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From: DOGUA14/27/06 7:17 AM 
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Can someone update me on what's happening with the plane, I heard its coming next week yet the crew are having trouble getting visa's to pick it up from the states. The whole 9/11 things has made the U.S. think twice about visa approvals and I heard that U.S. immigration raised their eye brows to the purpose of the visa's to be issued, which was to pick up our plane. Can anyone shed some light on the issue?
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From: jsmith100185/18/06 1:00 AM 
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Funny you asked about Air Nauru, well this very morning Kieren Keke made a huge meeting for all of us staff the Airline admin and operations and told us all that we have all been layed off.

Apparently the money given to this government for the plane has been re-diverted for use of something else.  Again they used other excuses of saying that Norfolk and Kiribati legs pulled out of the deal.

So there you go an update for Air Nauru.  There is going to be alot of unhappy and unemployed people around the island.

Just like the Cheque Book Diplomacy, they all received bribery money from Taiwan and when caught by the people, they just simply renamed the all scheme as Grassroots money, even though they have been benefitting from it since Taiwan came back to Nauru.



From: deinaro5/22/06 7:59 AM 
To: jsmith10018 unread  (3 of 5) 
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just want to make things clear. it is common sense Govt. priority is having Air Nauru back into service for the benefit of the whole island. i do not beleive they would be stupid enough to use the money onto something else as they would face bigger problems which they are in now due to the fact of losing the 2 main sectors you mentioned which is a fact! a fact that Air Nauru or Govt. will not be able to afford to operate the Airline without Norflok and Nadi tarawa. the money is there but unfortunately it is not enough to buy the aircraft. In my opinion our renewed friends should leave as they are becoming a pest in the pacific. I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping Govt. will find a solution in the next 2-6months for Air Nauru.




From: DOGUA15/23/06 4:36 AM 
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I totally agree with you

From: kavaluva8/5/06 8:12 AM 
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Well the blame game does nothing for the future of Nauru. Since your last post, we've obviously regained an aircraft but Air Nauru will be about a quarter it's former size in unfortunately necessity.
The airline MUST be profitable the moment it commences flying to continue operating and a big part of that has been the restructuring of the company.
The loss of the Tarawa Nadi run and the Norfolk run has been unfortunate and must be replaced by similar runs.
The sad thing is our souring relationship with the Kiribatis who have decided to be in bed with the Fijians Air Pacific. This decision was probably made by one or two people in their government who have a lot to gain from Air Pacific!!(if you know what I mean) This will cost their travelling public around double the air fares as Air Nauru was charging. Some effort has been made by our politicians to woo them back but I feel that we need to totally sever relations with them regardless of our close family ties with them in search of a better market. If they are unwilling to stand by us during our most challenging times even when we have serviced them for the most part of thirty years, then they no longer deserve our airline and loyalty. Let them pay for their disloyalty! If they want to travel to Australia, let them fly there the long way via Nad at three to four times the cost!!!
I think we should open up the north pacific market again to Australia to replace the Tarawa Nadi, and establish flights from another one of tourist destinations of the South Pacific lslands to Australia to replace the Norfolk.
Another matter of urgency is to disable our governments involvement in the business side of operations. In the past, we had Ministers rock up at any old time to one of our Australia offices demanding ridiculous sums of money for their perdiems. That must stop because I believe there was around a quarter of a million dollars last year alone of that!!!!!
So there you have it. A basic plan for the future of the airline. Hope you like it. And if you don't for personal reasons, tough! Those days must end too. Every decision must be for financial gain for both the airline and the public.

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