? Seeing as it is a three-way house (or maybe it isn't now), how does that affect the way other members interact...especially as it is seen as an alliance between two of the factions. I guess politics really isn't my field eh!

From: kavaluva6/8/03 10:30 PM 
To: DROSgyn  (4 of 11) 
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Well said. Amos and Angie really must get out of the scenes. And I hope the new government does not allow at least Rene and Kinza in on any portfolios. The new government, I believe, is the best possible combination possible, not to say that it is anywhere near the best. But it'll do.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the portfolios to be issued out ie the positions in the various state owned companys. I would really like to see Kinza out of the AirNauru chair. He has single handedly drained us of millions just through the flagcarrier. fact:did you know that we've been flying the most expensive B737-400 in the world?...and that was before Sept 11!!! Through the wheelings and dealings of KC, and through various financial institutions which include one of which he is a director of, our nation is drained of unnecessary millions. Even now, he is sooooooo against refinancing the aircraft because of his involvement in the financing. Well thats KC's thing. As for Rene, he shouldn't be involved in anything whatsoever, simply because..........he's just a ranting, raving, bloody idiot!...Can't be put more simpler than that.
That's my say, this Queens birthday long weekend.

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From: kavaluva7/12/03 4:18 AM 
To: INUON  (6 of 11) 
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Typical, dropkick, loser, no-hope, good-for-nothing response by you. If all of our countryman had your mind, we would've been dead before you said boo. At least I've posted my constructive criticism. Go back to school and help our island....LOSER.

From: stony241/4/06 2:53 AM 
To: ER2nd  (7 of 11) 
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now wat do u think about this gov'n, cos wat i here from the people there are they are dying from hunger! when they approached the minfin one same all saying eko mak, and the minfin family member said to those hungery one's you are the one's ma na reit ouge bwe ma miss out i dont know wat that mean if u know tell me pls.

But i think this gov'n have a mission and that we have to give them time wat do u think eh?

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From: kavaluva1/9/06 9:35 AM 
To: stony24  (8 of 11) 
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Sorry to be harsh but anyone who relies on governments are fools.


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From: stony241/11/06 12:16 AM 
To: kavaluva  (10 of 11) 
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So please tell who do we relie on? u, i hope u've got the future figure it out already now that everythings has gone down the drain. We put those men there. So lets just sit back and wait to see whats coming cos u see no one knows wats 2morrows gonna be.

God bless us all if we make him part of our daily life. Everything we do his always there.



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